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REVIEW: Mia's Submission by Sandra Bunino


Mia has been given an offer she can’t refuse as VP of Client Experience at SRE, but to take it, she’ll have to explore her own submissive fantasies to understand what her job entails and her clients will experience. Her training will be at the hands of Asher. He lost control during their first encounter, but is determined to stay on track, or he’ll have to have someone else train her, and damned if he’ll let that happen. Can Asher and Mia be everything they need to each other? What will the cost be to get what they want?

Title:  Mia's Submission
Series:  Satin Rose Experience (SRE)
Book #: 1
Author:  Sandra Bunino
Approximate Book Length:  32 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  18+
Sexual Content:  Explicit


First let me say that this story picks up right where the story in the anthology did, so while Sandra catches you up quickly, it’d still be very helpful to read The Satin Rose Experience in Keyboards and Kink first before reading this.

Since that’s out of the way now, I can go into all the reasons I loved this book! I appreciate that while Asher is training Mia for her job, he’s also training her for himself. I relate to Mia because who hasn’t at least entertained the thought of dipping your foot into the BDSM world? Her exploration of her fantasies and his guidance through it are oh so sweet and incredibly sensual.

The tension and buildup as Asher guides Mia through her first real BDSM experience is exquisitely excruciating. You hang on every word through every action. I felt like I was in Mia’s shoes, and under the circumstances, she reacts the exact way I would have when all was said and done, but Asher’s answering response couldn’t have been better.

My only complaints: Too short. Want more! Bring on book 2!

In Conclusion:

Sandra’s best work yet, Mia’s Submission demonstrates the serious, teasing, and tender sides of both characters so well and leaves you with an obvious hint of so much more to come. It’s awesome and you’ll be anxious for the next installment!



Tuesday, August 28, 2012

INTERVIEW: Tiffany King

Tiffany King is a YA author of the Saving Angels series and I’ve been lucky enough to give book one a read. Meant to Be was exciting and intriguing and sweet and I’m glad to have a chance to sit down with the two stars and the author. Maybe I’ll get a chance to go even more in depth some time :-)

A Few Questions for Tiffany:

What’s your favorite part about being an author?
My favorite part about being a writer is the opportunity of being able to tell someone else's story. It is truly a dream come true to be able to do something I love for a living. I feel very blessed.

Who’s your favorite author and what’s your favorite book?
I'm a huge J.K Rowling fan. I could read her books over and over again...oh wait I already have LOL

How’d Krista’s story come to you?
Krista's story came to me from an idea I had when I was a teenager. At the time I thought it would be cool to write a story about a girl who dreamt about the same guy every night. I liked the whole idea of them sharing a connection.

Did you know the whole story when you first started telling it, or did you just write as it came to you?
It came to me as I started writing. It was as if it had a voice of its own. A very persistent voice, I might add LOL.

A Few Questions for Krista and Mark:

How did you feel when you realized who you were to each other?
K) LOL like a freight train had hit me. I was very confused and yet at the same time I was filled with overwhelming joy. It was surreal to say the least.
M) I felt as if everything was suddenly right in the world.

I know you felt love and were happy, but there had to be a moment of fear and confusion on both sides. Did either of you actually expect to ever meet the one in your dreams?
K) A part of me always wished he was real but the sensible part of me wouldn't let me truly believe.
M) I always knew she was out there. For me it was easier, I've always had a clear picture of what Krista looked like. I knew I'd find her someday.

Krista, is your mom any more comfortable with Mark and the whole situation? How much did you tell her about everything that happened?
K) LOL we kind of have my mom on a need to know basis right now, because let's face it, it's a pretty out there idea if you think about it. Even we had a hard time adjusting to it at first.

Native Floridian, Tiffany King, is the author of the Saving The Angel series, Wishing for Someday Soon and Forever Changed. In the last 2 years Tiffany has had 5 amazing books released. Lover of Harry Potter and all things chocolate, she is truly a kid at heart!

Find her here.

Meant to Be Available Now!

Krista Miller feels like she has lived her entire life in a glass box with her every emotion on display. She can’t help feeling like a defect as her sensitivities have made her socially inept and without any real friends; the one exception being the boy that visits her each night in her dreams.

Krista’s emotions are put to the test when a move to California triggers a devastating change to her fantasy world. The nightly comfort that the boy provides has now become a recurring nightmare as he is taken from her by an unseen force.

Struggling to appear normal, Krista enrolls in a new school and finds it to be nothing like she thought. Her new life is sent spiraling out of control from a strange connection with a boy, Mark, who claims to know all her secrets.

As Krista begins to explore the emotions that Mark evokes in her, secrets about their mysterious past and their predestined purpose threatens to separate them just when they have found each other.

Monday, August 27, 2012

REVIEW: Volley Balls by Tara Lain


After getting out of an abusive relationship, David should know to just stay away from the alpha male type, but he can’t help but ogle Gareth and Edge on the Australian volleyball team playing on Laguna Beach even if they aren’t gay and it gets him harassed. Gareth has been hiding in the closet all his life, even from his best friend Edge, but after seeing David nude in an art show he knows that’s about to change. Edge has some secrets of his own, and they come out at the perfect time when he rescues David from his violent ex. It’ll take teamwork to bring them all out of the darkness they’ve been living in, and just maybe find happiness.

Title:  Volley Balls
Series:  Balls to the Wall
Book #: 1
Author:  Tara Lain
Approximate Book Length:  65 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  18+
Sexual Content:  Explicit


I love ménage stories, even if all parties are male. This one didn’t disappoint! It’s easy to get invested in all the characters and each character is lovable for their own reasons. Each of their journeys is a little bit different, and they’re all the more heartwarming for it.

What’s also great is that in just the length of a novella, Tara Lain gives us three characters with depth, both internal and external conflict, and introduces us to characters that we’ll get to know better later.

In Conclusion:

Volley Balls is a very sexy novella that’ll take you on a journey of exploration and acceptance among three strong and courageous men. If you like M/M romance and ménage stories, you definitely need to read this!



