Saturday, September 21, 2013

REVIEW: Cupcake Boys by Melanie Thompson

***This book was originally reviewed for The Forbidden Bookshelf.***


Steven Henderson and Leslie Carlyle have been friends since childhood. When they opened Baby Cakes, a cupcake store, they had no competition. When a new cupcake shop opens and starts eating away at their business, it's war.

Loner Duke Waldon owns three cupcake stores and is opening a fourth. He didn't realize his newest store had to compete against the most delicious, tempting cupcakes ever baked! When he discovers his competitors are a tall blond bombshell and a tempting young gay man, he knows he's in trouble. He decides to ferret out their secrets no matter what he has to do.


I hadn’t peeked at the blurb before reading this book, so looking at the cover and title, I was expecting a M/M romance. I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be a ménage story!

The good: Steven and Leslie’s characters were consistent in their behaviors and attitudes, and their bond is strong throughout the story. I LOVE a happy ending, and I got pretty much everything I wanted out of this one, plus I enjoyed the steamy hot uninhibited sex scenes.

The bad: Duke was a complete a**hat through the majority of the book, until the turning point near the end. I felt that Steven and Leslie were too forgiving (at least much more so than I would’ve been), and the turnaround felt way too easy and fast. One big hindrance I found while reading was that now and then, the wrong name would appear. For example, at one point we’re focused on Steven as he’s talking to Leslie and the narration calls him Duke, when Duke isn’t present in the scene anywhere.

To sum it up, the conflict felt a little too drawn out and sometimes painfully awkward only to be resolved seemingly too easily and quickly, but I still enjoyed the book overall.

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