FLASH FICTION - Contemporary: Rebecca

So today's story is a simple "day in the life of" kind of scenario.  I tried to have a little humor in it, but mostly I think it turned out almost character building or story setup for a continuation later.  We'll see what y'all think.  As usual, suggested words are in bold, and the color is purple since we're not jumping perspectives ever.

For the record, give me a break, Greg gave me "bauxite" as a word, which I had to look up (twice as I'd forgotten after the first time)...what the hell am I supposed to do with that and embryo and...yeah, anyway I did the best I could with the weirdness I was given :P


It was six twenty in the morning, and wouldn’t you know the cat was pawing and crying at the bedroom door when my alarm would go off in ten minutes anyway.  I pulled my pillow over my head to pretend I was still asleep for those ten minutes, but it was a hopeless gesture and I knew it.

I sighed and turned the alarm off before getting out of bed and moving to open the door and glare at the fuzzy pest.  Sometimes she was very lucky she was cute and cuddly, since she could be obnoxious enough to get into things and often very vocal.  Both of those were the reasons she was locked out of the room at night in the first place.

I went to the kitchen to feed her and make some tea.  I had a lot of little things to do this morning before my brunch date, which I was dreading a little bit.  I wanted to get some things taken care of, but also relax a little prior to the potentially awkward meeting.

I took my tea over to my computer and brought up my mp3 player account, which I needed to update before I could even rearrange my music.  I’d had soundtracks to broadway musicals, the musical Wicked in particular, playing for a couple weeks now and was ready for a change.  I had some time to kill at this point, so I propped my feet up and cracked open my book.

I tend to read romance novels, but I like thrillers and adventures and stuff too, so when this one sounded kind of interesting, I decided to give it a shot, but it was certainly a bit weird, and half way through I had trouble figuring out what the allure was to begin with.  It follows a couple who have a new baby, so we switch between the woman who stays home with most of her scenes being gooey and involve her playing peekaboo with the baby, and her husband who is a geologist who finds a rock he thinks could be a new mineral similar to bauxite when it turns out to be an alien embryo fallen to Earth. 

It only got weirder the more I read.  It was because of that fact that I had trouble focusing on it and not obsessing over my impending date.  I’d met him online, so we’d only talked enough to develop an interest and arrange to meet in person.  I looked up at my shelf of skating trophies from younger years and thought that maybe that’d be a good way to break the ice.  He’d mentioned something about having been a skater once upon a time too, so maybe it’d be a safe topic of conversation without coming off as bragging or self-centered.

I tried to snap myself out of a depressing walk through my irrational insecurities by checking my computer.  The updates were done, so I arranged my music transfer and got that going before getting up to shower and dress.   I really just wanted to hurry up and get it all over with, but I had to try not to rush so I didn’t have too much down time before needing to head to the restaurant. 

I took a deep breath and tried to leisurely go through the motions, telling myself that just maybe he’d be a genuinely nice guy and I’d actually have a good time.  Who knows?  Sometimes the best things happen when you least expect them.