Thursday, November 1, 2012

Changes in the future of Buffy's Ramblings

Ok, so I've gotten way behind in my reading, partly due to my over zealousness in scheduling, and partly due to some depression over the *ugh* that has been this year.  I'm trying to pull out of the darkness, but it's not an easy or slow process.  So with that being said, I will review what I can, when I can.

Starting after the first of the year, I will also be focused more on blog tours with occasional reviews and occasional reviews of my own rather than an actual schedule and sought after authors that I've stalked myself (I think I scare some people...not cool).  I will still host some of my favorites whenever I can (Tara, Dianne, Sandra, Jenn, et al. <3), but mostly others will be through tour host sites that do a lot of the work for me.  Why is this important to me?  Because I dove into blogging so deeply in March that I didn't give myself any time to write, and while that was necessary at the time to help me grieve, that's really worn on me lately.  So I'm going to turn to writing more than blogging whenever I can going forward.

This also includes Flash Fiction.  I won't be doing it weekly, because that got difficult both creatively and motivationally, but on occasion I will jump on Facebook or Twitter and ask for ideas, then draft something up and post it for y'all.

Speaking of's NaNoWriMo!  I'm actually participating, so I apologize if I'm not as reachable and the blog is quieter, but hopefully you'll be rewarded with more material for Six Sentence Sundays in December, and an actual book (after edits and stuff of course)!  So yeah, let's hope I don't go completely bat sh*t crazy over the next month lol!

So there you have it!  That's what you can expect from me in the future here at Buffy's Ramblings.  Does this mean I won't take review requests, guest spot requests, or even want to hear from you?  Not at all, I like to be flexible and keep an open door!  :-)

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