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INTERVIEW: Jennifer James

Jennifer James is a very dear friend of mine, despite having known her for all of 3 months. When I decided to start doing author interviews, who better to start with? I’m also extremely, super, mega excited for her upcoming release, and first published work, Love Kinection! You can see the cover and blurb below, as well as get a peek at the stars *wink*.

She’s a student, a wife, a mom, a writer, and she’s in the midst of editing hell (or so I like to call it), so needless to say – Jenn’s a very busy woman! Given that, I decided to just send her a few questions for her to answer at her leisure. Ha! Yeah, right. Can’t a woman answer a few simple questions in peace? Below, you’ll find her interview ordeal…

“Hey, what’s going on?”

This is Chance, vampire hottie from my Urban Fantasy series. He doesn’t actually show up until book two, but his voice is clear as can be and he loves to use it. Chance takes every opportunity he can to pop in whenever and wherever he feels like it. Especially since I got the notion that it might be fun to write a novel where he was the star of the show instead of a secondary character. Like usual, he looks effortlessly hot and dazzles me with a grin.

JJ: I’m answering some interview questions.
Chance: Oh, cool. Let me know if I can help.

He retreats to the far side of the room and plops down in my reading chair. An apple appears from somewhere and he begins crunching away.

BK: What made you start writing?
JJ: Oh, I think it was probably my Kindergarten teacher’s insistence on it. They don’t let you out of school with—
Chance: Are you really going to say that? Don’t you think it’s a little bitchy?
JJ: No, I was being funny.
Chance: Whatever.
JJ: Would you please let me do this my way? For eye candy, you can be pushy.
Chance: *Glowers* There’s more to me than chiseled abs and amazing sex skills you know.
JJ: I know. I’m sorry. *Trying not to stare at his stomach. He’s not wearing a shirt again, which is typical.*

BK: What does the hubs think of your work?
JJ: Hubs is very supportive, as long as he gets dinner and has clean laundry. He read a male POV erotica piece I recently finished and declared that I nailed the hero’s inner monologue perfectly. So, I guess that means I have a tiny, horny, man living in my head.
Chance: There’s more than one, sweetheart.

When I look over to give him the evil eye, Tom, my hero from Love Kinection (my recent sale to Decadent Publishing) is standing next to him, drinking coffee. He grins at me and winks.

JJ: *Groans.* What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at work?
Tom: Shouldn’t you be at school? *Turns to Chance.* Hey, I’m Tom Walker, nice to meet you.
Chance: Yeah, you too. *Shakes hands with Tom.* He’s right you know. It’s not good to skip class.
JJ: Alright, Dad. I’m trying to get caught up. Quit interrupting me.

Tom and Chance begin a discussion about IT – probably because of Tom’s mug. It’s one of his favorites and reads: “No I will not fix your computer.” I had no idea Chance knew anything about tech but I’m happy to let him and Tom geek it up.

BK: How much do the tiny divas know about what you do?

Glances over to see what the boys are doing. Perfect. They’re still ignoring me.

JJ: Well, that’s sort of a hard question to answer. Tiny Diva 2 is only 3, so she knows that the amount of time I spend at the computer is annoying. Tiny Diva 1 is 5, and she has enough wherewithal to tell me “No more stories Mom! Come and play with us!” But, when I told her I had made my first sale, she jumped up and down with me in the kitchen until a mug fell out of the cabinet and broke on the floor. They also demand original bedtime stories from me. Not easy to do. I’m great at writing at the keyboard, not great at all at dictating them.

BK: Do you ever worry about who might read your work (such as your mom, or one day your girls)?
JJ: No, not really. As weird as it may sound, I want my kids to have healthy relationships, which means sex. So, when they’re old enough to read my stuff, they’ll be old enough to be in relationships that involve intercourse. My mom, on the other hand, teasingly asked me if I didn’t want her to read my stuff because it was “smut”.

“Your mom thinks you write smut? What, does she live in a no sex zone?”

Oh, and here we have Miranda. Heroine of the UF vampire stuff. She’s direct, focused, and funny as hell.

JJ: I don’t really want to know. She told me once that oral sex was dirty. So, I think she lives in missionary land.
Miranda: Ugh. Really? That sucks.
Chance: Or not.
JJ: *Laughing.* Exactly.
Tom: Wow. That blows for your dad.
Miranda: No, I don’t think it does.
Tom: You may be right. *Smiles at her and drinks some coffee.*
Chance: I could have Gregory take me over to her place and help change her attitude.
JJ: O.M.G. Chance, you did not just say that.
Miranda: I think he did.
Chance: A few well placed lic—
JJ: Shut. Up. I just threw up in my mouth.

BK: Do you ever worry that people will think the steamy scenes come directly from your own experiences?

Miranda is reading over my shoulder and relays the questions to the boys who give me lecherous grins.

Miranda: Ooohhh I want to answer this one.
JJ: Of course you do. Where are the boys today? *Hoping to distract her.*
Miranda: Oh, Daniel and Gregory are out doing some recon and then shopping.
JJ: Hhhmmmm. Did you remind Daniel to bring you some jellybeans?
Miranda: Shit, no I forgot. Chance, can I borrow your phone?
JJ: *Thanking God they’re distracted.* I don’t worry about that. I write things I think are sexy. They don’t necessarily mean I do them or am going to do them myself. I like to share them with hubs and get him revved up now and then *winks*. It’s good stuff. We’ve been together for 15 years, and keeping things hot keeps our marriage strong.

