Saturday, November 8, 2014

REVIEW: Rebirth by Rebecca Royce

***This book was originally reviewed for GraveTells.***


Carly Penn is thrilled when her older brother, Joe, marries her dear friend, Kaylee, with the help of the 1Night Stand service. Now, looking for a final bout of passion to carry her through as terminal cancer steals her life, she’s turned to Madame Eve for herself. She doesn’t expect a happy ending, just a single night to remember as she faces the end of her days.

Vampire Agoston Barab├ís was forced to watch his true love, Dorika, murdered two hundred earlier, and clings to her dying promise to return to him. He takes one night at a time, never loving or becoming involved with another as he waits for his lover to find him. When he meets his date from 1Night Stand, he’s shocked to discover she carries the soul of his Dorika and the heart of a woman he could love.

As their fates collide in passionate lovemaking, Agoston offers Carly an unexpected option—live or die together. Dare she risk eternity with a vampire, even if his tender touch brings her a greater joy than she has ever known?


This was a bit of an emotional ride! First of all, cancer talk hits home, so that part really got me invested in Carly’s outcome. Her desire to make sure her brother was taken care of then to have one spectacular night to remember as her illness gets worse adds a really touching element, and the illness itself adds an urgency to find some level of happiness. Agoston also has some emotional points for he watched his lover die two centuries ago, and has been looking for her soul ever since.

It was fun to watch them both as they feel some anxiety with each other paired with the lust that ignites. She’s got some experience with the paranormal, but still didn’t know what else was out there, so the vampire thing was news. Accepting that and exploring the attraction despite a hint of fear was both sexy and sweet. The ending is satisfying, though very predictable.

This is the second book I’ve read by Rebecca Royce and I find that I’m surprised. I keep expecting an edgier experience and get a gentler, more sensual one. I’ll certainly be looking for more of her work!

A story with a lot off plot and feeling packed into a novella, you’re sure to enjoy this one night jaunt into a paranormal world. If you like the “meant to be” notion in romance and an emotional yet sensual ride, I recommend Rebirth as a nice quick read before bed!

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