Saturday, April 21, 2012

REVIEW: An Alpha's Path by Carrie Ann Ryan


Melanie is a chemist who has spent most of her adult life behind a lab bench. Her best friend decides she needs to loosen up and live a little before starting her dream job, setting her up on a blind date. Kade’s a sexy werewolf who just needs a night off from his responsibilities and agrees to this blind date, only to find himself sitting across from his mate. Will Mel change her life and leave everything she’s ever known for him?

Title:  An Alpha's Path
Series:  Redwood Pack
Book #: 1
Author:  Carrie Ann Ryan
Approximate Book Length:  81 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  18+
Sexual Content:  Explicit


This book is a nice little quickie! It starts off with Mel’s BFF telling her how much she needs to get laid and trying to talk her into a blind date. Then we move right onto said date. It’s sweet and hot, providing a very satisfying experience for them both, until morning comes. I can’t decide what really fuels the spark in the conflict more, him not telling her he was a werewolf, or the moment he does tell her. One hurts her, and the other scares her, but the result is the same either way…she runs.

Then they’re faced with another problem – that is, another werewolf – claiming Melanie for himself, and from Kade’s own pack even! The ensuing showdown still does nothing to help Mel sort anything out, and everyone winds up miserable. It gets better though when others conspire to give them a good kick in the ass to reconcile the situation.

The character building was lacking a bit, and it started off pretty slow, but it was only slow to start because we’re given a fair helping of sex first, so I suppose I will let that one slide *devilish grin*. The fight over potential mates seemed a little silly and barbaric though, but then I’m not a werewolf with age-old traditions and more baser, primal instincts to contend with.

In the end, while I enjoyed the book, I think it would have been worth adding a little more length to the book to include more character development and world building.

In Conclusion:

A little on the short side, An Alpha’s Path is still a sweet story about acceptance, respect, and responsibility, and is worth checking out!




  1. This is the book that hooked me on shifters :) Love Carrie's work! I'm a new follower...headed here from the Street Pack :)

    1. Glad you came by! I only recently came to know of this series, so I'm really glad to have a chance to read through it!