Saturday, August 25, 2012

REVIEW: Collide by Shelly Crane


Sherry is eighteen and leads a boring life working for a tabloid newspaper and supporting her mooch of a brother, Danny. She’s always believed that there’s something out there – something…different. When the moon goes missing and people start disappearing only to reappear changed later, she’s proven right. That’s driven home when her abusive ex-boyfriend shows up on her doorstep claiming to literally be a different man, Merrick. He says he’s there to protect her and Danny and plans to take them underground. There’s so much weirdness in the world, it would be nice to have someone to lean on, to count on, but can she really trust him?

Title:  Collide
Series:  Collide
Book #: 1
Author:  Shelly Crane
Approximate Book Length:  390 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  16+
Sexual Content:  Mild


This was an exciting story, with mystery, loyalty, danger, and of course the kind of love that Shelly Crane is so good at conveying. Merrick is so sweet and protective, you melt whenever he’s on screen so to speak. Sherry is young, but so maternal over her brother and mature, having been through her fair share in her life, making her incredibly endearing.

The mini colony that evolves brings a great element of suspense as you never really know about some people, and you know that nothing lasts forever. The bonds and introductions made will carry on throughout the story, and I have no doubt they’ll come into play across the series too. There’s a lot of building, for the world and the relationships, which sometimes makes it feel a little slow or drawn out, but it gives the story plausibility and leaves you antsy to see how things progress in the next book!

In Conclusion:

Collide will have you in awe and on the edge of your seat. If you’re looking for a little sci-fi with your romance, you will enjoy this story without a doubt.



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TGIF SWAG Giveaway!

Happy Friday peeps! This particular Friday, I'm off at my brother-in-law's wedding, but I'm guessing most others are at work. So to brighten your weekend, and the next week for 2 lucky folks, I'm giving away some autographed stuff! A couple postcards, a couple bookmarks, from authors such as Gabrielle Bisset, Ashlynn Monroe, and more. Enter via the Rafflecopter below and I'll contact winners on Monday!


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INTERVIEW: Tyler Robbins

I found Tyler Robbins through a blog hop, which is actually a pretty good way to meet new people, in case you were wondering. I read the blurb and an excerpt and was totally intrigued by this book, Beyond Honor, and after commenting on that, was granted an opportunity to review it!

After reading the book and talking to the author, I feel the book is even more special, and I feel honored to know the author. I love when someone has a cause and it coincides with their passion. It makes believing in what you do all the better. Add in the fact that she’s still just your average American and totally down to Earth, and I’m just such a happy camper right now.

Read my interview with Tyler Robbins below, and see if you’re not just as enthralled by her as I am!

Have you always wanted to be an author?
I have always written, though in my younger days, I leaned more toward poetry.

After marrying and having children, I settled into the wife/mommy routine and had little time to do things for myself.

When my husband passed away in 2006, I decided serious changes were in order and that included doing things I had always wanted to do. Writing topped the list.

A cruise was the other thing and I can happily say that I took a cruise with a few friends in 2010 and later that year became a published author. Now, it’s time for new goals.

What inspired Beyond Honor?
Beyond Honor was inspired by the parents of one of my youngest daughter’s best friends. The husband, Jeff, is a military man and he relayed some experiences he’d had in the military where gay and lesbian soldiers were concerned. He felt those stories deserved to be told and although Beyond Honor is not based on any specific person or event, I agreed.

I hoped the story would represent anyone who had experienced the ordeal of “coming out” and being faced with adversity while trying to come to terms with new love, family acceptance and the rest of the world’s prejudice. So far, I think it’s done that.

You write under two separate names, Robin Badillo and Tyler Robbins, why is that?
Ah! The big pen-name question. Some may speculate that because Beyond Honor is a gay themed story that I was protecting Robin’s persona, when in fact, it was the other way around.

My stories under Robin Badillo are mostly paranormal and southern themed romance (and yes, all heterosexual), and I didn’t want Beyond Honor to be overshadowed by those genres.

I felt Tyler needed her own outlet and keeping her apart gives her the room to do her thing without being outnumbered by vampires and country boys. Though Jared and Michael are definitely two fine examples of good ol’ Texas boys, if I do say so myself.

Do you have a favorite story that you've written, or one you're most proud of?
Beyond Honor means the most, though all of my stories are special in their own way.

Are you a pantser or a plotter? Do you outline plots for your books or just write as it comes to you?
Mostly, I’m a pantser. A plot will usually come to me on the form of a conversation or a short snippet of a scene between the hero and heroine... or hero and hero in this case, and I generally build on the story from there.

Sometimes my muse gives me information in lumps and sometimes I have to wait for the characters to reveal themselves in smaller doses. Very rarely have I ever mapped out an entire plot, however I usually know where the story is headed from the start, it’s just not always chiseled into stone.

What is the atmosphere like when you sit down to write? Do you have music playing? Perhaps a drink and munchies or something?
My needs have changed as my writing has evolved.

In the beginning, I loved music, usually classical, playing in the background. Some dramatic scenes have required other genres at times.

Now though, I’ve found I can lose myself much easier with no sound at all, just the clicking of my keyboard and the voices in my head to set the mood.

When you're not writing, what do you like to read? Who's your favorite author?
I really have very good intentions to read, but it’s one of those things I literally have to “make” happen. Like new parents trying to make “husband and wife” time after a new baby is born.

When I do grab a few uninterrupted hours, I try to read from authors I’ve met through writer’s groups and other social networks because I’ve discovered amazing stories I wouldn’t have found by sticking to the mainstream bestseller’s lists.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?
My advice to aspiring authors has remained pretty much the same for a while now-- to develop tough skin because there’s a critic at every turn.

However, my take on this has progressed just a bit.

A new writer needs to find other authors with a bit more experience, build a relationship with them, and critique each other’s work. Friends and family may not be trained to catch mistakes, or understand how important the flow of a story should move, whereas other authors can point these things out easily.

