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REVIEW: Cowboy Up by CJ England

***This book was originally reviewed for Storm Goddess Book Reviews.*** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Summary:Sierra Rawlings loves to work, ride, and play hard, but it’s her hidden desire for neighbor, Dalton Grant, that really keeps her on her toes. But she needs her independence more and his habit of bossing her around is too much to bear. Three years ago, Dalton thought he’d roped and gentled Sierra. One night of passion under the stars had him thinking of forever, but even as he made his plans, she ran from him, and he’d never been able to comprehend why. The annual summer rodeo brings them together and their hidden desires flare hot. But just as they are beginning to understand each other, a dangerous opportunity arises, forcing Sierra and Dalton to learn a painful lesson about trust. It’s time for these two stubborn people to cowboy up and admit their feelings, before anger and a bull named Body Bag steal their last chance away.
Thoughts:It starts off with a bang (in more ways t…

BLOG TOUR: Lucky Break by April Angel

Thanks to Smexy Fab4 for hosting this blog tour. I'm sharing a little about April Angel's Lucky Break today. Happy reading!

Will gambling with her heart bring her luck in love?

Lucky is a top event planner with a loving family and the job of her dreams. But she’s not at all lucky in love. Her last relationship ended in a spectacle she’s been trying to forget. Then a chance encounter leads her into the arms of Jared Thomas, one incredibly sexy man who makes more than her heart throb.

Jared loves women—he just doesn’t trust them. He’s lived a hard life, where misplaced trust can mean death. But when he meets the sexy Latina, he wants to get close enough to find out if she’s worthy of more than just play time. And the gloriously hot sex doesn’t disappoint. He wants to make her his, body, mind and soul…if two people with trust issues can stay together long enough…

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Mastering the nearly overpower…

COVER REVEAL: The Guardians Crown by Wendy Owens

Today is the cover and blurb reveal for The Guardians Crown (The Guardians #5) by Wendy Owens!The Guardians Crown is set to release on September 27, 2013. If you have not yet picked up The Guardians Series, start with the first book Sacred Bloodlines.Book Blurb: Gabe is finally forced to answer the ultimate question, will he give his life to save the world? What about just to save the one he loves the most? The Guardians struggle to find another way--ideas that don't involve Gabe's death--to defeat Baal. Time is running out. What will Gabe choose? What price will he pay for that choice? About Wendy Owens Wendy Owens is a 34 year old author, born in the small college town, Oxford Ohio. After attending Miami University, Wendy went onto a career in the visual arts. For several years she created and sold her own artwork. In 2011 she gave her true love, writing, a try. Her first novel flowed from her in only two weeks time, as though it had been fighting to get out. That moment wa…

BLOG TOUR: Matchpoint by Elise Sax

Thanks to Bewitching Book Tours for hosting this blog tour. I have Elise Sax, author of Matchpoint here today with a playlist. Welcome!
A lot of writers listen to music while they write. Music helps set the mood for a scene, which allows a writer to transport herself and write the best she can.

Writer friends of mine have contacted me when they stumble on the best music for their books, the magical song that gets their fingers dancing on their keyboards and gets their books going.

As you can imagine, writing a book is hard work, and sometimes the words don’t want to come. Music helps make it happen, but it has to be the right music. You don’t want to listen to Nicki Minaj while you’re writing a sad death scene. You don’t want Celine Dion when you’re writing an action scene.

Writing MATCHPOINT had its own playlist, but mostly, music was not involved. Most of MATCHPOINT is comedy, and comedy has its own rhythm. When I listen to music, …

REVIEW: Party Crasher by April Angel

Summary:She crashed his party and became his prize… According to one annoying Drex Callum, Chris is a “nosy reporter.” And maybe she is. She’s heard of the super secretive event known as the Seduction Party, and she won’t be content until she finds a way in. The last thing she expects to find is that Drex is the host. She’ll never get an invitation from her nemesis—unless she finds a way to get one herself. And breaking into his house is nothing if it means getting the scoop. But what she gets instead is an eye-full of the man himself, half-naked and more than she’d ever dreamed he could be in all her teenage fantasies. Drex has been fantasizing about Chris forever, and now that she’s a grown woman, he still has a hard time treating her like one. So when she shows up at the Seduction Party—on the auction chair!—he’s got no other choice but to teach that nosey woman a lesson. He never dreamed sex could be like this, with Chris in his room, tied to a bed, asking him for stuff that blo…


Birthing classes are another choice to be made, and one to really think about as they do cost money, but they’re also VERY helpful. As you consider it, you’ll want to look into the different types that are out there. The main three (that I know of) are Bradley, Lamaze, and Hypnobirth.

