Saturday, November 1, 2014

REVIEW: Out of Place Mate by Rebecca Royce

***This book was originally reviewed for GraveTells.***


Sean Quaid’s brothers don’t think he is very shifter-friendly. He certainly does not seem happy that they have both married and haven’t been showing up to work. Victoria Bensen wants nothing more than to cool him down and get him to stop making such a scene at Gunther’s Bar.

When she drags him to the staging room at the back of the bar, she doesn’t know that it will be Sean bringing down her barriers, not the other way around.


This is such a short book, yet it’s actually pretty well done. You understand the world setting, the mating instinct, and the characters. The character development is the most impressive, because at 11 pages long, you can imagine how hard that’s going to be to convey. You get an emotional connection with Tori, and a sense of what kind of man Sean really is. However, it still leaves you wanting to see more of them and their story.

Rebecca Royce has multiple stories in The Edge series with Decadent Publishing, and this is the 4th among them. While it can stand alone just fine, you can tell there were stories prior to it because of the argument Sean’s having with his two brothers at the beginning when Tori sees him. When you read a blurb about wolf-shifters and a biker bar, you expect some hardcore sex and maybe even a bar brawl, but the encounter is surprisingly gentle and everyone involved manages to avoid any brawling. Between those two points, I’m definitely left interested in more!

A very short, but well-written and exciting quickie, Out of Place Mate is a sensual paranormal excursion into a “wolf bar” that will have you wanting more!

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