Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekly Flash Fiction Ideas - GIMME!

Alright!  Start throwing me out some ideas, and I'll pick a couple on Friday to start working on a little Flash Fiction piece to post for you on Sunday!  Ideas can include a genre (paranormal romance, contemporary romance, YA, horror, etc), theme (cowboys, angels, vampires, magic, boardroom, high school, etc), and random objects (duct tape, rusty spoon, a football, etc).  Then let's see if I can come up with something fun with what y'all suggest :P

Let 'em rip!


  1. paranormal romance, angels, dark chocolate

  2. running through the sprinklers, popcicles and were-lions

  3. In the spirit of the Olympics...

    fencing, foil, jepordy, pool, rope

    Okay, so that's random, and not all Olympic themed. Oh well :P.

  4. Thanks guys! I'll see if I can incorporate everything here...(thanks Kari ><) :P