Lamaze is the one that I’d always heard about and the one most often pictured in movies and shows. It has the same information, but different laboring techniques. I assume the same is true of Hypnobirth, though I honestly don’t really know much about that one.

The class the hubby and I decided on was the Bradley Method. The deciding factor was that in our reading we learned that it was all about going completely natural. That was something that was very important to me. I’d always wanted to have the bragging rights, but once I became pregnant, it was more about what was best for baby (and my own healing).

It’s hard to describe exactly what class was like, but I’ll do my best. The …

BLOG TOUR: Vixen in Vegas by Emma Nichols

Thanks to Stories & SWAG Tours for hosting this blog tour. I'm sharing my review of Vixen in Vegas by Emma Nichols. Happy reading!
Summary:It was supposed to be a week of simply being, of living in the moment, and enjoying every minute while it lasted. Of course, that kind of intoxication can have lingering effects. For Sin, she found herself wanting to break all the rules, to extend her time with the stranger who stole her heart. Vegas was just the right kind of place to take such a gamble. Meeting up with BE at the gondolas was a risk. Love went against everything they had promised, but the best things in life can’t be planned. Soon Alysin will be tested. After guarding her heart for so long, she finally let a man in and discovered that the worst things in life happened when she least expected them. When she walked in on BE with another woman and overheard their heated conversation, she suddenly remembered there was a reason she made these r…

REVIEW: Damaged Goods by Lainey Reese

***This book was originally reviewed for My Secret Romance.*** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Summary:Homicide detective Brice Marshall’s current case has him stymied and frustrated. A serial killer is slaughtering young women. After a long, fruitless day poring over the most gruesome evidence he’s ever seen, he needs a break. Stepping into his cousin’s BDSM club is a reminder that there is another part of himself. A part that has been left empty in a life ruled by work. The fact is, he’s a Dom in search of a sub. When he bumps into Terryn, a slender redhead who’s new to the scene, her wide-eyed eagerness even in the face of her nerves attracts him like gravity. Terryn is the sub of his dreams, with the power to ease his soul. Without warning the murder case reaches ugly tentacles into the most private part of his world—the woman he wants to claim as his own. The woman whose stubborn search for the delicate balance between sub life and independence could put her directly in the path of…

TGIF SWAG Giveaway!

Happy Friday! Because of my baby girl's due date, this is the last one of these for another long while.

Today I'm offering up 3 packs of bookmarks and 4 packs of postcards. The bookmarks include four Immortal Guardians by Dianne Duvall bookmarks plus four Immortal Guardians romance trading cards, two Tara Lain bookmarks, two Jennifer James bookmarks for Marked and Covert Craving, and a magnet for Wolf Protector by Milly Taiden. 2 of the postcards packs include a postcard of: Genetic Celebrity, Genetic Attraction, Snow Balls, Fire Balls, Hearts and Flour, and Brush with Catastrophe by Tara Lain; Darkness Rises by Dianne Duvall; Lucky Break by April Angel; and Wolf Fever and Caged Heat by Milly Taiden. The other 2 postcard packs have all those except Genetic Celebrity and Darkness Rises. Pictures below.

With so many prize packs up for grabs, I want there to be plenty of time for entries. This will run through the 30th, so that's a whole week! Tell your friends and let…

BLOG TOUR: Love and Music in Texas Series by Nikki Lynn Barrett

Thanks to Bewitching Book Tours for hosting this blog tour. I have Nikki Lynn Barrett, author of Baby Stetson and The Melody in My Head here today. Welcome!
Songs and how they remind me of my characters.
Thank you so much for letting me come on your blog today! I really appreciate it. :)

Some writers work with music in the background. I'm definitely one of those writers. And it just so happens that I'm writing a series based on country musicians, so that works out well. Many times, I associate songs with memories, or people in my life, so it's a little natural that I would find songs that reflect my characters. I thought I would share a few of them.

