Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

Hey y'all. I'm very honored that Tara Lain named me a very inspiring blogger! Thank you so much!

I am to name 7 things about myself and then nominate 15 other bloggers.

Here's my 7 facts (warning they might be a little sappy):

1) I frequently fall in love with romance book heroes. I'm an absolute junkie. My biggest crush though has got to be Wrath from Black Dagger Brotherhood, with Z and V coming in at a close second. *swoon* I also adore quite a few contemporary ones too though, especially if I imagine them looking like Chris Hemsworth :D

2) I think I might be better at writing short stories than novels. Though I think being overly critical of myself too early (a first draft is supposed to suck) might be a factor in that...I'm a big chicken at this point, and have terrible self-discipline right now when it comes to making myself sit down and write. I also suffer from too many ideas, and not enough actual writing done ><

3) There are a few authors (maybe a handful) that I've talked with at length, about writing and/or about life and consider them true friends, despite never having met them in person. I also can absolutely not get enough of their work, which has inspired me so much. Miss Tara is one of those people, as are 2 of the people I've nominated at the end of this. Much love!

4) I'm an only child, so really close friends become extended family. For instance, I consider my best friend a sister and her kids my niece and nephew. :-)

5) My aunt went from wild child to parent at the age of 20, then spent 8 years in night school to get her Asso. degree. She went on to get her nursing certification and is now a nurse in a hospital ER. She's my hero and I couldn't be more proud of her. *cue Wind Beneath My Wings* :P

6) The same aunt mentioned above is mom to my cousin, and both having been raised by single moms, we were thrown together a lot. I was a terrible kid to him, and will never truly be able to make up for that, but thankfully he doesn't seem to hold it against me much. This is good because I will forever see him as my kid brother and short of a felony, he can do no wrong in my eyes. <3

7) And finally, I have had many dreams througout my life, but have given up on most of them for one reason or another over the years - stage fright crippled my dreams of singing, lack of patience made it difficult to consider being a teacher, and the list goes on. One that has never disappeared is my desire to be a mother. There was a time I was afraid nature would keep that dream from me, and last year when my 2 year old nephew died I almost passed on the idea of being a mother out of fear. Well, it's finally my turn. I've just entered the second trimester of my pregnancy :D

So now for my nominations... I honestly can not name 15 blogs that inspire me, at least not that haven't already been nominated. So I'll give you those that are near and dear to me and/or have inspired me in some way (give me a break, it's almost half the required number at least!):
1. Jennifer James
2. DaVinci Kittie @ GraveTells
3. Sandra Bunino
4. Taryn @ My Secret Romance Book Reviews
5. Storm Goddess @ Storm Goddess Book Reviews
6. Sexpert Advice
7. Book Twirps



  1. I am so honored and delighted to be on that short list!! And i am soooo happy for you. Enjoy every minute of your pregnancy. : )

    1. Once the morning sickness goes away I'm sure I will :P