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BLOG TOUR: Baptism of Fire by Stephanie Constante

Thanks to Juniper Grove Book Solutions for hosting this blog tour. Today I'm spotlighting Baptism of Fire by Stephanie Constante. The author has provided a letter between characters from the book for us. Happy reading!



I do not know where you have been. This is my third visit to your miserable little cave, and I have yet to find you. I do not blame you being away all the time; I would hate to spend my days here as well. It is just as dreary as Incendio. I write to you in hopes that I can change your mind about what you are about to do. My father and sister are the last dragons you should be heeding advice from. As despondent as you were, I could never dream that you would be as vile as they. I’d rather not see you go down this path. It really does pain me to see you ignore my counsel; then again, you have never listened to me, so why would you begin now?

I really wish you would think it through before you abduct that slayer’s offspring. You will be destroying the life of an innocent being. It will not be some inconsequential farmer shooting arrows. It will be a child; helpless, untouched by the cruelty of men. I try not to care, I really do. I would much rather not worry about such things, but you and I both know this is not right. If you wanted to kill the dragon slayer, by all means, have at it! The child, on the other hand, is going a bit far.

The last time we spoke, you asked that I mind my own business. You said it was none of my concern. You are right; I should mind my own business, which is why I have not bothered to track you down and urge you to change your mind. To be frank, you are behaving like a right bastard! I know my father is the one that put these horrid ideas in your head, and I am positively sure that my sister just cheered him on. It sears me to my marrow that you would take their words to heart before my own. I, who you once considered like a brother, am now like an enemy simply because I tried to veer you towards a different option. If I am to be your foe, then so be it, but mark my words: this path you are going down does not lead anywhere beneficial. I hate to say that you are becoming just like my father. I always thought you pandered to him because of his position; I never really believed you shared his way of thinking until now. Do what you must, but if you go through with this, I suppose our line in the sand will be drawn.



About the Author
Stephanie Constante was born and raised in Miami where she currently works as a mental health counselor. While growing up, she loved to write poetry and fiction, hoping to one day become an author. It was only recently that she began to see an opportunity to live her dream through self publishing. In her spare time she loves to read, write, spend time with loved ones, travel, and watch her favorite UK television shows.

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Baptism of Fire Available Now!

Being the daughter of a dragon slayer was never easy, especially when Leito discovers a dragon child injured in her father’s fields. Knowing the fate that will befall this child, she helps the boy escape before the hunt is upon him.

Leito realizes years later that no good deed goes unpunished and after the village offers her up as a sacrifice for her father’s actions against dragons, Leito must utilize all her knowledge and strength to outwit the dragon who aims to kill her.

In this mythical tale, Leito is challenged mind, body, and soul as she learns more about the dragon world and the one creature who makes her question her fears and her heart.

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