Saturday, January 11, 2014

REVIEW: Conceived by June Spears

***This book was originally reviewed for Storm Goddess Book Reviews.***


Sophie is just your average teenage girl who's world gets turned upside down by the handsome stranger in her dreams. Or so it seems... She no longer knows where her dreams end and reality begins.


The blurb for this book had me really intrigued, but after reading, I’m a little confused and disturbed. First of all, the thirty pages this book is estimated at included a several page peek at book 2, so this one is actually more like eighteen to twenty pages long. It’s really short and is mostly all about Sophie trying to decipher what’s real and what’s not with her mystery dream stranger.

I believe it’s because of the length that I’m left so confused. Separating reality from dreams wasn’t that difficult, but we’re given zero information about the mystery guy and why he does what he does. Seducing a seventeen year old out of her virginity purely for the purpose of leaving her pregnant is what has me a little disturbed.

I didn’t really feel any connection to Sophie, because there simply wasn’t much time to get attached. Jumping into a new point of view in the chapter from book 2 doesn’t help that at all. Plus, that chapter leaves you more confused because you can’t tell what the setting is and the backstory you’re expecting doesn’t appear to be present.

Ultimately I just feel like this story lacks cohesion and overall progression. It just seems to me like tid bits published from within a larger book.

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