Saturday, April 28, 2012

REVIEW: Craved by Stephanie Nelson


Gwen Sparks just wants a peaceful life, but that hope is dashed when she reads about a dead witch. She volunteers to help out in the investigation, using her ability to read the memories of the dead, leading her to team up with her ex. Dealing with a ghost that randomly pulls her into the deathly realm and fighting her desire for a frustrating, but sexy vampire, Gwen is in for a bumpy ride.

Title:  Craved
Series:  Gwen Sparks
Book #: 1
Author:  Stephanie Nelson
Approximate Book Length:  216 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  18+
Sexual Content:  Moderate


The book is written from Gwen’s point of view, so we get to follow along with everything as if we were living it, which is how I like it. We’re set in a supernatural town, Flora, so there are all kinds of magic and powerful creatures for us to get in trouble with. Gwen herself is a witch, so when witches start turning up dead, this is of great concern to her. She also has the rare gift of being able to see the memories of the dead, with the help of her faithful cat. This comes in handy to help out with the investigation, however this also brings her much too close to her ex, being that he’s leading said investigation. In addition to that, the ghost of one of the victims won’t leave her alone, and keeps dragging her into the deathly realm, robbing her of much needed rest, and often leaving her with more questions than answers.

Besides the mystery part of the story, we have the romance aspect. There’s all kinds of spicy tension with her ex, but there’s also the sexy, infuriating, and very cocky vampire, Aiden. He has vowed that it’s only a matter of time before Gwen is his. Naturally this creates disputes between those that would protect her, or seek her for themselves.

The overall plot is very good, with a few twists that you don’t see coming, but there are also the predictable ones. The love triangle thing is handled pretty well with only the occasional urge to slap someone upside the head. I did feel that maybe Gwen gave into Aiden a little easily, but then he’s pretty hot, so I can’t say how long I would’ve held out either *grin*.

My only issue is that while there’s a whole world of creatures to choose from, we still primarily deal only with witches (and warlocks), shape shifters, and vampires. I’m hoping she gets more of the others involved in the next book!

In Conclusion:

Stephanie Nelson weaves a story with a lot of spice, plenty of mystery, and a good dose of paranormal man candy. Don’t miss out on this book!



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