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It is official!  Thanks to DaVinciKittie, I am the newest member of the review team at GraveTells!  Check out the site via the button on the right side.  Once I post reviews there, I will post a link here under the Book Reviews tab.

Thanks to Jennifer James for your help in this!  Woohoo, I'm excited!


Alright, here's my very first Six Sentence Sunday!  Just be nice, this is still my very rough first draft!

This is from book 1 of my Earthbound Angel series. Breanne is just getting home from school after a very strange day of being stalked by someone apparently no one else can see and keeps getting her into trouble...

My mom greeted me the second I crossed the threshold, like always. I never make a lot of noise, and she’s in her office at the other end of the house, so how she always knows the second I’m home, I’ve never figured out. I suspect it’s just a mom thing, knowing when her baby is home safe.

I walked back to say hello in person, and stumbled at what I found upon entering the room, catching myself noisily on the door frame. Standing just a few feet from her, facing the doorway, was the guy I’d been seeing all day. He looked grim and apologetic.


I don't know why, but last night, I had a sudden insight.  I've read advice from several authors, and read about how others do what they do.  Having done this, I've tried to duplicate that.  The conclusion I've just come to is: Why?  Why do things the way someone else does?  Why do things simply because someone says that's how it's supposed to be?  The answer is: Don't.

I've been worried that I'm not writing fast enough.  I've been worried that I'm not writing well enough.  I've been really worried that I'm not writing something original enough.  I've been an idiot.  The bottom line is that no one is the same, and what works for some may not work for others.  I don't stay up until all hours of the night writing unless I'm on a roll or something comes to me that I just have to get down.  I also don't stay up until all ours of the night writing because I don't have kids and work to contend with, so I have a lot more …


So I'm several chapters in now, and I'm getting to the meat of it, but it's still an incredibly rough draft and I'm going to have to go through and do a LOT of editing and revising when I'm through...but every little bit counts as progress, right?  Anyway, as I posted on FB, I'm thinking of doing like a Six Sentence Sunday thing or something like it.  It'd help me stay on track to make sure I have something to post, and it might get a tad more traffic here.  I'm not exactly ready for a lot of traffic, being that nothing's published or anything, but a little wouldn't hurt.

I'm also still making strides in networking with other authors.  I've met some awesome people and am enjoying getting to know them and integrate into the indie community, even if I don't go that route.  My best friend and I are already planning on having a drink for every rejection letter we get as we at least attempt to go through a traditional publishing house.  …