Friday, November 16, 2012

GUEST POST: Emma Meade

Fellow reviewer, writer, and of course Buffy fan (woot!), Emma Meade found me and wanted to share her views on strong female characters. Obviously, I love strong female characters in my reading, in all the versions they appear (willful, kick ass, courageous, enduring, etc) so I jumped at the chance to have her here today. Happy reading!


Strong Female Characters

I adore strong female characters in fiction. I became hooked on Buffy the Vampire Slayer at the age of 14, having randomly stumbled upon the first episode when I was flicking through the TV channels one night. Unlike other blonde, high school girls from horror movies and books at the time, Buffy could handle herself. She was tough, feisty and independent, and a fighter both physically and mentally. This sixteen year old had the weight of the world on her shoulders and managed such a great burden with a maturity beyond her years. She was a superhero, and a girl. No wonder people sat up and took notice.

Most teenage girls do not have Buffy's physical strength. They may not be able to take out a vampire with their bare hands or battle daily on an evil hellmouth, but they have an inner strength. This is what I look for in female characters in the books I read. I like to see girls with spirit, fighting for what they believe in and standing up to those who try to tear them down. Their hellmouth is the school hallway where they may face bullies on a daily basis, a home with an alcoholic parent or an uncertain, murky future.

Erin, in Under the Desert Moon is an independent girl. Her mother is dead and her father is an alcoholic, unable to look after Erin or Nick, her twin brother. She's had no choice but to look after her own wellbeing and ensure she and her brother break free of the suffocating small town of Copperfield, Arizona. She needs a scholarship if she has any hope of going to college. Erin works at the local cinema to bring some money into the house and spends her free time working on her photography, hoping this will secure her entry to an art school in New York after graduation.

She lands a job on the set of Kiss of the Vampire, a small budget, horror production being shot in town and falls for the star, James Linkin, the bad boy who swaggers into Copperfield and enjoys the attention of everyone in town, particularly the women. But Erin doesn't lose her sense of self. She retains her independence and grows in confidence each day, refusing to give up her future and her own hopes and dreams for anyone else. Erin is her own woman and I admire her very much.


About the Author
My name’s Emma Meade. I live in rainy Ireland, and I’m currently swimming the murky depths of self-publishing versus traditional publishing.

I love vampires, slayers, witches, ghosts, aliens & shadow men (or at least the youngest of the Shadow Men), and regular people who live extraordinary lives (think Slayerettes and you’re on the right track).

Growing up, L.J. Smith was one of my favourite authors. To this day I adore her trilogy The Forbidden Game. I have lost count of the number of times I’ve read Stephen King’s epic novel, The Stand. I also love anything written by Irish legend Marian Keyes.

Books, DVDS & TV show boxsets take up lots of space in my home, and I collect all the Point Horror books I can get my hands on. I am not ashamed to admit that Dirty Dancing and Twilight make my top ten movie list but I would like to point out that The Last of the Mohicans, Reality Bites, Dead Poets Society, Stand by Me and The Goonies are in there too.

Writing supernatural short stories, watching marathon re-runs of Buffy and attempting to complete novels are some of my favourite ways of escaping reality.

Find me here.

Under the Desert Moon Available Now!

17 year old Erin Harris spends her time daydreaming, hoping to escape her small town life in Copperfield, Arizona. When a movie crew arrives unexpectedly to shoot a vampire film over the summer, Erin’s small town world changes forever. Erin is positive she has seen the star, James Linkin before in a thirty year old TV show. He hasn’t aged a day. How is this possible? Erin is determined to find out, but how will James handle the scrutiny of an all too intelligent teenage girl?

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