Wednesday, July 4, 2012

REVIEW: Sleepers by Megg Jensen


Lianne was fairly content in her adopted life in a foreign land, until her sixteenth birthday when a spell awakened her, bringing a fiery rage to her that she couldn’t quell. Not even her careful meditation training helps, until one of her only kinsmen comes to her aid. She’s torn between her friend and her crush, but in the end, she’ll need to make the tough choice as the kingdom rips itself apart, threatening to take her down with it!

Title:  Sleepers
Series:  Swarm Trilogy
Book #: 1
Author:  Megg Jensen
Approximate Book Length:  154 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  16+
Sexual Content:  Mild


So you open the book, and what’s on page 1? An execution! What a way to grab attention. The book is well paced, so your attention is always kept front and center. The fantasy world is neat with a mystery surrounding the peoples and their histories that is kept alive until the final pages.

In addition to the mystery, we’re also provided with an age old favorite – the love triangle. Lianne is torn between the boy she’s always been best friends with, Bryden, and the boy she’s always had a crush on that’s finally taken notice of her, Kellan. This has no bearing on the story, but I was personally team Bryden from the get-go, just sayin’. She struggles with this throughout the major conflict, and it gets her into further trouble.

Now, lately I’ve been getting pretty tired of love triangles, but this one is actually done in such a way that I only wanted to smack Lianne a couple times, so that’s a plus! However, there were other times that I felt she was seriously niave, but then had to remind myself that at the age of 16, answers can be staring you in the face and you would still not see them…because teenagers are young, blind, and stupid. Just because the world is such that 16 is older than it would be in our world, doesn’t mean that doesn’t apply. Alas, regardless of age, I still felt invested in the outcomes for all the characters!

In Conclusion:

In the end, the book was very enjoyable, keeping you wondering if and when it’s all going to turn out ok right to the last word. The characters are compelling, the conflict soo strong that you don’t always know what side to be on, and just plainly, Sleepers is a thrill ride that will keep you glued to the page until there’s nothing left! Definitely worth reading for any YA fantasy romance fan!



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