Sunday, June 7, 2015



Hey all. First let me apologize for not talking about life with a newborn. I meant to write about it, but as you can imagine, life with a baby is busy and exhausting.

I enjoyed writing about my pregnancy with Tara, and thought I’d do it again for this pregnancy. I think I’m starting a little later than last time as I’m already 24 weeks pregnant, but that’s not a big deal at this time.

This time will be just as honest and graphic as before, but this time the focus will likely be on the differences between this pregnancy and the last one. I had always heard that each pregnancy is different, but always thought that they’d generally be pretty similar none the less.

I was wrong. There have been quite a few differences, some of which are typical of not being a first – such as things happening sooner. It’s called the “warmed up” effect.

I will say that the biggest difference is that I don’t get to revel in the good things much like I did with Tara. I could ohhh and ahhh over every little movement and take the time to obsess over every baby item. This time around I chase Tara and barely register that the baby is moving and only get to play with baby stuff about once a week (when the hubby spends time with Tara). I do get to revel in it some, don’t get me wrong, just not nearly as often.

Being pregnant a second time is awesome and terrifying, much like the first time, only for different reasons. I know how smoothly it can and will most likely go, so I’m not scared and I can’t wait to meet the tiny human I get to spend 9 months growing. However, it’s utterly terrifying because having a toddler can be a handful and frankly extremely frustrating sometimes and I find myself sometimes wondering what I was thinking wanting to do it again! Then I see pictures or videos of Tara when she was tiny, and see her do something adorable right in front of me or sweet with me when the thought crosses my mind and remember, oh yeah – that’s why, because kids are amazing.

So this series of articles with detail my adventures in pregnancy the second time around. The good, the bad, all of it. It’ll probably be considerably shorter this series though for multiple reasons ranging from busy with a toddler, and pregnant and tired, to there’s only so much to talk about that I didn’t talk about before. I referred to Tara as “Tiny Curran” or “TC” while pregnant with her, and this time we’ve been calling our son “Tiny Curran – The Sequel” or just “The Sequel” for short.