Sunday, August 19, 2012

FLASH FICTION - Contemporary: Aurora & Steven

So this week, I came up with a little something on my own.  I will use the words suggested, but other than that I decided to do something new instead of continuing Nesal and Violet's story (for now).  We'll be in Aurora's POV the whole time, so no jumping between blue and pink this time.

Under 1000 words, and inspired by actual events, but portrayed by fictional characters, here's a little tid bit from a day in the life of Aurora and Steven (not to be confused with my me and my husband...really...mostly).


I pulled into my driveway, turn the car off, and reflect on my evening with Maria.  We get together every week, and normally we watch an episode of a show, whether it be TV or DVD reruns, but this was a special week – Shark Week! 

We watched some scientists get footage of great whites leaping out of the water after prey, and more scientists dissect shark attacks.  It’s a typical night for shark week, but still fun because sharks are cool to watch regardless.  Plus we get our regular girl time in, complaining about our jobs and our men.

Oh and books.  We gush over books like they’re hot celebrity gossip, because we’re major nerds like that.

I smile to myself before adjusting my anklet so that the two shark teeth dangling from it are no longer biting into my flesh, open the door, and grab my purse to head inside. 

The first thing I notice is that the front door is open behind the screen.  This is odd because it’s been too hot lately to open up the house, but maybe my honey thought it was a nice night.

I walk in and immediately know that’s not the case.  He must’ve tried to burn the house down, as the burnt smell is awful.  I pull my shirt up over my nose and mouth and go hunting for the culprit.

I check the bedrooms, the office, and finally walk past the kitchen to the stairs, noticing the fan blowing out the window from the direction of the open microwave.  I sigh as I head downstairs and hear the TV.

“What happened?”

“Hi Aurora baby, how was your night with Maria?”

“Steven, what happened?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.  Nothing happened.”  He says this with too wide eyes to be as innocent as he hopes he looks.

I put my free hand, as the other is still holding my shirt over my nose, on my hip and raise one eyebrow as I stare at him.

He breaks and looks down sheepishly.  “I maybe have misread the instructions and tried to cook pizza rolls in the microwave for 9 minutes.”

I slap the heel of my hand against my forehead and turn to walk away laughing and shaking my head.

I’ll just go back into the office, far away from the kitchen, and fire up the shark cam that the Georgia Aquarium has going every year during this week of awesomeness.  I do this and light a candle as the video feed is loading.

The sound of the bubbles is usually very relaxing, and it’s very tranquil watching the fish swim elegantly by with their gills bobbing softly.

The flipper of a diver appears on the screen, and I’m guessing their going to adjust the camera or feed the fish or something.  Unfortunately, I’m bored and unable to focus and enjoy, because the smell is still so overpowering despite the candle.

I dial Maria.  “Hey Aurora, what’s up?”

“You’ll never guess what Steven did.”  I proceed to tell her all about it.  Thankfully she gives me the option of retreating back to her place, even spending the night if I so desire. 

I pack a bag just in case and hit the stairs to give Steven the news.  “I’m headed out to Maria’s.”

“What?  You just got home.”

“Yeah, but dude…the smell is God AWFUL.  I’m gonna go hang out there, and when I’m thinking of heading home, I’ll call and you can let me know how the smell is.  If it still smells like burnt pepperoni, I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Aww, come on Aurora, it’s not THAT bad.”  He pauses as I give him my raised eyebrow again, calling him on the BS.  “Fine, I love you and guess I’ll talk to you later.”  He kisses me goodbye and I head out.

As you might guess, I arrived home the next morning, having smelled nothing worse than the occasional puppy breath all night.

There’s a bigger fan blowing in the kitchen, but the smell is still very, very present.  I light one of our stronger smelling candles and put it on the stove, hoping that’ll help.  Steven manages to sleep through it, but I can’t sit still.  It’s going to be a very long day.


  1. :-P What a good friend Maria is, letting Aurora stay over all night!

  2. LOL! Your story reminds me of the smell of burnt microwave popcorn! Great story, Buffy!

    1. Yeah we had a big "remember when" talk about it thinking of other times we've burnt something, usually by forgetting to put water in something in the microwave.

      TY, I'm glad you liked it :D