Your mind must function like a sponge though. The more you learn, the easier that first draft is to get right the first time around…but don’t expect it to happen overnight. Nobody’s perfect. :-)

Can you share a few random facts about yourself unrelated to writing?
A few random facts about me, unrelated to writing would be that one, I am a big fan of the television show, Supernatural. Jensen Ackles is, in my mind, the perfect man for me and not just as his character, Dean Winchester.

I also have a thing for gangsters, so you better believe I watch HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. Nucky Thompson is one of my favorite bad-guys. I also love serial killers who kill other serial killers, so Dexter and I have become quite intimate the last few years, too. ;-)

And finally, I’m a big fan of football!! My son and I get a little rowdy on the weekends between August and February, especially if our favorite teams make it all the way to the Superbowl.

I’m a Houston Texan’s fan, since I live just up the road, but I loves me some Saints and Patriots, too. (Please excuse the bad grammar, but it’s football!!!)

Robin Badillo lives in a small Texas town and is the mother of four nearly grown kids. Two boys, two girls. She's always loved reading, but rarely has the time to sit down and do a lot of it. In fact, she probably reads more now than she ever has before.

Robin loves movies of all genres, classics and westerns included. She’s an action fan, and loves a good mystery or thriller. She thrives on the shock factor of ‘who done its’ and really enjoys it when the good guys win.

She’s not the stereotypical writer with a stubborn, fluffy cat, who listens adamantly to her ramblings. But, she does have a mutt named Maxie, who provides comical relief and has been known to give her headaches from time to time.

Robin is enjoying stepping out of her comfort zone and pushing the envelope on the stories she writes and hopes that her readers are just as thrilled as she is with the chances she takes. After all, without them, there is no reason to write.

As a final note, Robin’s also a firm believer in the saying that… Grey Hair is God’s Graffiti! Find her here and here.

Beyond Honor Available Now!

Army Medic, Private Michael Crest, is quite content in his life with the exception of one thing—he’s in need of a good man and has his sights set on another medic, Specialist Jared Prophet.

The problem? Jared’s in deep denial about his sexuality.

After an unexpected, erotic exchange, Jared decides his only recourse is to distance himself from Michael and plans a trip to his family’s lake-house with friends, which would have worked, if one of his friends hadn’t invited Michael to tag along.

As a tropical storm hits the Texas Gulf Coast, the two men give into unbridled passion. But more than the weather gets rough when the storm passes and Jared learns his parents are among the missing.

Can the lovers endure the fallout or will unearthed truths prove more devastating than any natural disaster?

After all, just because they aren’t gonna ask, doesn’t mean they want you to tell…

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REVIEW: Meant to Be by Tiffany King


Krista has spent her life practically in a plastic bubble to keep her emotions in check, making her feel like an utter freak. Her only comfort is the boy in her dreams, but those dreams take a heartbreaking turn when she and her mother move to California. There she meets Mark, which throws everything she thought she knew into the air, and now she’ll be put to the test. One thing is for sure, nothing will ever be the same.

Title:  Meant to Be
Series:  Saving Angels
Book #: 1
Author:  Tiffany King
Approximate Book Length:  296 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  16+
Sexual Content:  Mild


So I was a little concerned when I first started this book because I’d always heard nothing but good things about it, but it started off pretty slow for me. Once it picked up though, I couldn’t put it down. The budding relationship between Mark and Krista, the instant friendship between Krista and Sam, and all the family dynamics were just so emotional! There are times when the little things are just so sweet you could swoon, and other times that you just want to cry for or with the characters.

The anticipation as things heated up both with the characters and the plot is just perfect. There were times I wanted to scream “just kiss her already!” and others when I just gasped because I felt something was about to happen, but never guessed just what it would be. The plot line is great, occasionally a little slow, but the characters make up for it, but the climax is stunning. There are a few things that are a tad confusing, but you get the gist of it, and we’re left with unanswered questions, but that’s what sequels are for, of which there are two by the way.

My only real complaint was that the writing style threw me off on occasion. Every so often we’d fall into a brief (and sometimes not so brief) flash back, but then drop right back into the present conversation so it’s almost hard to stay oriented with the here and now. Big picture though, it’s really very minor, because the overall feel of the story is just so compelling.

In Conclusion:

Well crafted, adorable, and exciting, Meant to Be is an awesome young adult read. I love the concept of soul mates, and when I saw this I knew I had to read it, and I promise to any others with the same thought that you will not be disappointed!



Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Shelley Munro is a prolific writer. She's got many books out, but her longeset series is the Middlemarch Mates series, starting with Scarlet Woman. That being said she's got a little something for just about any taste, including her latest release in M/M romance. Read below as she shares her inspiration for Lone Wolf. Welcome Shelley!


Behind The Book: The Seeds of an Idea

Hello! I’d like to thank Buffy for inviting me to visit her blog. My name is Shelley Munro, and today I’m going to tell you a little about the background behind my recent print release, Lone Wolf.

Throughout time writers have gained inspiration from places they’ve visited. Agatha Christie wrote Murder on the Orient Express after taking a journey on this iconic train. Daphne du Maurier stayed at Jamaica Inn on Bodmin Moor in 1930 and used it as the setting for her popular gothic novel Jamaica Inn.

Following in the footsteps of these famous writers, I decided to set one of my recent releases in Yellowstone National Park after visiting the park with my husband (we live in New Zealand).

Several things factored into my decision for the setting:
1. It is beautiful with a varied landscape ranging from mountains to prairie grasses and thermal regions. A large portion of the park is a volcano caldera.
2. While we were there we stayed in cabins at Tower Roosevelt. In the early hours of the morning we heard wolf song. The howls were both eerie and beautiful.
3.Yellowstone is a wilderness area, but there are lots of tourists too.

We met up with friends in Albuquerque, and one of our weird conversations was about what would happen to nail polish when a werewolf shifted. We decided it wouldn’t end well, and I filed that snippet away too.

By the time we arrived home, my head was stuffed full with bits and pieces of several prospective stories. It was time to get to work.

