Wednesday, September 4, 2013

REVIEW: Loaded Question by Cassandra Carr

***This book was originally reviewed for The Forbidden Bookshelf.***


Rob adores his girlfriend, Daisy. She’s a Southern belle girly-girl, which is perfect, except for one thing. As much as Daisy likes sex, she draws the line at oral. She’s not good at it, and Rob has resigned himself to doing without. That is, until Daisy offers to get a tutor. Is this a great idea or the worst mistake Rob has ever made?


I am not normally one who particularly enjoys dwelling on the oral part of foreplay, but this was pretty damn hot. Every good couple strives to better themselves to please each other, and when Daisy asks Rob if there’s anything he wants or that she could do better, he answers honestly, fearing it could ruin them. What a pleasant surprise when she decides to do something about it, rather than slap him and run.

The tutor they hire is sexy, hot, and is surprisingly kind, especially for a Dom. This short story takes you on a ride as a couple tries to spice up their sex life and realize how much they love each other. The character development is great for a novella, and the story sexy and compelling, and hell maybe even just a little educational *wicked grin*.

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