Friday, January 31, 2014

REVIEW: Handcuffs & Haints by Thalia Frost

***This book was originally reviewed for Storm Goddess Book Reviews.***


When author Zoe Scott arrives in Applehill, Georgia, she relishes the seclusion of the old farmhouse she has rented, but the first night of peace is shattered by strange noises in the night. Zoe begins to wonder if she should believe in ghosts. Deputy Nick Wheeler answers her frantic, angry call to the police about the noises in the night, and when he comes out to do a report, sparks fly between the hot deputy and the skittish Zoe. After a break in at the farmhouse, the stakes get higher. Nick decides he will do what it takes to protect Zoe from whoever wants to harm her-- ghost or man. And he'll get the handcuffs out if he has to to keep her safe.


This was an enjoyable read with spicy handcuff fun in the bedroom, but the storyline felt a tad shallow and the romance a bit awkward. I’m a fan of the notion of love at first sight, but while Nick seems to fit that bill, Zoe doesn’t, though that may just be because of how much she fights the initial attraction. Who wouldn’t at least entertain the idea of a sexy cop in their bed?

What was a pleasant surprise was the paranormal element. There are a few strange occurrences at her rental house, and it makes for an interesting twist. Also, on a somewhat unrelated note, the heart shaped handcuffs graphic used in the story breaks were pretty cool looking, and they kept you in anticipation by reminding you of what you could expect when Zoe finally gets out of her own way as Nick makes sure she can’t slip out of his grasp.

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