Saturday, December 21, 2013

REVIEW: Wicked Watchers - Looking at the Lads by Various Authors

***This book was originally reviewed for My Secret Romance.***


Seven stories from seven different authors about men who’ve caught a show in various situations that led them to something better in their lives.


Other than some voyeurism and a little exhibitionism, there’s a little kink here and there. On occasion there’s some side action or the watcher is even invited to join. It’s a well-written and very fun, enjoyable collection of stories of delicious man lovin’. Here’s a little peek into each within this book.

My Lucky Night by AJ Jarrett – Cole’s friend dragged him to a sex club for the first time, but he finds so much more than he expected to on that lucky night. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this sweet and sensual tale. I really liked this one and only wanted more.

Boy, Can She Dance by Nephylim – A homeless boy, thrown out for being gay, seeks a place to bed down for the winter night and finds a warm spot under the window of a house. He gets a show along with the place to lay his head, ending with the surprise of his life. This one felt like a tease in all the right ways and definitely left me with a smile.

First Time Voyeur by Victoria Blisse – A guy who’s struggled with his sexuality all his life finally comes to terms with it while working at a gay bar. Now he aches to explore it, particularly with two hot regulars that he later catches a show of at closing one night. This really was a tease. I enjoyed every bit of it, but was left a little disappointed with the ending despite the promise it held.

Pool Party by Lily Sawyer – A pool boy enjoying the eye candy that are his gay clients has the tables turned on him. He gets an invitation he can’t pass up. This was another teasing story that was very cute. It’ll make you giggle and leave you with a smile.

Passion Bringer by Sara York – This was a bit strange until I caught up with the premise. It’s a dystopian setting where people have taken drugs to suppress emotion for the sake of the population and safety. It’s easier to understand as you read it. It was interesting watching the couple deal with coming off the drugs and discovering real passion for the first time.

Roommates by Julie Lynn Hayes – A very shy gay virgin rooms with three gorgeous friends, and he walks in on a very unexpected show one night. This one left me a little sad actually, because he’s just so shy and makes no other move than watching. I really just wanted so much more for him.

The Watcher by LM Brown – A hotel owner is a complete shut-in thanks to a car accident disfiguring his face. He catches sight of a couple in an elevator and decides to try to set up an encounter for his viewing pleasure, but things do not go according to plan. This story was predictable, but none the less satisfying and definitely left me with a warm heart and a smile.

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