Now, even though this book isn't part of my Love and Music In Texas, the song “Teenage Dream' by Katy Perry reminds me of my couple in The Secret Santa Wishing Well. Why? Well, for the pair, they felt like teenagers again, falling in love and giving into their desire for the other. S…

REVIEW: Fate's Wish by Milly Taiden

Summary:The man she loves left her, but he’s the only one that can protect her. Sharmila is a witch with a problem. Her magic is waning. And her lack of sex may have something to do with it. Her mother’s solution? Easy. Sharmila needs to get laid. Easier said than done, though, because Shar is still in love with the only man to make her melt, Zahir Darkwrath. Her missing husband. Her demon. Zahir knows he’s a danger to Shar, so he’s done his best to stay far away. Darkness flows through his being, and when emotions run wild, destruction rages around him. And sex with Shar is definitely wild. Staying away from the woman he loves is the hardest thing he’s ever done, but hurting her would be far worse. So he’s astounded when Shar’s mother hires his company to watch over her. Evil is heading Shar’s way, and Zahir is the only one who can stop it. To save her, Zahir will need more than control; he’ll need the power of his own darkness--which might be his undoing.
Title:  Fate's Wish


I'm going to be MIA a bit. Any giveaways might take a bit longer to select winners and get things mailed out (that were done by me anyway) and I won't be promoting much that wasn't already scheduled. My daughter decided to show up 2 weeks early so I'm a busy new mom trying to figure out the whole deal. I'll get things done as I can!

BLOG TOUR: Call Me Crazy by Quinn Loftis

Thanks to Reading Addiction Blog Tours for hosting this blog tour. I'm sharing a little about Call Me Crazy by Quinn Loftis. Happy reading!

“I’m looking out from inside the chaos. It must be a one-way mirror because no one seems to be able to see back inside to where I am. The looks on their faces, the judgment in their eyes, tells me everything I need to know. The most frustrating part about the whole messed up situation is that even though I’m the one that they stare at in shock, I am just as shocked as they are. I know no more than they do of why I lose control. What they don’t know is that I am more scared of myself than they could ever be.” ~ Tally Baker

After a devastating turn of events, seventeen year old Tally Baker is admitted to Mercy Psychiatric Facility where she is diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. She has come to a place where she honestly believes that her life is over. Her mind tells her that she will never smile or laugh again, that…


The second trimester is the time to decide if you want to know the sex of the baby or not. I always thought I didn’t want to know, because there are few surprises like that in life and I figured that should be one of them. Once pregnant I crumbled under the idea of being able to focus on what names to think of, how to plan the nursery, etc. etc. It just makes it simpler, so that’s what decided things for us. Plus it was nice to call the baby “her” instead of “it” or a generic “he” that people might mistake for a definitive pronoun.

When it comes to names, we’d always had at least one in mind for a girl, but we’ve never been able to really agree on a boy’s name. So we vowed not to discuss it (*cough* argue *cough*) until we found out if it was even necessary. Thankfully we didn’t have to go there.

At 20 weeks, the doctor will do a sonogram, but this one will be a long one. They’ll do a full anatomy scan to measure the brain, look at the face, look at the…

BLOG TOUR: Mondays with Mephistopheles: 9AM - Rhys by Dan O'Brien

Welcome to the first day of the Mondays with Mephistopheles: 9am - Rhys blog tour. It will run until August 9th and will feature excerpts and new author interviews each day. But first, here is the obligatory blurb about the novel to settle you into this strange world:
Abraham Rogers has an unusual psychotherapy practice: monsters. This first installment is a session with Rhys, the IT vampire who can’t quite connect with the modern world the way he would like.

