Monday, September 17, 2012

REVIEW: Sinders and Ash by Tara Lain


Mark is a housekeeper for a resort and his motto in life is to have low expectations, be invisible, and work your butt off. Being gay hasn’t made life easy for Mark, but he’s doing whatever he has to in order to follow his dream of being a fashion designer. Ash is in desperate need of a bride so he can get his inheritance, but things get complicated when he meets Mark and is helpless to resist him. Carstairs Pennymaker is a meddling little elf of a man, and he sees potential where others seem blind, and works to pulls the puppet strings to arrange a happy ending. But will everyone behave accordingly to achieve such an ending?

Title:  Sinders and Ash
Series:  Pennymaker Tales
Book #: 1
Author:  Tara Lain
Approximate Book Length:  140 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  18+
Sexual Content:  Explicit


Tara Lain has taken a classic fairytale and put a more modern twist on it. Mark was kicked out at 16 and has led a tough life full of hard work. Ash is a rich boy with no work experience. They say opposites attract and that must be right, because boy is it a fierce attraction between these two. Better than that though, is how Mark makes Ash want to be a better man and Ash inspires Mark to fight for what he wants.

All of Tara’s books are great, I love the personal conflicts and watching the heroes step up and be better people and earn their happy ending. Sinders and Ash was no different, however it was a little awkward in places. I have zero problems with M/M romance, in fact I enjoy them immensely, but this had a Mrs. Doubtfire kind of awkwardness to it without all the funny. Mark ends up having to dress up, literally, at times and while I totally get it, the circumstances just made it pretty awkward.

What’s cool in the book is that there’s sort of a mini story within a story. Ronnie is Ash’s right hand “man” and she gets a surprise ending herself, as does Ash’s leading bridal candidate, Bitsy. Both conclusions leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling and a grin. The ending is satisfying and fun, but leaves you wanting at least a little more.

In Conclusion:

Your typical Cinderella story with contemporary twist, Sinders and Ash is a fun story about believing in yourself and working for your dreams. It’s light hearted and exciting and has a romance that’s both sweet and steamy. Don’t miss this new take on an age-old tale!



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