BK: With Hunger Embraced, Love Kinection, and Marked all written, there are plenty of characters to choose from. Who’s your favorite to play around with? I know we see Chance on your site from time to time *wiggles eyebrows and grins*.

Checks on the others again, especially Chance. Thankfully they’re all still otherwise occupied, Chance doesn’t need the ego stroke that is Buff’s infatuation with him, the flirt that she is. Abby (from Love Kinection) walks in, sees the trio in the corner and blanches when Tom makes eye contact.

JJ: Hey Abby! How are you?
Abby: Uh, fine. *Sneaks a peek at Tom who is openly staring back. Chance grins and nudges Miranda who giggles at them.* Listen, I thought we were going to catch up on Supernatural together. Are you still up for that or are you going to work all day?
JJ: Oh, no we’re totally going to do that, but I do have to work until Tiny Diva 1 comes home from school. But, you could hang with Tom and Chance and Miri for a while. If you want.
Abby: Yeah. I’m not sure that’s such a good idea.
Tom: I think it’s a great idea.
Abby: *To Tom* I have stuff to do. Before later. Stuff I have to finish early. *To me* Call me when you’re done working, okay?
JJ: Yeah, sure.

Abby walks out, ponytail swinging. Tom looks a little crestfallen and then gets a determined glint in his eye. I snicker and Chance and Miri exchange glances.

JJ: Don’t worry Tom. You’ll get her pinned down for a date.
Chance: I’d like to pin her down for something.
Tom: Watch it dude.
Chance: *Holds up hands in surrender.* Sorry.
JJ: So I have to answer this question about who my favorite character is.

They all stare at me, uncomfortable. I stare back.

JJ: That’s sorta like being asked to pick your favorite kid. Can’t do it. Jack and Kayla from Marked are an awesome couple. The crew from the Hunger series, also awesome. Aside from Miranda and Chance, there’s also Anna (Miri’s best friend), Daniel (her hero), Gregory (Scottish hottie and Daniel’s best friend), and Lane (neighborhood witch and sometimes pain in the ass). In Love Kinection, Abby and Tom are two geeks (different flavors of geek, but geek just the same) I adored writing about. There are other characters too, I could go on all day. But I love them all.
Miranda: I think that’s a fair way to say it.
JJ: So glad you approve.

Jennifer James is a very busy writer, goof ball geek girl, and shepherdess of two tiny divas. She loves to read PNR/UF, high fantasy, horror, graphic novels, and the occasional bodice ripper. She also loves bad Sci-Fi movies and the Chiller channel. Because she is one of those scatter brained artistic types, you can often find her staring into the distance daydreaming up scenarios for her own stories. Find her here.

Love Kinection coming Summer 2012

Valentine’s Day isn't Abby's favorite holiday. In fact, she'd like to see it removed from the calendar completely. Right after she shoves a broken arrow up Cupid’s ass.

She still hasn’t quite gotten over the pain of a year old betrayal and plans to drown her sorrows with a ménage of men named Ben, Jerry, and Riesling.

Her plans change when she drops her new iPhone and accepts an offer from office hottie and tech god Tom to fix it for her. Abby blames her temporary insanity on runaway hormones – any girl would be susceptible to the force of Tom’s flirty banter, grey eyes, biceps that stretch his shirt seams . . . and come on – she can’t go all weekend without her phone, can she?

Watching movies, playing video games, punching a very worthy ex right in the mouth…. It all adds up to Abby realizing she’s got a new chance at love with Tom, a man with all the right moves to make her sweat.


  1. Thanks for having us on your site today Buffy! :)

  2. Hehe. My characters are just as intrusive. Great interview!


    1. Thanks Jessica. :) That's only a few of them, too. I can only imagine the stuff that will go on in my head as I write and publish more. LOL

  3. Love it!! Classic Jenn. Great job guys!

    1. All Jenn & Co. I just threw out a few innocent questions, and boom! :P

    2. Yep, that's what you get for trying to be all innocent. It's chum in the water...

    3. That's the best part, lure worked :D

  4. Hey Jen! Great interview! Your characters are hysterical - I wonder where they get it? Love your little Divas, I bet they inherited their mother's wicked and wild personality. ;-)

    1. Hehe, I bet they did, so best of luck to Mom and Dad! :P

    2. Who you calling wicked and wild? Ms. I-Know-every-martini-recipe-evar! :)

  5. Great interview, you had me laughing out loud. I'd love to borrow Chance for a while, lol.

    1. Oh, I'm sure he wouldn't mind being borrowed. He's a cheeky flirt to say the least.

  6. Now that was a totally amazing interview. I really enjoyed it!! And your books sound amazing!!!

    1. Awwww, wow. Thanks Nikki! I'm going to be touring and doing giveaways when it releases, so if you stop around my website and see what's going on you might just be able to score a free copy. :D

  7. I'm late to the party but this was amazing! Jen, I absolutely can't wait to read Love Kinetion. It's going to be fabulous!