Saturday, February 22, 2014

REVIEW: Working Out the Kinks by Angela R Sargenti

***This book was originally reviewed for My Secret Romance.***


This trio of threesome stories is sure to arouse, with something for everyone. The stories include: XOXO: In her diary, a young woman writes about her first threesome with her straight vanilla boyfriend and her more experienced lover, Aja. Autobahn: Dylan goes looking for a wife and finds something else instead: a very kinky couple who want to take him into their hearts. Working Out the Kinks: Tied down in the basement with her panties stuffed in her mouth is not how Dana foresaw the end of her affair, but now she must pay the price and suffer the punishment her two enraged lovers have cooked up for her.


I was expecting some kinky play, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that while yes, there’s some kink in there, all three stories also had another element in common – a threesome relationship to some degree. I love ménage stories, so I was thrilled at that discovery. Read on for a bit about each tale.

XOXO is basically a diary entry from a girl detailing her first get together with her both of her boyfriends at the same time. I found her love life interesting to have two guys and neither of them having a real problem with that. It got even better as she brought them both together. One is her somewhat kinky partner, enjoying a commanding attitude, while the other is pretty vanilla and unsure at first as to how to handle the experience. He caught on pretty quick though, and the ending hints at more rendezvous and getting the boys in on some action with each other, leaving the reader wanting more.

AUTOBAHN is a story about a girl with a very kinky side and her boyfriend who’s still getting used to it. He says some mean things, and she makes him pay for them in the best way a girl can. I have to say it’s a little fun to see a guy mildly interested, but mostly afraid of a strap-on hehe. Overall it felt a little incomplete, like the story was just a scene taken out of the context of a longer story. I would’ve liked a little more background as I was confused about Jared’s role when he was introduced.

WORKING OUT THE KINKS is the book’s namesake, so it should be the big show. I guess it kind of was, as it certainly had the more hardcore experience in it, but it also felt a little awkward in places. It’s got some strong bondage and BDSM play, which I don’t mind so much, it’s the angle of her cheating so she’ll be punished part that I wasn’t as comfortable with. I suppose the boys reacted accordingly though, so I digress. It was certainly a more emotional story than I was expecting. Plus, I thought the guys were pretty inventive, especially with the use of a Hot Wheels track...

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