Saturday, January 3, 2015

REVIEW: Shifting Pride by Laura Diamond

***This book was originally reviewed for GraveTells.***


Sixteen year old Nickie refuses to give up on her father, whom is believed to be dead by everyone else. Having gone missing nearly a year ago, some strange things have begun to happen in his absence. Meeting the new hottie in school, Xavian, only adds to her confusion. When Nickie’s world shifts as she grows whiskers and a tail, it’s Xavian that helps her understand her new life. When her father’s rival, Derek, wants her to join him, she finds that Xavian might be her only hope to solving the mystery behind her father’s disappearance and her only hope to surviving the situation.


This was a pretty fun YA read. The mystery throughout the beginning was kind of creepy and unnerving in some ways, and would be tough to take for a sixteen year old still struggling without her father. The mystery felt a little drawn out when parts of it were a little predictable, but it didn’t detract from the story.

It took me a bit to get a read on Xavian, but never really felt he’d be a bad guy, so I occasionally wanted to knock a little sense into Nickie for being so harsh and overreacting with him so much. Then again, it was kind of funny to see her so flustered around him. When some of the little changes start happening, it’s nice to see that it affected her in everyday things and people took notice. I also appreciated that the names were a little different than I’m used to seeing. Sometimes it’s the small things that stand out.

The ending felt like kind of a blur – it happened pretty quickly – and I feel like I now have more questions than I did before, particularly when it comes to how things were handled after the final conflict. There were some dark moments, mainly when Nickie is captured and Derek wants to force her to be his mate…at sixteen. Thankfully there’s nothing graphic. The only remotely graphic scenes are the fight scenes. I love that we see plenty of the characters in cat form, and that’s how most of the fighting occurs.

Overall it was a good, well balanced story. The chemistry between Nickie and Xavian is strong, the mystery is cryptic, and the action is exciting.

Shifting Pride is a compelling read with heartwarming family dynamics. The bond that forms between Xavian and Nickie is unbreakable and adorable. If you’re looking for an interesting YA read about shape shifting felines, I recommend this one!

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