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BLOG TOUR: Skin Deep by Sarah Makela

Thanks to Bewitching Book Tours for hosting this blog tour. Please help me welcome Sarah Makela today as she shares her soundtrack for Skin Deep!


Book Soundtrack for Skin Deep

Music tends to play a big role for me when I’m writing. Not only does it sometimes give me ideas, but also sometimes, I’m able to use it to get a better feel for a character or a scene. There were a few important songs for me when I wrote Skin Deep. One of which even helped me with the picking the title!

1. Concrete Angel by Gareth Emery feat. Christina Novelli – I’d even classify this song in particular as the “theme song” for the book. I found it while in the process of writing Skin Deep. To me, it fits what the characters go through during the book, especially regarding Angelique and Connor’s relationship. The song has a line in it that helped me pick my title, “You think you know me, but what you know is just skin deep.” Even though I’d heard the song like thirty or more times, I thought to myself, “Ah ha! That’s the title.”

2. The Emergency by BT – This song reminds me of Connor and his desire to have Angelique in his life. He wants her badly even though he’s not exactly sure why she’s run away from him. I like the line, “The future’s right in front of me, and I won’t finish last.” It’s exactly what I’d imagine Connor thinking.

3. Made of Sun by Kyau vs. Albert – This one was my go-to song during the sexual tension and love scenes. Favorite line, “Try to achieve in your smile. You were able to conquer my eyes.”

4. Beautiful by Ferry Corsten – With this song, it reflects when they’ve drawn closer to one another again. I think this line is perfect for them: “Baby I will follow you forever, ever. Nowhere else I’d rather be when you’re lying next to me.”

5. Stupid by Sarah McLachlan – This song loosely fits Angelique in the time before the story as well as early into it. She loves and wants Connor, but she doesn’t think things could work between them due to her magical panther tattoo and the fact she knows there’s a chance bad people could come after her because of her gift. She’s trying to protect them both. Although, she doesn’t know Connor is more than capable of protecting himself. “How stupid could I be? A simpleton could see that you’re no good for me, but you’re the only one I see.”

That sums up the soundtrack! If you guys check out the songs, I’d love to hear what you think. :-)


About the Author
Sarah Mäkelä lives in North Carolina with her husband and cats. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, computer and console games, and traveling all over the world. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, as well as the Heart of Carolina Romance Writers and the Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal chapters.

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Skin Deep Available Now!

Angelique had no idea her black panther tattoo would force her to abandon the love of her life—Connor O’Reilly—but she’s determined to keep him safe no matter how much it hurts. Her tattoo doubles as her feline familiar: loving, protective, dangerous, and with a life of its own. It’s also her deepest secret and draws enemies who desire its power for themselves.

Connor has no idea why Angelique left him, but he’s determined to win her back. As a werewolf, he has secrets of his own. Now his alpha is ready to force him to pair with an ex-girlfriend he can’t stand unless he can find Angelique and claim her as his mate. But even as their secrets threaten to keep them apart, hidden enemies seek to destroy their chance at love forever.

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