A few questions for the author:

Do you have any tips for readers or advice for other writers trying to get published?
Stay the course. A lot of first-time authors have bungled their perceptions and expectations of what it means to be a published author. Very few of us ever reach the level of super-stardom. Realize that marketing your book becomes crucial, whether you are traditionally published or self-published. Write even you don't want to to and stop complaining about the unfairness of this or that. Write a book you are prou…

REVIEW: The Darkest Night by Gena Showalter

***This book was originally reviewed for Storm Goddess Book Reviews.*** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Summary:All her life, Ashlyn Darrow has been tormented by voices from the past. To end the nightmare, she has come to Budapest seeking help from men rumored to have supernatural abilities, not knowing she'll be swept into the arms of Maddox, their most dangerous member—a man trapped in a hell of his own. Neither can resist the instant hunger that calms their torments…and ignites an irresistible passion. But every heated touch and burning kiss will edge them closer to destruction—and a soul-shattering test of love…
Thoughts:I can’t necessarily say that I loved this book, but I really liked it! The couple were good together, once they figured out the other wasn’t out to kill them of course, and I liked how much they’d do for each other a lot. However, I wanted to smack Maddox for not just talking to her instead of assuming she was Bait, and Ashlyn was often too stubborn or na├»ve for…

BLOG TOUR: Bound to Me by Jeanette Medina

Thanks to Smexy Fab4 for hosting this blog tour. I'm sharing a little about Jeanette Medina's Bound to Me. Happy reading!

A girl with nothing else to lose.
A life that's brought nothing but pain.
A tattoo that's more than what it seems.

Eighteen-year old Veronica has had enough. Her alcoholic mother has only delivered a slew of abusive step-fathers and life is only getting harder. What was to be a simple tattoo for her birthday brings more than she ever imagined. Liam is a shape-shifting dragon. He lives on her shoulder, watching her, helping her. Having the dragon come to life and teaching her courage becomes a new lifeline for Veronica. But Liam will eventually become a permanent tattoo on her skin - never to take the shape of the protector she became attached to. Will she embrace her life or will a broken heart shatter her soul forever?

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About the Author

BLOG TOUR: Scarred Love by MS Brannon

Thanks to Reading Addiction Blog Tours for hosting this blog tour. I have MS Brannon, author of Scarred Love, here today. Welcome!
Inspiration to My Writing
For me, inspiration comes from many different sources and events surrounding my life, a close friend or family member, or someone random stranger. I like to people watch. Sitting in a busy place I love to try and figure out what that person’s particular story could be. I will almost study them to the point it could be considered staring, watching their body language, interactions with others, and mannerisms they will you. Then try and write their story in my head. Often times ,I will end up writing down what I’ve encountered in that moment and develop it into a short story in a matter of moments. Or I will see or hear of a certain event that’s happened and it will remind me of story I am currently working on. I will find a why to incorporate it into the story.

Scarred Love in particular was inspir…

REVIEW: A Hero's Pride by April Angel

Summary:Kayla Santomas has never been on a blind date. Ever. One bad marriage and way too many useless relationships have convinced her to allow her best friend to set her up. Tired of dating frogs, she decides she wants dinner with a nice guy as a birthday present to herself. Who knows? He might not be so bad. After losing part of his leg in Afghanistan, Ryan Mitchell lost interest in dating and even worse, the urge to get aroused. He finally gives into his badgering family and decides to go back into the dating world. What better way to do it than to allow his brother and friend to set him up? According to them, he needs the extra help. Sparks fly between Kayla and Ryan. Each quickly realizes that they want more time with the other. Hours rush past them in a blur. But when Ryan says something that Kayla misinterprets, will this be the end of a great night? Ryan will have to forget his pride and say what's inside in order to keep her.
Title:  A Hero's Pride
Series:  Wounded …

BLOG TOUR: Elysian Fields by Suzanne Johnson

Thanks to Bewitching Book Tours for hosting this blog tour. I have Suzanne Johnson, author of Elysian Fields, here today. Welcome!
The Sentinels Guide to Summer TV
What, you thought the wizards and shifters and undead pirates of the Sentinels world sat around sucking on crawfish heads and engaging in preternatural power struggles?

Even a merman needs a no-pressure evening in front of the TV.

So I asked each of the major characters of Elysian Fields to tell me his or her favorite show. See if there are any surprises…

Rene Delachaise, merman, head of the Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, merclan:“Chopped,” a long-running show on the Food Network where four chefs compete using a basket of bizarre ingredients to make a three-course meal in less than an hour.
Babe, you are gonna ruin my reputation if I don’t say somethin’ all manly, so don’t spread this around. I won’t miss a single episode of “Chopped.” Man, I can cook some stuff, you know. I make a mean pot of…