Sunday, August 12, 2012

FLASH FICTION - Paranormal Romance: Nesal & Violet (2)

Not having gotten any requests for another genre and only a few words I need to incorporate, I was able to simply take last week's story and continue it.  However, I set the stage pretty well last week, so I can move forward with shorter segments (this one's literally about half as long as the last!), and make them more focused.  This week, I came up with nothing clean, so enjoy my first real foray into writing sex scenes...

It is for this reason, as well as reviewing mostly romance books with lots of sizzle, that I've put the adult content warning on the site.  It's easy enough to disregard for when there is actually a YA book review up, but still puts up some sort of barrier to hint that hey, there's often naughtiness around here!

Anyway, so, like last week, the bold words are the ones requested this week, and blue passages are from Nesal's POV while pink ones are Violet's.  I hope you like! *bites nails*


Violet shocked the hell out of him when she kissed him.  He never saw it coming, and he was completely unprepared for his reaction to her kiss.  Nesal grabbed her and pulled her flush against his body, kissing her back with everything he had. 

In the blink of an eye their tongues dueled and he turned Violet towards her bedroom door, with his hands just under the hem of her shirt feeling the soft skin of her stomach.  She had her arms around his neck and tried to keep as much of her body in contact with his as they stumbled into her bedroom.

She broke the kiss and tugged her shirt off, and Nesal got a dose of reality.  What was he doing?  He wasn’t the type to get mixed up with the humans.  Granted, she wasn’t a mere human, but still, this wasn’t like him.  Then again, Violet wasn’t like anyone he’d ever met.  She was kind, she was fierce, and just warmed him heart like never before.

He wanted her.  He didn’t know what he was doing, but he knew he wanted to do it.  Maybe he should tell her though…

“Violet.” He said gruffly, unable to take his eyes from her breasts, hidden by only a thin bra.  “What?” she responded, watching his face and smiling at what must have been a hungry look on his face.

“I don’t…I’ve never…you’re going to have to take the reins here.” He said through jagged breaths.  She cocked her head at his admission, and gave him a gentle smile as she ran her hands up his neck and into his hair to pull him down to kiss her again, less wildly than before.

“It’s ok.  I should be worried about corrupting you, you know, but instead I’m honestly proud to be your first.” She whispered to him.  She divested him of his shirt and kissed him again, running her hands over his torso. He couldn’t help but groan at the feel of her touching him.

He put his hands on her hips, wanting to touch her, but not knowing where to start.  She broke away again and flicked the clasp of her bra open behind her letting it fall to the ground before her.  He feasted on her with his eyes.  Nesal had imagined it, but somehow it just didn’t come close to the real thing. 

Violet’s voice broke through the haze in his brain.  “Nesal?  Stop thinking and follow your instincts.  Whatever you want to do, right now?  Do it.”  She said a little breathless herself.

He looked into her eyes, just to make sure she meant it.  He let go and hugged her to him as he lowered his mouth to hers.  He ran his hands up and down her back, relished the feel of her nipples against his chest, and moved to kiss along her jaw to her neck. 

He wanted to taste every inch of her.

Violet felt an instant inferno.  He really took her instruction to heart, and he let go.  She could see in his eyes the moment he made the decision.  She loved that she inspired that kind of passion in him.  She loved even more that she was the first to do so, and some part of her hoped to be the last.

In no time at all, they’d stripped their remaining clothing were lying on the bed, with Nesal kissing his way down her chest.  He reached his destination and sucked her nipple in his mouth, making her arch into him.  Violet couldn’t believe how fired up she was.  He was being so gentle with her, yet he wasn’t really holding back either.  It was endearing and oh so sexy. 

Then he stopped.  He just stopped everything and hopped up off the bed.  What hell?  She let out a sound of protest, but before she could form any actual words, he was right back at her side…chocolate bottle in hand.  She laughed.  “I’d completely forgotten!”  Nesal grinned at her before opening the bottle and pouring a small portion over one nipple. 

He took a tentative lick and hummed with approval.  Then he poured more over both of her breasts and down her belly.  “I really hope this is what you had in mind.  If not, I still have to clean you up now anyway.”  He grinned wickedly and leaned down to kiss her as she laughed, getting some of the chocolate he’d just poured all over himself in the process. 

Nesal went back to his task, licked as much of the chocolate as he could, but slowly and languidly.  He apparently didn’t want to be rushed.  As he got lower, she writhed against him.

