Friday, February 22, 2013

REVIEW: The Foundlings by RM Garcia


Donnie aimlessly drifted through the past year of his life, and often wondered if it was worth the effort to just keep trying. The events of the past year had left him near broken. That all changed the moment Abbie walked into his life. She was like an angel sent to lift up his soul from the darkness it now existed in. For a moment his future seemed brighter with her in his life, and he started to believe he could be happy. They never expected how much their lives would change once they are dragged into another world. A world of shadows which within exists a society hidden in plain sight; a world wroth with danger, where they aren’t welcomed at all. They are forced into this world of Vampires, where they find themselves little more than orphans, nothing more than Foundlings from the start. Donnie and Abbie now find their love and faith tested to their very limits, while someone or something else watches, waits and hopes.

Title:  The Foundlings
Series:  The Foundlings
Book #: 1
Author:  RM Garcia
Approximate Book Length:  396 Pages


This was a different vampire book than I've read in a long time. I'm pretty vampired out, but this was still an enjoyable read. Vampires are returned to their primarily evil type of character, interesting liberties are taken with history and religion, and a very neat world of vampires is created with there being different clans and such.

The book took me a little while to get into, and it's a bit long, but once I got into it, it kept me interested throughout. The character development is good and the story itself is strong portraying core elements of love, revenge, power, sacrifice, and self realization. There are lots of surprises and twists which is always good (no one likes a predictable book), and while there are similarities to some other vampire stories, they're different enough to be kept exciting.

In Conclusion:

The Foundlings is a riveting story full of action, lore, and romance. If you're a fan of vampires and are looking for something fresh in the genre, don't miss out on this one!



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