Today my first born child turns 3 years old.  THREE!  How did that happen?  Where does the time go?  She was a very serious baby who was ALL about Mommy.  Then she finally crawled at 10 months old and walked at 16 months.  She didn't speak until she was nearly two and a half.  She's a giant Daddy's girl these days.

She likes to help with her baby brother, she likes to snuggle with Mommy or Daddy at every opportunity, and she loves to play outside, usually with a ball and lately she's taken a strange sudden interest in hockey, then tell us all about her adventures.  She has shot up in the last 6 months and everybody mentions how tall she is now.  She still looks a lot like her dad, but there's definitely a little of me that shines through.

Here are a couple pics of her from the last couple days.  As far as her dress goes, she hates to have the string tied around her, so she wears a dress that's a size (or two) too big and it just floats on her.  It's adorable lol.  She also likes to wear socks on her hands, particularly at night.  Don't ask me why, I have yet to figure that out.

I can't say enough about my girl. She's a challenge sometimes, but she's adorable, smart, energetic, sweet, and quirky. She often likes to play with Vincent, though it's more like in the same vicinity. She likes be a part of everything. I can't wait to see what her bright future holds.

She is a light in my life that keeps me going and my life wouldn't be the same without her.  I love her more than my own life.  Happy birthday to my little girl, my Tara-Bear <3


  1. Wow! I can't believe that she's 3 already! That went by quickly!
    Happy Birthday to her! She's adorable!

    1. I know right?! As I keep hearing, and learn is true every day, the days crawl, but the years fly by. And thank you much :D

      Also, thank you for reading and commenting! <3


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