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Thanks to Authors Taproom for hosting this blog tour. I have Dianne Duvall, author of Night Unbound here today with a fun character interview. Happy reading!


Character Interview: Lisette

Thank you for joining me! And thank you, Buffy, for letting me visit again! I’m thrilled to be here today, celebrating the release of NIGHT UNBOUND, the fifth book in my Immortal Guardians series. For those who haven’t yet picked up a copy and who aren’t familiar with my series, I thought I would give you a glimpse of my Immortal Guardians crew through a character interview. (There are other character interviews sprinkled throughout my blog tour, if you’d like more glimpses.)

Today Sheldon, one of the mortals in my series (and a favorite of myself and many readers, thanks to the comic relief he provides) will be interviewing Lisette d’Alençon, the heroine of NIGHT UNBOUND.

Sheldon: So . . . you and Zach, huh?

Lisette: Me and Zach.

Sheldon: You are freaking ballsy, lady.

Lisette: *laughs* If you say so.

Sheldon: I’m serious. Seth is the oldest and most powerful immortal on the planet. He’s the leader of the Immortal Guardians. He LOATHES Zach. And you decided to date the guy?

Lisette: If, by date, you mean risk everything to be with him, then yes.

Sheldon: Why?

Lisette: Because from the moment I first saw him, I was drawn to him . . . more so than I have been to any other. Because Zach woke me up and made me feel more alive than I had in two centuries. I needed to know where that could take me.

Sheldon: *slow nod* I can understand that.

Lisette: Because there is someone YOU would be willing to risk everything for?

Sheldon: *flushes bright red* Maybe. DON’T-READ-MY-THOUGHTS!

Lisette: As you wish.

Sheldon: Thank you. Now . . . I heard there was . . . an incident.

Lisette: *arches a brow* Which one?

Sheldon: *laughs* Not the explosive one that ended with David’s house needing a little redecorating. The other one.

Lisette: I’m afraid you’re going to have to be a little more specific than that.

Sheldon: Really? There were others?

Lisette: Surely that doesn’t surprise you. Zach isn’t exactly beloved by my fellow Immortal Guardians.

Sheldon: That’s just because he’s the first immortal—at least as far as anyone knows—whom Seth wanted to kill.

Lisette: *mutters* He won’t be the last.

Sheldon: I’m sure he wo—wait. What?

Lisette: Never mind. To what incident are you referring?

Sheldon: The lollipop stick incident. A certain someone who shall remain nameless—

Lisette: Tracy?

Sheldon: Yes, damn it! Are you reading my mind?

Lisette: Yes. This time.

Sheldon: Well, stop! There are freaky things up there that I don’t want you to see.

Lisette: You’re telling me.

Sheldon: *flushes again* Why did Zach go ballistic when Tracy threw away a couple of discarded lollipop sticks?

Lisette: They weren’t discarded. Zach was saving them. Or rather he IS saving them. We found them in the trash bin.

Sheldon: *blinks* For what? What’s he going to do with them?

Lisette: Nothing. He’s saving them because they have meaning for him.

Sheldon: Lollipop sticks?

Listette: *nods* The first time Zach was tortured for aiding the Immortal Guardians, Ami sensed his pain, sought him out, and offered him solace . . . along with two lollipops. Those lollipops were the first gifts Zach had ever received.

Sheldon: *stares* Seriously? He’s lived, like, thousands of years.

Lisette: Which is why the sticks are important to him. Tracy saw them on the mantel and threw them away. Zach was furious.

Sheldon: And Tracy spent the next several nights sleeping at David’s place. Zach is freaking scary. Almost as scary as Seth. Which brings me to my next question: How terrifying was Seth when he found out you were seeing Zach? Seth DID, after all, declare Zach a traitor and tell you to stay the hell away from him

Lisette: Terrifying doesn’t even begin to cover it. Next question, please.

Sheldon: You don’t want to talk about it?

Lisette: I would prefer not to.

Sheldon: Okay. Moving on. I always kinda thought you’d end up with someone else.

Lisette: *squints eyes, then widens eyes* You knew?

Sheldon: Are you reading my thoughts again?

Lisette: Yes. How did you know about—?

Sheldon: I’m more observant than you guys give me credit for. And stop reading my mind. Freaky things, remember?

Lisette: Did you tell anyone?

Sheldon: No.

Lisette: Good.

Sheldon: But I’m pretty sure everyone knows. Or rather knew.

Lisette: EVERYONE?

Sheldon: Well, everyone except for Richart and Étienne. I think everyone kept it from them because they’re your brothers and would’ve wanted to kick his ass.

Lisette: Great.

Sheldon: Does Zach know?

Lisette: *growls* Yes.

Sheldon: And Zach didn’t try to kill him?

Lisette: No! Well, yes, a little. But that was before he . . . *clamps lips together* Next question.

