Wednesday, February 12, 2014

REVIEW: Time or Money by Carly Fall


Mason Jackson knows his marriage to Bridget is in trouble. He’s been putting in exhausting hours for months to try to make partner in his accounting firm. He knows that it is putting a strain on his marriage, but he has trouble escaping the memory of the poverty of his childhood. He never wants his wife, or the children they yearn for, to know the struggle that he endured when he can provide a better life for them. But things are reaching breaking point; he and Bridget are more like roommates than a married couple. He needs to think of a way to get their marriage back on track and what better way than to make Valentine's Day, Bridget's favorite holiday of the year, a new start for their marriage? Mason puts in place plans for an elaborate evening designed to surprise Bridget.

Bridget is miserable in her marriage, and often longs for the days when they were dirt poor. They may have struggled financially, but at least she had her husband around. Mason is always working, and Bridget feels that he has chosen his work over her. She’s tried to talk to him about the way she feels, but he doesn’t seem to hear her. He just keeps telling her that once he makes partner then everything will be all right. But Bridget is sick of Mason forgetting the things that are important to her … like their anniversary a few months ago. She is at the end of her tether and decides that if he forgets Valentine’s Day, her favorite day of the year, then divorce just might be on the cards.

At the end of the day, this couple has only one decision to make: Time or Money?

Title:  Time or Money
Series:  N/A
Book #: N/A
Author:  Carly Fall
Approximate Book Length:  55 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  18+
Sexual Content:  Moderate


This was a refreshing read. Most romance novels revolve around falling in love, but this was about a couple that fell in love, got married, and then got lost somewhere along the way in their marriage. Being in my seventh year of marriage, I found it highly relatable. The emotional turmoil that comes with that feeling like your marriage might be over for one reason or another is portrayed very well – so much so it nearly brought me to tears.

However, while that’s most of the book, the last quarter fell short for me. I lost the connection due to a few elements. While the first love scene was fine in terms of placement – lord knows it was certainly sexy – the rest of the story after that started feeling a little rushed and filled with holes. He went from angry and resentful to being fine after suddenly thinking of the perfect solution (why didn’t that come up before?) that magically solved everything making them both feel completely better immediately. I can tell you, problems of that degree are not solved in a single night and nobody feels wholly better for a while. Plus, marriage is compromise, and I feel like she forced all the changes to be made by her husband.

So while I thought it was authentic in the beginning, it kind of broke down and felt too easy by the ending. That being said, I still enjoyed reading this book.

Bottom Line:

Time or Money is a story that takes you on an emotional ride through a marriage on the verge of ending. It’s a good example of how key communication is in a relationship and what is truly important. Check it out!



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