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REVIEW: Hear Me by Skye Warren

***This book was originally reviewed for My Secret Romance.*** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Summary:She wakes up in a spare room, where the only thing she remembers is her slave training. The master who finds her claims he doesn't want her. He just can't seem to resist her. The secrets of his past haunt the cabin, fraying the tightening bond between Master and slave--though her own memories may finally unravel it. Hear Me is a dark erotic book that explores dubious consent, captivity, and power play. Not intended for those uncomfortable with the subject matter or those under 18 years of age.
Thoughts:I struggle to decide where to start! I’m very fenced about this story, because I like BDSM, but until this story, I didn’t realize that it was only to a point. The term “dark erotica” is no joke. It’s a very dark story involving hard core BDSM. Barring her captivity, there are several instances of questionable consent, yet they don’t cross the line and are surprisingly erotic.�…

REVIEW: Teased by Kitty Hunter

Summary:Being the sub to two millionaire Doms with an agenda isn't for the faint of heart....

With both Gavin and Luis pushing her to move in and live with them, Ronnie is feeling caged in and on edge. Who can a girl in a BDSM menage a trois relationship turn to for relationship advice?

Her Doms devise a plan to force her to make the right decision: move in with them and out of her crappy apartment. When asking nicely doesn't get the results they want, Luis and Gavin gift Ronnie with a brand new remote controlled wear to work in her panties.

Multiple public orgasms and kinky, exhibitionist sex while her co-worker Heather gets off on self love drive Ronnie over the edge, and straight into her Doms' arms where she belongs.
Title:  Teased
Series:  Hidden Pleasures
Book #: 5
Author:  Kitty Hunter
Approximate Book Length:  63 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  18+
Sexual Content:  Explicit

Thoughts:I have a lot of conflicting emotions about this one. I know Gavi…

REVIEW: Summer's Journey - Losing Control by Summer Daniels

***This book was originally reviewed for My Secret Romance.*** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Summary:Come join me on my journey and find out why! Fortyish, newly divorced, searching and longing for something different. Something fulfilling and exciting, somewhere far outside my ordinary comfort zone. Come with me on my journey of discovery. Explore with me. Touch, taste and feel with me. Lots more to come following my introduction to you in this first volume of a multi-part True Romance / Erotica series.
Thoughts:It didn’t occur to me until a few pages in that this is essentially an autobiography. We experience life through Summer’s eyes as she’s reaching out to rediscover herself after a long stagnant marriage. From trying to get back into the dating world to finding a surprising candidate, it’s an exciting, heartfelt, and very real trip through an honest woman’s mind. It’s very short as it’s only the beginning, so I won’t say anything more than I really can’t wait to see just wh…

REVIEW: The Sin Circus

Summary:Everyone remembers their first trip to the circus--the home of fantasy and dreams. Where the idea that anything is possible meets a creative reality of alluring tricks and amazing acts of defiance. The big top is known for inspiring lust, awe, and happy memories, and now you'll see it like never before.

Some of today's hottest romance authors combine the decadent memories of the center ring with all the flavors in erotic fiction in The Sin Circus. Whether it's with a dominating Ringmaster, a lion tamer's bratty kittens, or a dark Harlequin King, this show is sure to shock the audience with its dazzling dares and tantalizing tales.

Dark Surrender by Rachel Firasek
He stole her control, but she hasn't completely surrendered her heart...yet.

Claimed by the Blade by Mina Carter
He's waited years to claim her. Tonight, she's all out of excuses...

Ring of Fire by Lacey Wolfe
The Ringmaster must figure out his feelings before his ballerina goes …

REVIEW: Demon's Caress by Crystal Jordan

***This book was originally reviewed for My Secret Romance.*** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Summary:Maron is a hunter – a demon sent to Earth to capture evil souls and send them into the pits of Hell. She’d be stronger if she bonded with a partner, and even strongest if she bonded with two, but she just can’t face that possibility after her devastating past. She’s been assigned two new hunting partners, and she remembers Raum and Kobal vividly having spent a night with them before. She knows her boss, and her partners are hoping she’ll form the Triad bond with them, but is she even capable of it or will she risk their very lives by shutting them out?
Thoughts:The story definitely grabs your attention from the very beginning as we catch up with Maron as she’s on the hunt. Her former partner was reassigned, because she’d entered into a Triad bond, so now she’s been saddled with two new partners and she struggles to put some distance between herself and them so she’s not tempted to en…

NEW RELEASE: Besotted by Georgia Le Carre


The Billionaire Banker Series – Book 3

In Forty 2 Days we cheered as we learned of Lana's opportunity for a second chance to put things right with our wounded hero, Blake. We read with joy at the news of baby Sorab's birth, and with tension in our bodies as the spirited Lana fought and finally overcame the might of Blake's powerful family to win the heart of the man she adored.