Sheldon: I’m starting to see why you said there have been incidents plural. Now— *jumps and cries out when Zach abruptly appears: 6’10” of muscle clad only in leather pants and boots, his dark wings spread so that the feathers brush the walls on either side of the room.*

Lisette: *smiles* Zach, what are you doing here?

Zach: *scowls* I sensed you were upset.

Sheldon: Dude! Seriously! You gotta give a guy some warning before you do that! You scared the crap out of me!

Zach: *narrows his eyes* I’ll do more than that to you. What did you say to upset Lisette?

Sheldon: *rises and backs away nervously* Nothing. Really. We were just shooting the breeze and she . . . uh . . . read my thoughts and . . . saw a weird . . . sex thing in my memories that involved a, uh . . . bullfighter’s uniform. Hey, is that my phone? I think that’s my phone. *pats his pockets and retrieves his phone* Hello? Uh-huh. Yyyyeah. I’ll, uh, I’ll be right there. *lowers phone* That was Richart.

Zach: *withering look* Your phone didn’t ring. You weren’t talking to anyone. We have heightened hearing, remember?

Sheldon: *swears softly* It was . . . on vibrate and the other guy was whispering. Anyway, thanks for the interview, Lisette. Gotta go! *hurries away*

Zach: *cocks a brow at Lisette*

Lisette: *shrugs* It wasn’t ALL a lie. There actually WAS a weird sex thing involving a bull fighter’s uniform in his memories.


About the Author
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Dianne Duvall earned a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of St. Thomas, where she studied fiction writing, playwriting, and poetry writing. Darkness Dawns, the first book in her Immortal Guardians paranormal romance series, was nominated for the RT Reviewers' Choice Award for Best Vampire Romance by RT Book Reviews and for Best Paranormal Romance - Vampire by The Romance Reviews. It was also deemed a Top Pick by The Romance Reviews and a Best Book by Long and Short Reviews. Night Reigns, the second book in the series, was nominated for Best Best Book of 2011 - Paranormal Romance by The Romance Reviews and declared an “utterly addictive” Top Pick by RT Book Reviews. Phantom Shadows, the third book in the series, has been declared a Top Pick by both The Romance Reviews and Night Owl Reviews. Her Immortal Guardians novella In Still Darkness was released in the Predatory anthology on May 7, 2013, and has received many fabulous reviews. Darkness Rises, the fourth book in the series, hit the USA Today Bestseller list, has been nominated for the RT Reviewers' Choice Award for Best Vampire Romance by RT Book Reviews and was deemed a Night Owl Reviews Top Pick.

Dianne has also completed two not-yet-published paranormal romance novels that are prequels to Darkness Dawns. A Sorceress of His Own is a medieval romance with paranormal elements that won awards in the Lone Star, Where the Magic Begins, Southern Heat, Picture This, Book of Your Heart and Suzannah national writing competitions. Rendezvous With Yesterday is a time travel romance and won second place in the Picture This writing contest.

In addition to writing romance, Dianne has completed a one-act play (comedy) and teamed up with an award-wining screenwriter to write a spec script for a new situation comedy. Several of her poems have also been published in anthologies.

When she isn’t writing, Dianne is very active in the independent film industry and once even appeared on screen as a machete-weilding maniac not unlike the vampires she so loves to create in her novels.

Find the author:

Night Unbound

Dianne Duvall's Immortal Guardians protect humanity from unspeakable horrors--but their hearts are as fragile as any mortal's. . .

For centuries, Lisette d'Alençon has been a warrior against the dark. She fights alongside her brothers and comrades. But when the dreams start coming, she can't bear to confess them to the Immortal Guardians' command. Dreams of a dark-haired man with soft eyes and brutal wounds, a man her heart aches for--and a man she knows has been declared a traitor.

Zach is an exile, a loner. He won't defend himself against false accusations or grovel to those who should have faith in him. But he'll damn sure defend the woman who kept him sane against a plague of super-vamps that seems to have appeared from nowhere. The Guardians will blame him, and that will make Lisette suspect, too. With life, death and eternity on the line, who can they really trust?

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  1. We need way more character interviews. I always end up laughing. Sheldon is just adorable.

    1. :-D So glad you like them, Emalie. These character interviews are what made Sheldon swiftly become one of my favorite human characters in the series.

  2. Thank you for the character interview, i missed these interviews.
    I finished reading NIGHT UNBOUND an hour ago - it was so good! Again, 5 stars! Congrats.

    1. Thank you, Sonia! I'm so happy you liked it. I was hoping you would. :-)

  3. Thank you for hosting Dianne and the gang today during the NIGHT UNBOUND blog tour!

  4. love the interview! :D Sheldon is such a hoot :) loved the book (Zach may be my fave after Seth now), love the series & can't wait for the next one :)

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it!! I'm thinking of giving Sheldon his own story someday. :-)

  5. Thank you, Buffy, for letting me visit again!! :-)


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