Taking all the collected elements, I sat down and started writing, our visit to Yellowstone spawning my m/m story Lone Wolf.

Once upon a time werewolves took drugs to suppress their natural inclinations to shift to wolf. Current werewolf law forbade unregulated shifting.

The door stood wide open when he arrived. He clattered up the two wooden steps leading inside and came to a halt in the doorway. His three roommates had already chosen their beds and stowed their bags. He claimed the last remaining spot—the top bunk nearest the door.

“Making a kill is a natural thing and part of nature’s controls,” R.J. said. “The game populations swell to unnatural numbers if the regular cycle isn’t adhered to. It’s a fine balance.”

Another one of the girls raised her hand. “You mean we have to kill a Bambi?” Her voice rose to a squeak toward the end of her sentence.

R.J. slowed and came to a halt behind a line of cars, waiting for a herd of bison to meander across the road. As usual, a couple of dumb-ass tourists parked haphazardly, intent on approaching the animals, stalking them with digital cameras in hand. They wanted a souvenir picture to show the folks back home. Idiots.

“See those people over there,” R.J. called out.

“Yeah,” a few of the kids replied.

“They’re setting an example of what not to do with bison. The herd might appear slow and friendly, but they move fast if the desire strikes them. If they’re in the mood they can also take exception to vehicles.”

Corey tailed the group, taking in the trees and other surroundings with pleasure. He’d fought coming to Yellowstone, protested bitterly to his father, his mother and anyone who’d listen to him. The camp was okay and nothing like the prison he’d conjured in his imagination. The sights, the smells. The colors of Yellowstone. They spoke to the artist in him. His fingers literally itched to capture what he saw on paper.


About the Author
Typical New Zealanders, Shelley and her husband left home for their big OE soon after they married (translation of New Zealand speak – big overseas experience). A year long adventure lengthened to six years of roaming the world. Enduring memories include being almost sat on by a mountain gorilla in Rwanda, lazing on white sandy beaches in India, whale watching in Alaska, searching for leprechauns in Ireland, and dealing with ghosts in an English pub.

While travel is still a big attraction, these days Shelley is most likely found in front of her computer following another love – that of writing stories of romance and adventure. Other interests include watching rugby and rugby league (strictly for research purposes), and curling up with a good book.

Shelley lives in New Zealand with her husband. Find her here.

Lone Wolf Now Available!

When you fall out of step, that’s when everything falls into place.

R.J. Blake begins a new session tutoring young werewolves in the old ways—before the introduction of the shift-suppressing drugs that allow their kind to live secretly among humans. He expects nothing out of the ordinary. Until sexy, smart, aggravating-as-hell Corey Wilson arrives. Older than the others, son of a powerful Los Angeles pack leader, Corey is an instant temptation he cannot afford.

The last thing Corey wants is three months stuck in the Yellowstone wilderness, followed by the stifling life his father has all mapped out for him. One glimpse of R.J., though, sparks a determination to seduce the older man before he leaves. Yet as R.J. guides him through the sometimes terrifying process of rediscovering his heritage, a deepening respect calls to his artistic soul and fuels a burst of creativity.

When their time comes to an end, Corey senses hesitation behind R.J.’s insistence that theirs was simply a summer fling. Inspiring him to take a leap of faith with consequences neither of them saw coming. A dangerous plot that reaches from the heart of their love to the highest office in the land…

***Want a taste of Shelley's work? She's offering up winner's choice of one her backlist ebooks. Enter via the Rafflecopter below!***

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Flash Fiction Ideas - Need new ones folks!

It's Monday again! Time for y'all to hit me with some ideas for a lil flash fiction! Bring on some new and random stuff. I would really love to hear from regulars and new peeps as well.

Remember it can be ideas for genre, random things or themes to include in the story, anything.  I don't know which direction to go in without YOUR input, so please speak up everybody!

REVIEW: Genetic Celebrity by Tara Lain


Tommy loves to cook and enjoys the simple life, but the object of his unspoken love is the complete opposite. Angie, or “Booky”, is driven and ambitious and represents everything he left behind with his family. It doesn’t help that she only seems to be interested in his food. When Roan brings home Shay as a new project for Booky, Tommy’s left sizzling in his lust for both Shay and Booky, and they’re around him all the time while working in the city! But as Shay’s career is about to take off, and Booky being as outgoing as she is, they couldn’t possibly love him back. Why did Tommy have to go and fall for the two people he can’t have in the end?

Title:  Genetic Celebrity
Series:  Genetic Attraction
Book #: 4
Author:  Tara Lain
Approximate Book Length:  180 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  18+
Sexual Content:  Explicit


Tara Lain does it again! We’ve met Tommy and Angie before, but only briefly, and they’re mentioned here and there, but now we finally get to really know them. They’re really quite cute together, and add Shay in the mix, and they’re all flat out adorable.

What I love about this series is how the unconventional just seems to right. Plus, in every installment, we still get to see the original characters we fell for as they’ve progressed through their life and support those they love as they find love of their own. The connections between ALL the characters are so heartwarming you melt with every page.

The food. Omg, the food. The talk of food alone makes your mouth water, but when food is used tease and tantalize in the bedroom, it’s all the juicier. To say this book and its romance are delicious is oh so true in more than one way.

The conflict, since there always has to be one to make the HEA all the more satisfying, is multilayered. There’s the personal demons that all the characters struggle with, but then there’s circumstances that Shay in particular faces that take it up a notch as your heart just breaks for him. Tommy and Booky are perfect for him, and yes, Roan (and Em for that matter) makes sure to point that out to them, just in case they hadn’t figured it out *grin*.

In Conclusion:

A heartfelt sweet, sensual romance, Genetic Celebrity tells a tale of three people that find everything they didn’t know was within their reach, and find a happiness anyone would envy! Another smash hit!



Sunday, August 19, 2012

FLASH FICTION - Contemporary: Aurora & Steven

So this week, I came up with a little something on my own.  I will use the words suggested, but other than that I decided to do something new instead of continuing Nesal and Violet's story (for now).  We'll be in Aurora's POV the whole time, so no jumping between blue and pink this time.

