My baby boy turns 1 year old today.  Time flies, holy crap!  He's been such a happy baby; he's all smiles.  His default volume setting is screech and he's a big ham even as a baby.  He adores his sister, even though she's 50/50 on him lol.  He has grown so fast: 6 month clothes at 2 months old, 9 month clothes at 5 months old, 12 month clothes (for two weeks) at about 9 months, and is currently in 18 month clothes.  He seems to have slowed down a little thankfully.  He LOVES food.  This kid is a little man on a mission when he sees food.  He's looking to be a climber and a little imp.

He took his first steps today on his first birthday.  I just can't get over him.  Happy birthday to my little monster, my sweet V <3