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REVIEW: Begin Again by Christy Newton

Summary:What if one night changed your life forever?

Maisie Scott lost not only her husband and unborn child in a tornado two years ago, she lost her will to live. Keeping busy is the only way she can get by. This small town waitress won't let herself get attached to anyone . . . until Ryan, the new veterinarian for exotic animals, starts making regular trips to her diner. As hard as she tries not to feel anything, Ryan ignites a spark in her broken heart.

Ryan Tucker craves a happy family of his own more than his momma’s apple pie. Getting over his fiancée leaving him six months ago, he moves to Pleasant Valley for a fresh start. When he meets Maisie and notices the sadness in her eyes, he is determined to put a smile on her pretty face.

When another dangerous storm hits, Ryan stays by Maisie's side. She fills the missing piece in his heart, but will Ryan share his secret? Can Maisie move on from the past and learn to begin again?
Title:  Begin Again
Series:  N/A
Book #: N/…

BLOG TOUR: Fallen by Laury Falter

Thanks to Bewitching Book Tours for hosting this blog tour. I'm sharing a little about Laury Falter's Fallen today. Happy reading!

Fallen - the first book in the Guardian Trilogy...

Maggie is unaware of the terrifying fate that awaits her. It isn’t until she lands in New Orleans for a full year at a private high school and her unknown enemies find her does she realize that her life is in danger.

As a mystifying stranger repeatedly intervenes and blocks the attempts on her life, she begins to learn that there is more to him than his need to protect her and that he may be the key to understanding why her enemies have just now arrived.

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Abaddon’s eyes met mine, and I turned to head down the dark street toward a quieter spot, a less public place. I wasn’t sure what Abaddon had in mind, but I knew it wasn’t going to be pleasant. I didn’t want anyone to accidentally find us or to valiantly step in, trying to be a hero.

As I he…

REVIEW: Edge of Passion by Tina Folsom

***This book was originally reviewed for GraveTells.*** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Summary:Thanks to his immortal Cloak Warrior powers, Aiden has been protecting humans for two centuries, but the demons are getting stronger, and the Cloak Warriors are losing charges more and more of late. After some tough losses, Aiden is assigned to protect a woman who could be the key to humanity’s undoing if she fell into the demons’ hands. Aiden is loyal, but the scientist he’s protecting, Leila, opens up his eyes to a whole host of challenges, the biggest being their forbidden relationship.
Thoughts:So this book took me on an adventure! The action begins right away, along with the story. It doesn’t take long before you get a sense of who the characters are, and even the world is pretty easy to understand. Aiden begrudgingly takes this next assignment to protect an important scientist, despite a growing sense of futility, and finds more than he bargains for in the feisty, intelligent Leila. …

REVIEW: More than Friends by Aria Grace

Summary:Tired of moping around after the breakup of his long term girlfriend, Ryan knew he needed a hookup to get him out of his funk. When he met Drea, he hoped she might be the one. But when he felt more chemistry with her gay cousin Zach, Ryan was more confused than he had ever been in his life. He wasn't gay but he wanted to be with Zach. How could it possibly work?
Title:  More than Friends
Series:  More than Friends
Book #: 1
Author:  Aria Grace
Approximate Book Length:  98 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  18+
Sexual Content:  Explicit

Thoughts:This one was a good book, though it wasn’t one that really stuck with me. It was sweet and sexy, with likeable characters. I will say that while I liked the book, there was one major thing that bothered me. Zach talks of making Ryan’s first time hurt as little as possible. Pain just shouldn’t be involved, and when done right, is NOT present. I read a lot of M/M romance, and it’s a lot sweeter when the focus isn’t on getting past the…

BLOG TOUR: Hunger Embraced by Jennifer James

My good friend Jennifer James is touring with Hunger Embraced in preparation for the release of book 2, Humber Unbound. Happy reading!

She’s fed up with being fed on.

All Miranda Thibodeaux really wants to do is survive corporate hell and be left alone. But as the daughter of the Incubi king, being left alone isn’t on her schedule. And as an avatar to a goddess with multiple personality issues, taking things in stride isn’t either. Daniel looks like an ordinary surfer boy—T. T. B.--Tall, Tanned, and Blond. Hot he may be, but ordinary he’s not. Beneath the pretty packaging lies a ruthless warrior, a servant to the Vampire Council. His mission is to find Miranda and present her to the council, then get the hell out of Dodge before he loses his focus. The last thing he needs is the distraction of the testy female.

