Saturday, August 16, 2014

REVIEW: A Lady of the Realm by Sharon E Mamolo

***This book was originally reviewed for GraveTells.***


Having been secluded and ignorant all her life, Bethany Boudreaux is ready to stop being a peasant and claim what’s rightfully hers. In order to that, she’ll need a great deal of assistance. Because he’s rich and powerful, Lord Aleksander is the perfect solution, but his help comes with conditions.


We jump in to the story just as Beth is waiting to catch Lord Alek and ask for his help, and the plot just takes off right away. Beth struggles to learn about the world she’s getting herself into with the help of Alek (Sasha), Malachi, and her tutor, Sigmund, who also acts as her guard for a time. She battles her emotions as she tries to decipher where she stands with Sasha and Malachi – a status that seems to change from day to day.

Time flies, sometimes becoming disorienting, and there are actually a couple surprising plot twists, as well as some predictable ones. Throughout the story there are a lot of pressing questions that come up regarding what her boys are up to that don’t really get answered, and I found myself getting just as frustrated by that as our heroine; a testament to the author for getting the reader to relate to the protagonist. Towards the end, some of those questions are answered, though maybe a little vaguely, while others are still left hanging. Overall though, the resolution is satisfying enough and leaves me remotely interested in the next book.

As for the sexual content, which come on, is half the fun of reading a romance novel, well most of it is glossed over. There’s sexual tension, there’s a little foreplay here and there, once or twice a little detail (mostly when there’s an interruption hehe), but most of the nitty gritty is simply implied and skipped. This is not unreasonable, but with the way sex is viewed in the book, I would’ve expected more.

This is a story full of powerful paranormal creatures, and packed with political intrigue, but ultimately leaves you frustrated with more questions than answers.

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