REVIEW: Kayla's Gift by Jayne Rylon


As a naturist, Kayla is unashamed of nudity, especially as a masseuse too. She puts her skills to use on the crew working to build her new spa, and doesn’t even blush as she admires Dave’s body on her table. She never intended to share her lifestyle and extended plans for the spa, but ends up doing just that after a faulty truck engine strands Dave, Neil, and James at her home during a snow storm. Two days of bliss come to a screeching halt when the storm blows over and the real reason why they got stranded emerges. Can Dave convince Kayla that sharing herself with him wasn’t a mistake and that he wants more than just the two days she gifted him?

Title:  Kayla's Gift
Series:  Powertools
Book #: 3
Author:  Jayne Rylon
Approximate Book Length:  72 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  18+
Sexual Content:  Explicit


Working our way through the crew, it’s Dave’s turn! The crew is working on a resort, and have to head home before a snow storm, but while Mike and Joe make it home to their women, Dave, Neil, and James get snowed in with Kayla. Overcoming the obstacle of her preference for nudity was just plain funny, and a little heated. Their time together while snowed in is steamy and sensual, but it’s the conflict at the end that’s the kicker.

I loved the story and the characters. At this point in the series, I can’t not love the guys, and each of their stories is sweet and fun. This is no exception, filled with respect and affection, but there were once again little things that bothered me a tad. The biggest problem was Kayla’s reaction to the conflict at the end. I think she overreacts and it makes for a slightly awkward ending. That being said, it’s still sexy and satisfying through and through. Yet another good sequel!

In Conclusion:

Jayne Rylon brings us Dave’s story in Kayla’s Gift, still showing us a bit of our favorites from the first two installments, but showing us a new character and fresh sides to the remaining three members of the crew. Sizzling and enjoyable, it keeps you engrossed in the series as a whole.