Sunday, August 16, 2015



With Tara, by this point I was still pretty ok. I had gotten some nausea back and had some heartburn, but ultimately I just don’t remember it being too bad.

This time has been pretty miserable if I’m honest. It started early and hasn’t let up much. The nausea is occasional and not bad, but the heartburn has been GOD AWFUL. I take a Tums almost every single night and sometimes during the day too. Milk only sometimes helps.

The belly has grown quite a bit and grows faster during this trimester, so sleeping is made difficult because I can’t get comfy, even with a body pillow. However, my weight gain is still perfectly on track and baby boy is measuring on track for his due date as well.

I’ve been getting LOTS of Braxton Hicks contractions. Heat makes it worse and when they get really intense and frequent, it can take a lot of water to get them to chill. Rest helps too when possible, which isn’t too much with a toddler around.

I have had more anxiety this time around. Every expectant mama is at least a little nervous about preterm labor. It’s important to be aware of your body and all so that if you do show signs of preterm labor you can have it addressed in time to stop it or at least help advance the baby’s lungs if necessary. I did have one minor scare, but a night of bedrest and an absurd(!) amount of water did the trick.

I had been freaking out about having everything ready to the point that I have a bag packed and ready and I’ve been a little naggy to my poor husband regarding buying the last piece for the nursery (a dresser). I saw my therapist and she gave me some helpful tips on handling the anxiety so it doesn’t rule me and it’s better.

I’m still pretty antsy though at this point. However, it’s a much more natural antsiness. I’m ready to meet my son and frankly so very tired of being pregnant. The two things I want first after he’s born is a bottle of wine and to wrestle with my daughter!

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