When circumstances force Miranda to turn to T.T.B. for help, they both end up with more than they bargained for. And that normal human life s…

REVIEW: Inhale by Kendall Grey

***This book was originally reviewed for GraveTells.*** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Summary:A chance to be director of a whale tagging project in Australia could mean a promotion for a whale biologist Zoe Morgan, but things start to go wrong as her dreams take an eerie turn. Following the death of his partner, sentinel Gavin Cassidy drowns himself in typical human vices and stays out of the Dreaming, until he’s called to help the human Wyldling, Zoe, as she’s attacked by Fyre Elementals. They both find more than they thought to look for in each other, but will it be enough to save themselves and the entire human race?
Thoughts:Things are intense between Gavin and Zoe right from the start, as she’s hunted in the Dreaming by an unknown enemy, and has no idea what’s going on (let alone that it’s not just some weird dream). Gavin vows to protect her so she doesn’t end up like his partner, and it brings him closer to her as she comes to depend on him – her perfect dream guy. Things heat…

BLOG TOUR: The Letter by Mina Carter

Thanks to Book Monster Promotions for hosting this blog tour. I'm sharing a little about Mina Carter's The Letter today. Happy Reading!

Sergeant Rick Week’s career ended in a hail of bullets and the death of a friend. After months of recuperation, he’s finally able to fulfill a promise he made to that friend. All he has to do is find a girl and deliver a letter. Simple. Maybe…

Hattie Jameson lost the man she loved. KIA. A year and a half later, she’s trying to move on but a letter for a charity calendar shoot addressed to her late fiance, Billy, rocks her. Not as much as the sexy as hell Scottish soldier who turns up on her doorstep. The man who was with Billy when he died. She shouldn’t find him attractive. Not at all…

Meanwhile fate, and Billy himself, have plans to bring the reluctant lovers together.

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About the Author Mina Carter is a bestselling, multi-genre author.…

REVIEW: Waiting for Ty by Samantha Ann King

Summary:Tyler Coil doesn't do men. But it's harder to remember that each time he visits his best friend, gorgeous Landon Burke. As a political reporter, Ty is good at reading people, and he can tell the lust is mutual. But giving in to it could mean alienating his ultra-conservative family.

Landon never desired a man badly enough to explore that side of his sexuality—until he met Ty. He's waited four long years for a sign that Ty wants him too, and he can't deny his needs much longer. So when a career opportunity arises out-of-state, Landon wonders if maybe it's time to move on.

Then Ty crashes at Landon's while working on a story—and a searing kiss ignites a night of mind-blowing sex that's better than their most erotic fantasies. Forced to face his feelings, Ty must decide if love is worth the risk after all—before he loses Landon forever.
Title:  Waiting for Ty
Series:  Lovers and Friends
Book #: 2
Author:  Samantha Ann King
Approximate Book Length:  10…

BLOG TOUR: The Pack or the Panther by Tara Lain

Thanks to Pride Promotions for hosting this blog tour. I am celebrating the release of the audiobook for Tara Lain's The Pack or the Panther! It's her first audiobook release and it's a great book for it. Happy reading (and listening)!

Cole Harker, son of an alpha werewolf, is bigger and more powerful than most wolves, tongue-tied in groups, and gay. For twenty-four years, he’s lived to please his family and pack—even letting them promise him in marriage to female werewolf Analiese to secure a pack alliance and help save them from a powerful gangster who wants their land. Then Cole meets Analiese’s half-brother, panther shifter Paris Marketo, and for the first time, Cole wants something for himself.

When Analiese runs off to marry a human, Cole finally has a chance with Paris, but the solitary cat rejects him, the pack, and everything it represents. Then Cole discovers the gangster wants Paris too and won’t rest until he has him. What star…

BLOG TOUR: Fake It by Jennifer Chance

Thanks to Barclay Publicity for hosting this blog tour. I'm sharing my review of Jennifer Chance's Fake It today. Happy Reading!
Summary:New grad Anna Richardson works hard—so hard that she’s given up having a romantic life. Anna has even convinced her friends that she’s dating an amazing guy—who they’ve simply never met. But now Anna has a wedding to attend and needs to produce the hottie she’s been lying about for the past six months. Enter Jake Flynn, her infuriating, motorcycle-riding, jaw-droppingly gorgeous neighbor, who’s more than willing to fake it for a weekend. In fact, Jake won’t be satisfied until things get real.

Though Jake is only playing the role of adoring boyfriend, he’s starting to feel the heat, and judging by Anna’s sweet blush, so is she. Letting chemistry this intense go to waste would be a real shame. Soon, though, the thin line between fantasy and reality fades. Jake may not be what every buttoned-up fast-tracker want…

Evernight Supports the Education for Girls Fund!