Under 1000 words, and inspired by actual events, but portrayed by fictional characters, here's a little tid bit from a day in the life of Aurora and Steven (not to be confused with my me and my husband...really...mostly).


I pulled into my driveway, turn the car off, and reflect on my evening with Maria.  We get together every week, and normally we watch an episode of a show, whether it be TV or DVD reruns, but this was a special week – Shark Week! 

We watched some scientists get footage of great whites leaping out of the water after prey, and more scientists dissect shark attacks.  It’s a typical night for shark week, but still fun because sharks are cool to watch regardless.  Plus we get our regular girl time in, complaining about our jobs and our men.

Oh and books.  We gush over books like they’re hot celebrity gossip, because we’re major nerds like that.

I smile to myself before adjusting my anklet so that the two shark teeth dangling from it are no longer biting into my flesh, open the door, and grab my purse to head inside. 

The first thing I notice is that the front door is open behind the screen.  This is odd because it’s been too hot lately to open up the house, but maybe my honey thought it was a nice night.

I walk in and immediately know that’s not the case.  He must’ve tried to burn the house down, as the burnt smell is awful.  I pull my shirt up over my nose and mouth and go hunting for the culprit.

I check the bedrooms, the office, and finally walk past the kitchen to the stairs, noticing the fan blowing out the window from the direction of the open microwave.  I sigh as I head downstairs and hear the TV.

“What happened?”

“Hi Aurora baby, how was your night with Maria?”

“Steven, what happened?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.  Nothing happened.”  He says this with too wide eyes to be as innocent as he hopes he looks.

I put my free hand, as the other is still holding my shirt over my nose, on my hip and raise one eyebrow as I stare at him.

He breaks and looks down sheepishly.  “I maybe have misread the instructions and tried to cook pizza rolls in the microwave for 9 minutes.”

I slap the heel of my hand against my forehead and turn to walk away laughing and shaking my head.

I’ll just go back into the office, far away from the kitchen, and fire up the shark cam that the Georgia Aquarium has going every year during this week of awesomeness.  I do this and light a candle as the video feed is loading.

The sound of the bubbles is usually very relaxing, and it’s very tranquil watching the fish swim elegantly by with their gills bobbing softly.

The flipper of a diver appears on the screen, and I’m guessing their going to adjust the camera or feed the fish or something.  Unfortunately, I’m bored and unable to focus and enjoy, because the smell is still so overpowering despite the candle.

I dial Maria.  “Hey Aurora, what’s up?”

“You’ll never guess what Steven did.”  I proceed to tell her all about it.  Thankfully she gives me the option of retreating back to her place, even spending the night if I so desire. 

I pack a bag just in case and hit the stairs to give Steven the news.  “I’m headed out to Maria’s.”

“What?  You just got home.”

“Yeah, but dude…the smell is God AWFUL.  I’m gonna go hang out there, and when I’m thinking of heading home, I’ll call and you can let me know how the smell is.  If it still smells like burnt pepperoni, I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Aww, come on Aurora, it’s not THAT bad.”  He pauses as I give him my raised eyebrow again, calling him on the BS.  “Fine, I love you and guess I’ll talk to you later.”  He kisses me goodbye and I head out.

As you might guess, I arrived home the next morning, having smelled nothing worse than the occasional puppy breath all night.

There’s a bigger fan blowing in the kitchen, but the smell is still very, very present.  I light one of our stronger smelling candles and put it on the stove, hoping that’ll help.  Steven manages to sleep through it, but I can’t sit still.  It’s going to be a very long day.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

REVIEW: Beyond Honor by Tyler Robbins


Army medic Michael is content with his life, except his desire for a good man. He’s got one in his sights, but Jared is deep in denial about his sexuality. After getting thrown together at Jared’s family’s lake house and getting stranded during a tropical storm, they give in to their passions, until word of damages come through, along with news that Jared’s parents are among the missing. Will their new love survive the disaster and all its fallout, or will they be all the more devastated?

Title:  Beyond Honor
Series:  N/A
Book #: N/A
Author:  Tyler Robbins
Approximate Book Length:  136 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  18+
Sexual Content:  Moderate


In the beginning, you feel a great deal for Michael, but seriously want to smack the crap out of Jared. Given a little more time to understand where he’s coming from, your heart kind of breaks for him, despite his tendency to still act like an ass because he’s unable to handle his emotions and the conflicts he faces.

They face a lot of adversity through their short time together. Between emotional baggage from their pasts, and the people that surround them in the present, their journey is not an easy one, though it is a beautiful one in its own way. Be prepared for a pretty emotional story; I worried, I laughed, and I cried. The ending is pretty fun though, making it all worth it!

In Conclusion:

A powerful, gripping, and compelling tale, Beyond Honor is a wild ride on the roller coaster of emotion. It’ll have you up all night just to see how they work their way through their trials and tribulations to end up as happy as you ache to see them.



Wednesday, August 15, 2012

REVIEW: Scarlet Woman by Shelley Munro


Emily’s late husband was leaving her for his secretary, and had a few parting words in the process. On a quest to prove him wrong and even forget for a while, she sets out to have a perfect, passionate one night stand. She heads to a gathering in Middlemarch to carry out her mission. Panther shifter, Saber, is trying to get his four younger brothers mated off to call them and get them under control. He knows there’s no hope for him finding a mate, but they still have a chance, so he’s determined find them women to settle down with. This completely backfires when he catches sight of Emily Scarlet, changing his mind about having hope for himself. He’s in for a struggle though, as he fights with the ghost her husband left behind in her, determined to win over his Scarlet woman.

Title:  Scarlet Woman
Series:  Middlemarch Mates
Book #: 1
Author:  Shelley Munro
Approximate Book Length:  115 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  18+
Sexual Content:  Explicit


This was an enjoyable story. Saber is both sexy and sweet, and Emily is a strong person, but a struggling woman under the weight of the pain her husband caused in their life together before his death. You really get attached to the characters, and I LOVED how Saber called Emily “kitten”. It’s the simple things in life sometimes that are so appreciated. I also loved Saber’s shameless pesky brothers. They had me laughing on more than one occasion.

