Wednesday, November 19, 2014

REVIEW: A Secret Match by Kelli A Wilkins


Everett Kinkade is a world-famous professional wrestler and a sexy heartthrob for millions of adoring female fans. But Ev has a secret he doesn’t dare share with anyone—he’s gay.

After years of being Ev’s secret lover, Josh is tired of hiding in the shadows and wants Ev to openly acknowledge their relationship. Coming out, however, is the last thing Ev wants and fears it will ruin his career.

But one night in a moment of truth, Everett outs himself on live TV. There’s no going back, and his announcement sparks a firestorm of problems, both personally and professionally. He’s forced to come to grips with who he really is while facing down a tag team out to destroy him.

Torn between living a lie and losing the man he loves, Ev has risked everything. Can he find a balance between his career and his heart?

Title:  A Secret Match
Series:  N/A
Book #: N/A
Author:  Kelli A Wilkins
Approximate Book Length:  136 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  18+
Sexual Content:  Explicit


I don’t know anything about wrestling. I never watched it as a teenager, and certainly don’t as an adult, so all I really know is that’s is staged and lots cheering for large sweaty men. That being said, I actually enjoyed the book. I didn’t expect not to or anything, but I thought it’d be weird and it just wasn’t. It’s just another athletic job. Only a couple things were weird about it, but they were supposed to be for even the characters weren’t loving what was going on.

There are some flashbacks and I am not a fan of that, but they were few and specific. The love scenes are sexy, but not amazing. My only other complaint is that it felt like there was a book before this (which there is apparently), and I feel like this book should be able to standalone a little better.

The story has its funny moments and is quite heartwarming. Coming out is a big thing and Ev just dives right out there…almost accidentally. I loved the secondary characters (though Nick really is a sleazeball and the “villains” were grade-A jerks) and I really liked the ending. The match is a little unexpected and the epilogue is cute. For a book about a big bad wrestler, the book as a whole is just kinda cute.

Bottom Line:

A Secret Match is a heartwarming tale of learning to accept oneself and not be afraid of being who you are. Don’t miss this sweet read!



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