Evernight Publishing Teams Up with World Vision to Support the Education for Girls Fund.
During the week of July 14 – 21, the full amount of every book purchased on the Evernight and Evernight Teen websites will be donated to World Vision’s Education for Girls Fund.
57 million primary-school-age children are not enrolled in school; 53 percent of these are girls. These children are at greater risk for exploitation, early marriage, and lower income-earning potential. World Vision addresses barriers to education and works with communities and local governments to improve the quality of education children receive.
Help support World Vision’s Education for Girls Fund by purchasing a book or two (or more!) from Evernight Publishing and Evernight Teen’s websites. The full price of each book purchased from July 14th to July 21st will be donated to this important cause.
Look for authors' blog posts about what education means to them during the special fundraising week. Don’t miss their inspir…

BLOG TOUR: Borrowed Cowboy by Parker Kincade

Thanks to Book Monster Promotions for hosting this blog tour. I'm sharing a little about Parker Kincade's Borrowed Cowboy today. Happy Reading!

His past never looked so good…

Paxton Mathis is committed to bachelorhood. One failed marriage was more than enough to remind him of the dangers of getting too close. He has his work on the ranch; he has his family. He has everything he needs.

Event planner Reese Jameson accepted the job at Shadow Maverick Ranch for one reason: to face her biggest regret. Paxton Mathis was her first love, her first everything. And ten years ago, after a night of unbridled passion, it all came crashing down.

The moment they see each other again, it’s clear the years haven’t doused the heat between them. On the contrary, their flames burn hotter than ever. Despite Paxton’s attempts to keep things casual, old feelings emerge alongside a fierce hunger to keep Reese in his life forever. Reese willingly accepts Paxton’s ne…

REVIEW: The Fallen Queen by Jane Kindred

***This book was originally reviewed for GraveTells.*** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Summary:Escaping the slaughter of her ruling family on a random chance, Anazakia flees Heaven with two demons who have agendas of their own. Hunted by the highest level of assassins, they seek refuge in the world of man, where the three of them try to figure out how to get out of the mess they’re in. Realizing how bad things really are, they return to Heaven to fight for their lives.
Thoughts:When I read the blurb for this book, I was expecting a classic Good vs. Evil and Heaven vs. Hell scenario. Well, there’s the Good vs. Evil, but they’re not quite in the usual places, nor is the romance quite your typical relationship either. Before the story even starts, we’re provided with a long detailed cheat sheet about the hierarchy of the Heavens, which is nice and all, but it’s a bunch of information that’s hard to keep referring to from the middle of the book (especially on an ereader). Thankfully it’s…

REVIEW: Sharing Hailey by Samantha Ann King

Summary:Hailey Anderson's deep, dark secret? She's been madly in lust with her overprotective brother's two best friends for years. Gorgeous woodworking artist Mark Allen and sexy doctor Tony Adamo have no idea they star in her fantasies every night.

After a nasty breakup with her abusive boyfriend, Hailey's looking for a little distance. Headed for a two-week Hawaiian vacation with her brother and his hot friends, Hailey can't wait to feast her eyes on Mark's and Tony's rock-hard, ocean-slick bodies. Even if she can't touch.

But instead of treating her like their little sister, Mark and Tony have a surprising proposition: a monogamous ménage à trois. The three of them—and no one else. Both men want Hailey and have agreed to share her. The red-hot reality is even better than the forbidden fantasy. Until Hailey's ex threatens their newfound happiness…
Title:  Sharing Hailey
Series:  Lovers and Friends
Book #: 1
Author:  Samantha Ann King

NEW RELEASE: Extreme Measures by Elisabeth Naughton

Extreme Measures  (Aegis Security #1) By Elisabeth Naughton
Blurb:  Being prepared for any scenario is the trademark of any good CIA operative, and Eve Wolfe is one of the best. But when her latest mission literally explodes in her face, she wakes up labeled a traitor and—even more surprising—in the custody of elite Aegis Security operative and ex-lover Zane Archer. Although she still secretly has feelings for Zane, he’s now demanding the one thing that she can’t give him: the truth.
When he caught her breaking the rules years ago, Zane let Eve walk away without an explanation. Now someone has not only sabotaged Aegis but also turned an American city into a war zone, and all signs point to Eve. Zane needs answers that can come only from Eve’s still-tempting lips, and he finally has the elusive operative right where he wants her—at his mercy.

Available for purchase at 

“I need to look at your shoulder again before you lay down,” she said at his back. He didn't answer, just foun…