Saturday, November 15, 2014

REVIEW: Hounded by Sadie Hart

***This book was originally reviewed for GraveTells.***


Lennox is a Hound from Idaho’s Shifter Town Enforcement, and she’s on a mission to arrest a lion-shifter. Without back up, she finds herself outnumbered by Kanon and Tegan and ends up believing his Kanon’s innocence. None of them have any idea why he would be framed for murder, but they’re in big trouble that gets worse by the minute and they’re only way out is to work together. Along the way, all three of them discover an unrivaled passion, but it could lead them to ruin if they lose sight of the killer hot on their tails. Lennox will have to learn to trust beyond herself in order to survive the danger that lurks closer than she ever imagined.


Despite the serious danger that definitely lurked in the background at all times in the story, it was actually a fun book. I loved the banter among the characters, the world building was nice and progressive, character development had good depth, and story was well paced to keep constant interest. There’s a nice variety in the types of shifters, which is always nice, because shifters stories tend towards big cats or wolves a lot of the time. There’s also magic in the world making it a well rounded urban fantasy.

One thing that bugged me a little is that unless there’s a really good reason (and I’ll admit it was pretty good here), I kind of hate reading from the villain’s POV. It was a little aggravating at times, but for the most part, this author’s style definitely added a level of mystery and kept you guessing as to his identity until the moment he’s revealed to characters in the book. It was also disappointing that until the last few pages, there was actually little to no shifting, but there is still plenty of mention of the animals just beneath the surface to remind you what lurks under the skin of them all.

At first I was a little nervous about the romance aspect of the book. There are times where PDA and such were viewed so casually that it didn’t feel “special”. That gets better quickly though as the connection between Tegan, Kanon, and Lennox grows. There’s tons of sexual tension for a while, taking the anticipation up a notch, and it’s just…gloriously frustrating! When they finally get down to business, it’s worth the wait.

This book is full of fun, suspense, blazing ménage, and heartwarming romance. Loyalty and the bonds of friendship are tested leaving you on the edge of your seat through the last few chapters.

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