That being said, there were a couple things that bothered me a little. The attraction between Saber and Emily felt very sudden and fast. I would have preferred a bit more build up in that regard. Also, while I completely understand why, Emily’s aversion to exploring the relationship was frustrating at times, and Saber certainly didn’t always handle it as well as he should have. All in all, these are minor things when compared to the big picture, and I’m interested in continuing with the series after reading this!

In Conclusion:

A fun and very sexy story, Scarlet Woman is a great lazy day read if you’re looking for playful kitties and a strong, lusty couple who aren’t always smooth talking when it comes to love. It’s worth adding to your TBR list!



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Sizzling Books of Summer Blog Hop!

Big thanks to My Secret Romance Book Reviews for hosting this giveaway hop! The Sizzling Books of Summer Giveaway Hop is for the books you've read this summer that have made you sizzle. Whether it's a steamy historical, a sweet contemporary or an erotic romance, share your favorite sizzling read. Grab the sun tan lotion, sun glasses, bathing suit and a yummy drink. This hop is sure to be a hot one!

First off, let's get this drink think taken care of, because it's funner to kick back and relax with a sexy read with a little buzz. One of my favorite drinks is the Malibu Bay Breeze, mostly because you can't taste the alcohol so it goes down smoothly and tastes all fruity! It's also real easy to make. To give it a go, here's the recipe:

1 1/2 oz Malibu coconut rum
2 oz cranberry juice
2 oz pineapple juice

Now that that's out of the way, let's move on to the books. So many to choose from! Here are a few of my favorites:

Public Displays or Eroticism by Cassandra Carr, Cristal Ryder, and Jami Davenport
Seven Sexy Sins by Serenity Woods
Fire Balls by Tara Lain
Lusted in Las Vegas by Sandra Bunino
Love Kinection by Jennifer James
Deceptive Attraction by Tara Lain

Some of these are part of a series, but are not series firsts, so if you want book 1, or you've already read book 1 and want another in the series, that's negotiable ;-)

Just enter the Rafflecopter below and you're golden! Open to US/INT since it's digital copies up for grabs.

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to keep hopping!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

INTERVIEW: Quinn Loftis

In my travels among YA authors, I started seeing this one author and books series...I didn't know what all the hype was about, so I checked it out. Quinn Loftis and her Grey Wolves series are a big hit, and after reading book 1, Prince of Wolves, only recently, I can totally understand why! It's so much fun, and after talking to Quinn, I can tell it's because that's how she is in general. Read below for more about this wonderful author I wish I'd discovered sooner, but am grateful to know now!

What made you start writing?
I have always loved to write, for as long as I can remember I love to tell stories. I wrote a lot of poetry when I was younger and had always wanted to write a novel. I guess it just took me 30 years to decide I was ready.

What inspired you to write about werewolves?
They are my favorite of the paranormal characters. I just think they are so redeeming. I love the family (pack) unit the dynamics behind it. To me they are just really fun to write about.

I haven’t read beyond book 1 (YET!), so what can I look forward to? There were references to the possibility of the existence of vampires; does that come into play at all?
No vampires. Not that I have anything against them, they just aren’t tied into my stories. Basically you will get to watch the three best friends travel on this journey into the lives and hearts of the Romanian Grey Wolves. They each have their own story, but the journey is taken together and we get to see them all as they fall in love, face trials, as they cry, laugh, hurt, triumph and fail. It’s a wonderful epic adventure.

Are there going to be a certain number of books in the Grey Wolves series, or will you just write until the story stops flowing in your head? Are you a pantster or a planner?
There are 7 books total. When I wrote the first book, Prince of Wolves I had no plan in sight. As the books have gone on I have slowly devised a plan and as of right now 7 is the total.

As an aspiring author, I fully expect that I’ll barely be noticed at all or be among the totally ordinary books. Yours are popular and adored! Are you surprised at just how successful you’ve been?
I’m shocked beyond belief. Never in a million years did I think my books would be where they are today. I have been blessed with amazing readers who share my books with others and I can’t tell them thank you enough.

Do you have any advice for other aspiring authors?
First I would say to not get discouraged. Keep writing, even when you don’t think you have anything to write about. Be diligent. Contact bloggers, and other authors and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

I’m sure you’ve met other authors along the road. Who was the biggest surprise? Who’s been the most helpful?
I have met some amazing authors! Georgia Cates has been an absolute savior to me and I can’t tell her thank you enough for all her help. Also Shelly Crane, Samantha Young, Amy Bartol, Michelle Leighton, Tiffany King, C.A. Kunz, Heather Self, Ella James, and these are just a few of the awesome authors who have lent me their knowledge, suggestions, reassurances, support, encouragement, and sometimes just their ear when I need to freak out. The Indie world has an amazing group of authors in it and I am so proud to be a part of it.

As an author, you obviously have a passion for books. What do you read in your own spare time?
Mostly I read any and all YA paranormal books. I try to read almost all Indie books but do buy some mainstream ones as well. I love Patricia Briggs, J.K. Rowling, Jane Austen, C.S. Lewis, and James Patterson.

Can you share a few fun facts about yourself?
I love Nutello on just about anything.
I enjoy crocheting and scrapbooking.
I love to read *wink*.
I have an amazing little boy whose smile lights up any room.

I am a 31 year old wife, mother, nurse and author, not always in that order. I live in Arkansas with my husband, my 4 year old son, and our 7 month old Doberman Pinscher. I hope to be able to write full time one day, but right now feel very blessed to be able to self publish my books.

Find me here.

Prince of Wolves Available Now!

