Wednesday, June 27, 2012

REVIEW: Blood Betrayed by Gabrielle Bisset


Haunted by betrayal, Saint seeks solace in the human world knowing he’ll never find the solution to his pain. He ultimately keeps himself in a self-imposed prison of solitude when it comes to his own kind – that is until he’s named as the newest target for the Archons seeking domination over the vampire world. Solenne was the key element in his haunting betrayal, so when she ends up his only safe house, he’ll find that facing her will either cost him everything or finally be his salvation.

Title:  Blood Betrayed
Series:  Sons of Navarus
Book #: 2
Author:  Gabrielle Bisset
Approximate Book Length:  259 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  18+
Sexual Content:  Explicit


One of the coolest things about this series to me is how the vampires are portrayed. They’re not rally shown as good or bad people, but more like humans, except that they have stronger, more animalistic instincts and needs. This is shown even more in this book than the first. Saint fights those needs and instincts until his weakness threatens to endanger him. And wouldn’t you know, Solenne is only too willing to help fulfill his needs, and a surprise presence will take him over the edge to surrender to his instincts.

In addition to Saint, we get to come face to face with the other Sons now that they’ve gathered together. We also see more of Vasilije, though he’s not always painted in the best light. It definitely sets up later books as we get a little peek at the Sons and how they operate. Storyline wise, I didn’t fully understand the whys behind everything that happened (what role this person really had, why this person was an asshat, etc etc). The prophecy research is slow going, only adding to the confusion.

Ultimately I took the conflicts one step at a time and focused on the romance and hope for their happy ending. Their love is deep with unconditional acceptance for the things done in the time they were forced to be apart, and you really just can’t help but get caught up in the emotions they held for each other, especially as the sex was just such a soul searing experience for them. In the end, it’s a satisfying, enjoyable read that leaves you waiting for the next book.

In Conclusion:

An enjoyable read that really introduces you to the Sons and shows the magnitude of the conflict they face, while taking you on a tumultuous ride through the life of a tormented man who just wants to find his missing piece. Don’t miss out on an emotional and exciting read!



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