REVIEW: Pick Your Pleasure by Jayne Rylon

***This book was originally reviewed for GraveTells.***


Linley is the CEO of her own company and she’s tired of boring dates with men only interested in her money. She decides to shake things up by visiting a sex club, but quickly realizes she’s out of her league. She’s presented with two potential guides for the evening and they both turn her on within minutes of meeting them. YOU get to choose which of them leads her through the night.


I never really read those “Choose Your Own Adventure” type stories as a kid – I thought them a little weird. Upon discovering that an author I enjoyed reading had written a romance book in such a fashion was surprisingly intriguing. Having read it, it’s actually really cool.

Both men are delicious and the club they’re in has a world of opportunities. There’s generally only one love scene on whatever path you choose and it makes for a pretty short read, but there’s plenty of tension, teasing, and it’s all hot. Whatever mood you’re in, there’s a choice for that, and the best part is that no matter what, you’re guaranteed a happy ending.

Not your average romance book or club experience, Pick Your Pleasure is sure to be a sexy and fun read, and pretty different than anything you’ve probably read before. I recommend any contemporary romance fan give it a shot!