But Lana still needs answers to many burning questions? The secrets are many and tangled? Will she get the answers she seeks?

Blake finally lays it on the line to Victoria, and declares his true love for Lana, but will that be the end of the matter?

Then there is the re-appearance of Marcus.

Can Lana keep her resolve and overcome all obstacles to claim her man forever?

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The knock on the Lanesborough Suite’s door is firm and unhesitant. I glance at my watch. Very punctual. I like that. I open the door and… My, my, she is a beauty: waist-length, straight …

REVIEW: Boots and Leather by Myla Jackson

***This book was originally reviewed for My Secret Romance.*** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Summary:Libby’s been in Temptation, Texas for eight months, and in that time she’s done her best to keep her distance from the Gray Wolf twins, knowing she’ll need to get back on the run soon and can’t have any attachments. They’ve been trying to get her attention, but it’s an invitation to go riding at their ranch that finally grabs it. She longs for a life she can’t have, and it makes her stay just one day too long. Nothing will be the same now when her past finally catches up to her. Will the twins be able to convince her they’re worth sticking around for?
Thoughts:Pretty early in the book, you can tell there was a story before this one, but you don’t really feel like you’re missing anything, though what you do find out makes you want to go back and read it anyway.

There’s intrigue and an instant connection with Libby right from the beginning, and you also kind of fall for the brothers rig…

BLOG TOUR: The Sin Circus

Please welcome Georgina DeBurca, one of the authors included in The Sin Circus anthology! She's here today to share about her involvement in the project. :-)
Blood, Sweat and the Big O
I’ve always wanted to be an author. I’ve toyed with writing for quite some time but never in my life did I imagine I would get this kind of opportunity.

When I was first asked to contribute to “The Sin Circus” – I asked the author who set it all up, Rachel, if she was joking. My first thought was why me, I’m a nobody. Then when it became more real, my musings ran more along the line of - what if I wasn’t good enough. How do you know if you’re good enough?

I pushed everything I was feeling away and just wrote my piece and hoped for the best. I then sent it off, while closing my eyes, and waited.

When I received it back with all the edits, my heart literally sank to the floor in a crushed and broken heap. I’m not gonna lie, there were tears, and FYI – I’m not a pret…

REVIEW: Bound by Kitty Hunter

Summary:Waking up tied spread-eagle to a bed wasn't in her game plan...

Alone and afraid, Ronnie finds that her Doms have bound her for their pleasure without her consent. A very distressed Gavin joins her, and she finds that the only consolation she can offer is to accept anything...everything...he has to give.

When Luis glimpses the lovers together, tangled in the sheets alone, he fears he is losing his place in the relationship. Learning that Gavin lost control and abused Ronnie infuriates him; the fact that Ronnie did not safe word when she should have almost pushes him over the edge.

The trio have to come to a new agreement about the power dynamics in their relationship, and the growing love they share.
Title:  Bound
Series:  Hidden Pleasures
Book #: 4
Author:  Kitty Hunter
Approximate Book Length:  34 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  18+
Sexual Content:  Explicit

Thoughts:This installment is all about the emotions and intimacy between the characters. They don’t visit the …

REVIEW: Ménage After Midnight by Madelynne Ellis

***This book was originally reviewed for My Secret Romance.*** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Summary:Paris Ashcroft supports himself and his sister by selling his body discreetly to women with unsatisfying husbands. Sophia Lovich, however, is more than just a means for a living. He’ll surrender to passion with her because she holds his heart, not for any kind of price. He never suspects her husband to join them.
Thoughts:Being set in Georgian England, it’s a lot more acceptable that a woman has curves. Even if it is historical, it was still nice to see that. Paris totally loves Sophia and even imagines what she’ll look like without all the layers and certainly appreciates her “round rump”.

At first, Sophia kind of lies to him a bit, by omitting the little fact that her husband would be joining them. Once that’s past though, it’s actually a very sexy and very sweet story. I love the honesty with which Alexander expresses himself.

The love scenes are vivid and you get a variety …