Saturday, March 15, 2014

REVIEW: Susie White and the Right Hand Man by Lucy Felthouse

***This book was originally reviewed for My Secret Romance.***


A wedding, an evil plan, a love story and a sacrifice are the order of the day in this modern retelling of Snow White and the Huntsman. Susie White and her stepmother-to-be have never seen eye to eye, despite all of Susie's best efforts to be friendly. Eager not to spoil her father's happiness, Susie still agrees to be bridesmaid at their wedding. When the big day comes, Susie meets Louise's right hand man, Scott. Susie had never believed in love at first sight until that moment. The pair hit it off, sharing a mutual dislike of Louise and her wicked ways. Their camaraderie quickly develops into something more, and they date in secret until it's time for Susie to leave for University – and freedom. Unfortunately, Scott has an earth-shattering revelation, which means the two of them of them must work together to unravel Louise's evil plan, before it's too late.


This is a really short story, so there isn’t too much I can say without giving the entire thing away. While we’re provided with the backstory to Susie’s life as Louise enters it, I didn’t feel much of a connection with her. Then we meet Scott and I really liked him. He’s got a smartass personality, a good heart, and he’s very sexy. However, we see almost nothing of their courtship.

When the conflict reaches its climax, the solution feels unrealistic. The story ends up involving magic, and it just never quite feels very believable. So while I thought it was kind of a cute modern version of Snow White, I just didn’t quite feel it, and I think a large part of the problem is that it was just way too short.

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