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CG Powell is an author that I found through the grapevine, and she’s one of nicest authors I’ve met. She’s very involved in the writing community, traveling in circles that include Cait Lavender, Olivia Hardin, and Stephanie Nelson, among others. In fact they just recently released an anthology together called Once Upon a Midnight Dreary, having also previously done Cupid Painted Blind. I’ve had the pleasure of reading and reviewing two of her books, Immortal Voyage and Spell Checked and look forward to more. She’s been kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions for me, so read on to get a little insight into the mind of Ms. CG Powell!

Have you always wanted to be an author?
No, I really wanted to be a Geologist. I was inspired to write a little over a year ago and just ran with it. I don’t consider myself a writer, but a storyteller.

What inspired the idea for the Terra Stellar series?
I love the works of Marion Zimmer Bradley, and the way she meshed Sci-Fi with Paranormal. I really wanted to have the same kind of feel for my books.

Do you have plans on how many books there will be for Mae or the world as a whole?
I have 3 planned for the No Uncertain Logic series, but plan on having many standalone books in the Terra Stellar world, where Beck and Mae are sure to be a part of.

You've written stories for two anthologies. Do those stories tie into the Terra Stellar world or are they stand alone stories?
They are both standalones for now. However, Miss Stake, which is part of the Once Upon a Midnight Dreary anthology, is going to have its own series, but It will have to wait until after I finish Mae and Beck’s series.

Are you a pantser or a plotter?
I’m defiantly a pantser...LOL In fact Immortal Voyage was written during NaNoWriMo and had no preplanned plot whatsoever.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?
The only advice I have is to just sit your but down and write it. Having a finished product separates the aspiring from the published. Be willing to sacrifice things like TV, Movies, Games, Going make time to write. If you are not willing to give up other things to make time, this might not be the career for you.

When you're not writing, what do you like to read? Who's your favorite author?
I don’t do much reading anymore, it was something I had to give up to make time to write. When I’m between books, I like to read indie books such as the Guardian Trilogy by Liz Schulte, The Tethers Series by Lk Rigel, and anything by Stephanie Nelson, or Olivia Hardin.

Completely unrelated to reading or writing, what’s your favorite activity or way to relax?
Every once in a while I knit, or make jewelry.

Name 5 facts about yourself that we may not already know.
I spent 16 years in the Navy doing Aviation Electronics.
Blue is my favorite color.
I sing in the car...loudly!
I have ADD so bad that I have to write in an empty house and in complete silence.
I’m Dyslexic and sign my books in erasable ink because I skip letters and words when I write.

As a teen l was selected as a member of my high school's newspaper staff, after the first article it was decided by the editor that the darkroom was a more suitable place for my skills…or lack of. Since then, I have traveled everywhere—thanks to my innate curiosity about the world and the Navy. In my life time, I have learned: aviation electronics, CCNA networking, Gemology and how to get bloodstains out of the carpet (you never know when you might need that). But my latest, all-consuming, endeavor is storytelling. When asked why, all I could say is "I live to challenge myself; I like to be pushed outside of my comfort zone and writing is one of those things that push my boundaries. Besides it was the only way to share all of the crap bouncing around in my head!"

I live in Virginia with my husband and children. When I’m not writing, you might find me watching hot guys jog past my front window, ordering the cabana boy to fix me another drink or abusing the local authorities…but that’s just hearsay.

Find me here.

Spell Checked Available Now!

Broken relationships were a constant in Mae’s life, causing her to swear off men forever. Unwittingly lured to Ireland, Mae finds herself knee-deep in a hidden world she never knew existed and head over heels for the very man that tricked her to coming there. His deception is complicated by his own feelings for the one person that holds the key to merging the ancient races that once ruled the ancient word.

Mae finds herself in an underground world of witches, and vampires, which are half-breeds of aliens long gone. She learns about her own unique parentage and powers, which she must study in order to control, before they consume her.

Beck and Helen’s love for one another spans across a millennium, her human soul reincarnated to match Beck’s own immortality. This time however the body she occupies is of a being that cannot be eclipsed by her return. After waiting two hundred years, Beck finds himself tormented by Helen’s inability to return and his growing love for her new host.

Some of the underworld creatures welcome her with open arms as a savior, while others seek to destroy the abomination they believe her to be. Will the knowledge of her existence cause a race war when the true power of her blood is discovered? Or will love become her ultimate downfall?

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