Jacque Pierce was just an ordinary 17 year old girl getting ready to start her senior year in high school in Coldspring, Texas. When a mysterious foreign exchange student from Romania moves in across the street, Jacque and her two best friends, Sally and Jen, don't realize the last two weeks of their summer was going to get a lot more interesting. From the moment Jacque sets eyes on Fane she feels an instant connection, a pull like a moth to a flame. Little does she know that the flame she is drawn to is actually a Canis Lupus, werewolf, and she just happens to be his mate; the other half of his soul. The problem is Fane is not the only wolf in Coldspring, Texas. Just as Fane and Jacque are getting to know each other, another wolf steps out to try and claim Jacque as his mate. Fane will now have to fight for the right to complete the mating bond, something that is his right by birth but is being denied him by a crazed Alpha. Will the love Fane has for Jacque be enough to give him the strength to defeat his enemy, will Jacque accept that she is Fane's mate and complete the bond between them?

Monday, August 13, 2012

Flash Fiction Ideas - Make your Requests here!

Hehe, so I'm really enjoying this flash fiction thing!  :D  However, I would love to get more input.  So come on and leave me some ideas to write about or random things to incorporate into the story.  I was able to continue with my first story, but I'm more than willing to a new one too.  You can also leave a comment or email me to let me know your thoughts on what I've posted (if something needs help, I'd love to know so I can work on it!).  Anyway, bring on the next round of suggestions!

REVIEW: Deceptive Attraction by Tara Lain


Caleb Martin faces the hardest decision of his life – signed a five-year contract that would mean staying in the closet (possibly forever), or going out and figuring out what he wants to do with his life to make a difference and not hiding the fact that he’s gay. After a one-night stand tips Cal a little off his axis, and a cute tomboy enters his life, his life turns into nothing but confusion. How can he fall for two people, one of whom is a woman? To complicate matters, a snowstorm brings on a crisis he’s unprepared to handle alone. Will he have the love and support of the those he loves most, or will he lose it all?

Title:  Deceptive Attraction
Series:  Genetic Attraction
Book #: 3
Author:  Tara Lain
Approximate Book Length:  170 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  18+
Sexual Content:  Explicit


First I have to say that I LOVE this series. I have loved Jake and Roan, then fell for Em too. That being said, this is my favorite in the series (so far)! For one, we still get a bit of Jake, Roan, and Em as Caleb goes to housesit for them, and I don’t want to say too much and risk giving some awesome surprises away, but damn was their part in the story awesome.

Now to tell you more about why I loved it…where to start?! Ok, so I loved Caleb from Jake and Roan’s book, and was really excited to see him get his own book. It was fun to see him so set in his ways, then find himself floundering as he realizes his sexuality may not be completely set in stone. First off, he likes to bottom more than he ever imagined *grin*.

The anticipation about the one-night stand Cal has, and how he’s going to work out whether or not to sign the contract is exquisite. You never guess just how it’ll work out until it’s happening, so it keeps you guessing. Of course, the flip side to that is that you worry yourself over it so much you end up so emotionally invested you’re crying right along with the characters!

There’s a lot of family dynamics in this story, and it’s so great to see everyone so accepting and loving. Plus, every book of Tara’s has had a villain of some kind, whether it’s a main character themselves being scared or pigheaded, a bully, a manipulating coworker, or an abusive ex, but in this one the crisis and the villain seem a little darker and crueler than any of Tara’s other work. This only leads to greater investment from the reader. I really couldn’t put it down!

In Conclusion:

A story of such sweet exploration as well as a shameless sense of self, Deceptive Attraction takes the stakes higher than ever making the connection and deep affection between the three lovers all the more gratifying. Have tissues close by when you read it!



Sunday, August 12, 2012

FLASH FICTION - Paranormal Romance: Nesal & Violet (2)

Not having gotten any requests for another genre and only a few words I need to incorporate, I was able to simply take last week's story and continue it.  However, I set the stage pretty well last week, so I can move forward with shorter segments (this one's literally about half as long as the last!), and make them more focused.  This week, I came up with nothing clean, so enjoy my first real foray into writing sex scenes...

It is for this reason, as well as reviewing mostly romance books with lots of sizzle, that I've put the adult content warning on the site.  It's easy enough to disregard for when there is actually a YA book review up, but still puts up some sort of barrier to hint that hey, there's often naughtiness around here!

Anyway, so, like last week, the bold words are the ones requested this week, and blue passages are from Nesal's POV while pink ones are Violet's.  I hope you like! *bites nails*


Violet shocked the hell out of him when she kissed him.  He never saw it coming, and he was completely unprepared for his reaction to her kiss.  Nesal grabbed her and pulled her flush against his body, kissing her back with everything he had. 

In the blink of an eye their tongues dueled and he turned Violet towards her bedroom door, with his hands just under the hem of her shirt feeling the soft skin of her stomach.  She had her arms around his neck and tried to keep as much of her body in contact with his as they stumbled into her bedroom.

She broke the kiss and tugged her shirt off, and Nesal got a dose of reality.  What was he doing?  He wasn’t the type to get mixed up with the humans.  Granted, she wasn’t a mere human, but still, this wasn’t like him.  Then again, Violet wasn’t like anyone he’d ever met.  She was kind, she was fierce, and just warmed him heart like never before.

He wanted her.  He didn’t know what he was doing, but he knew he wanted to do it.  Maybe he should tell her though…

“Violet.” He said gruffly, unable to take his eyes from her breasts, hidden by only a thin bra.  “What?” she responded, watching his face and smiling at what must have been a hungry look on his face.

“I don’t…I’ve never…you’re going to have to take the reins here.” He said through jagged breaths.  She cocked her head at his admission, and gave him a gentle smile as she ran her hands up his neck and into his hair to pull him down to kiss her again, less wildly than before.

“It’s ok.  I should be worried about corrupting you, you know, but instead I’m honestly proud to be your first.” She whispered to him.  She divested him of his shirt and kissed him again, running her hands over his torso. He couldn’t help but groan at the feel of her touching him.