He hesitated, looking at her.  He whispered something so softly Violet couldn’t hear it, but it looked like he said ‘beautiful’.  He licked his lips, then leaned down and took a long, slow lick up her slit, making her try to refrain from bucking up into him.  He closed his eyes and savored the taste. 

She felt the smile spread across her face, happy he liked her taste so much.  “If you want to get crafty, you could take some of that chocolate sauce…” She didn’t get to finish the sentence before he returned to her core, stealing her breath.  “No.  You taste too good to alter, even with chocolate.  You taste like the sweetest pear.”

Remembering the reverence in his voice, she shatters under his ministrations, mewling softly.  She feels a feather light touch along her sides, her chest.  She looks down, trying not to twitch with every touch he gives her clit, and sees that it’s actually feathers.  He’s using his wings to caress her oh so softly.  He sits up, still covered in chocolate, then braces himself on his hands to lean down and kiss her very lightly, so as not to get her own juices all over her face.

She didn’t care, she just kisses him with all the feeling she can muster.

Nesal’s own body was hard and screaming for attention, but he wanted to take care of her first, no he needed to.  Her release was so far beyond anything he’d ever dreamt.  She was absolutely beautiful in the throes of passion.  He wanted to see more of it.

But first, he wanted to get them cleaned up.  She still had streaks of chocolate down her torso, and he had even more.  Struggling to rein in his own urges, he tried to mask all his impatience and anticipation as he pulled her up and started tugging her to the shower.

Violet went willingly, though a little slowly – her legs seemed a bit wobbly.  “What are you doing?  You do realize I have every intention of making you shudder and scream too, right?”  She said in a husky voice. 

He did hope that was the case, but wanted some hot water first.  Besides, they’ll get even more familiar with each other’s bodies in the shower too.  He just turned to look over his shoulder and grin at her.

Once in the shower, they spent time exploring each other, slow and sensual.  He loved making her gasp.  But he got a dose of his own medicine when she took him in hand and squeezed firmly, but gently. 

She stroked him and he swore he saw stars, the sensation was indescribable.  She kissed him and moved to get on her knees.  He knew what she was about to do, but wouldn’t last long if she did.  He wanted to be inside her.  He wanted to be as close to her as he could.

In a flash, he had her up in his arms and pinned against the wall with her legs wrapped around his waist.  The foam still on her back made her slippery, but still he managed to fully support her with minimal effort.

This was it, the moment of truth. 

Violet knew what Nesal wanted, but saw the moment’s hesitation.  She reached down and helped guide him to her opening, but let him make the final decision to push in.  He did, and the slow but steady glide was the most exquisite torture.  He didn’t look frighteningly large or anything, but he felt bigger.  She tried to look into his eyes, but the spray of the water hindered her.

Suddenly the flow of water was blocked, and once again she looked up to find see his wings in full view, sheltering them from the splatter of water.  She looked back at his face and realized he was fully seated within her, but not moving.  She used her muscles to squeeze him from inside, and he gasped and began thrusting slowly.

When he picked up speed, driving them both to ecstasy, she moved her hands down his sides, and as close to his ass as she could reach.  When her climax hit her, she had to fight now to let her claws out as she dug her nails into his skin.  He growled and cried out his own release, his face buried in her neck.

They came down slowly, rewashing in the shower, turning off the water, and returning to bed, which was surprisingly chocolate free.  Nesal was still reeling from the sensations he felt in his body, and the emotions running through his heart. 

They still had only known each other a couple of days, and he didn’t know what he meant to her, so he wasn’t going to examine his feelings too closely.  His body though, holy God…He understood what the hype was about now, though he couldn’t imagine doing anything like that with just anyone.

They lie quietly, snuggled up under the covers, still naked and unembarrassed about it. 

In the darkness she asked him, “Are you ok?  You don’t regret any of that do you?”  He looked down at her and put his hand to her cheek.  “Not a single second.  I’m fine, just still trying to catch up.  It’s…been a big day.” He laughed a little at his own understatement.

She smiled, and he hoped he saw genuine affection in her eyes.  They fell blissfully asleep curled up together, thinking of tomorrow.


  1. Hey, Buffy! I hope you keep these going because you just might have to put the flash fiction between Violet and Nesal out as an ebook!

    1. I've actually thought about doing just that...might give it another couple weeks though :-)

    2. Awesome! I'm looking forward to more of them!