He put his hands on her hips, wanting to touch her, but not knowing where to start.  She broke away again and flicked the clasp of her bra open behind her letting it fall to the ground before her.  He feasted on her with his eyes.  Nesal had imagined it, but somehow it just didn’t come close to the real thing. 

Violet’s voice broke through the haze in his brain.  “Nesal?  Stop thinking and follow your instincts.  Whatever you want to do, right now?  Do it.”  She said a little breathless herself.

He looked into her eyes, just to make sure she meant it.  He let go and hugged her to him as he lowered his mouth to hers.  He ran his hands up and down her back, relished the feel of her nipples against his chest, and moved to kiss along her jaw to her neck. 

He wanted to taste every inch of her.

Violet felt an instant inferno.  He really took her instruction to heart, and he let go.  She could see in his eyes the moment he made the decision.  She loved that she inspired that kind of passion in him.  She loved even more that she was the first to do so, and some part of her hoped to be the last.

In no time at all, they’d stripped their remaining clothing were lying on the bed, with Nesal kissing his way down her chest.  He reached his destination and sucked her nipple in his mouth, making her arch into him.  Violet couldn’t believe how fired up she was.  He was being so gentle with her, yet he wasn’t really holding back either.  It was endearing and oh so sexy. 

Then he stopped.  He just stopped everything and hopped up off the bed.  What hell?  She let out a sound of protest, but before she could form any actual words, he was right back at her side…chocolate bottle in hand.  She laughed.  “I’d completely forgotten!”  Nesal grinned at her before opening the bottle and pouring a small portion over one nipple. 

He took a tentative lick and hummed with approval.  Then he poured more over both of her breasts and down her belly.  “I really hope this is what you had in mind.  If not, I still have to clean you up now anyway.”  He grinned wickedly and leaned down to kiss her as she laughed, getting some of the chocolate he’d just poured all over himself in the process. 

Nesal went back to his task, licked as much of the chocolate as he could, but slowly and languidly.  He apparently didn’t want to be rushed.  As he got lower, she writhed against him.

He hesitated, looking at her.  He whispered something so softly Violet couldn’t hear it, but it looked like he said ‘beautiful’.  He licked his lips, then leaned down and took a long, slow lick up her slit, making her try to refrain from bucking up into him.  He closed his eyes and savored the taste. 

She felt the smile spread across her face, happy he liked her taste so much.  “If you want to get crafty, you could take some of that chocolate sauce…” She didn’t get to finish the sentence before he returned to her core, stealing her breath.  “No.  You taste too good to alter, even with chocolate.  You taste like the sweetest pear.”

Remembering the reverence in his voice, she shatters under his ministrations, mewling softly.  She feels a feather light touch along her sides, her chest.  She looks down, trying not to twitch with every touch he gives her clit, and sees that it’s actually feathers.  He’s using his wings to caress her oh so softly.  He sits up, still covered in chocolate, then braces himself on his hands to lean down and kiss her very lightly, so as not to get her own juices all over her face.

She didn’t care, she just kisses him with all the feeling she can muster.

Nesal’s own body was hard and screaming for attention, but he wanted to take care of her first, no he needed to.  Her release was so far beyond anything he’d ever dreamt.  She was absolutely beautiful in the throes of passion.  He wanted to see more of it.

But first, he wanted to get them cleaned up.  She still had streaks of chocolate down her torso, and he had even more.  Struggling to rein in his own urges, he tried to mask all his impatience and anticipation as he pulled her up and started tugging her to the shower.

Violet went willingly, though a little slowly – her legs seemed a bit wobbly.  “What are you doing?  You do realize I have every intention of making you shudder and scream too, right?”  She said in a husky voice. 

He did hope that was the case, but wanted some hot water first.  Besides, they’ll get even more familiar with each other’s bodies in the shower too.  He just turned to look over his shoulder and grin at her.

Once in the shower, they spent time exploring each other, slow and sensual.  He loved making her gasp.  But he got a dose of his own medicine when she took him in hand and squeezed firmly, but gently. 

She stroked him and he swore he saw stars, the sensation was indescribable.  She kissed him and moved to get on her knees.  He knew what she was about to do, but wouldn’t last long if she did.  He wanted to be inside her.  He wanted to be as close to her as he could.

In a flash, he had her up in his arms and pinned against the wall with her legs wrapped around his waist.  The foam still on her back made her slippery, but still he managed to fully support her with minimal effort.

This was it, the moment of truth. 

Violet knew what Nesal wanted, but saw the moment’s hesitation.  She reached down and helped guide him to her opening, but let him make the final decision to push in.  He did, and the slow but steady glide was the most exquisite torture.  He didn’t look frighteningly large or anything, but he felt bigger.  She tried to look into his eyes, but the spray of the water hindered her.

Suddenly the flow of water was blocked, and once again she looked up to find see his wings in full view, sheltering them from the splatter of water.  She looked back at his face and realized he was fully seated within her, but not moving.  She used her muscles to squeeze him from inside, and he gasped and began thrusting slowly.

When he picked up speed, driving them both to ecstasy, she moved her hands down his sides, and as close to his ass as she could reach.  When her climax hit her, she had to fight now to let her claws out as she dug her nails into his skin.  He growled and cried out his own release, his face buried in her neck.

They came down slowly, rewashing in the shower, turning off the water, and returning to bed, which was surprisingly chocolate free.  Nesal was still reeling from the sensations he felt in his body, and the emotions running through his heart. 

They still had only known each other a couple of days, and he didn’t know what he meant to her, so he wasn’t going to examine his feelings too closely.  His body though, holy God…He understood what the hype was about now, though he couldn’t imagine doing anything like that with just anyone.

They lie quietly, snuggled up under the covers, still naked and unembarrassed about it. 

In the darkness she asked him, “Are you ok?  You don’t regret any of that do you?”  He looked down at her and put his hand to her cheek.  “Not a single second.  I’m fine, just still trying to catch up.  It’s…been a big day.” He laughed a little at his own understatement.

She smiled, and he hoped he saw genuine affection in her eyes.  They fell blissfully asleep curled up together, thinking of tomorrow.