Saturday, September 22, 2012

REVIEW: Chrysalis by Michel Prince


Ellie struggles to overcome the family tradition of a truly sucky path in life. She meets Oscar, who struggles to recover from his own sordid past, and discovers a whole new set of obstacles and challenges to beat. Social, familial, internal, and altogether unbelievable conflicts come together to put them both through the ringer, but if they hold on to each other, they just might make it through.

Title:  Chrysalis
Series:  Chrysalis
Book #: 1
Author:  Michel Prince
Approximate Book Length:  285 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  18+
Sexual Content:  Moderate


In most of my reviews, I try to start and end on a good note and bury the iffiness in the middle somewhere. However, this time I’m going to come right out with the bad news. The passage of time threw me a bit. When it felt like a few weeks had passed, it turns out a couple months have gone by, and vice versa. Thankfully, some landmarks are thrown in there, such as homecoming, Christmas, etc. Also, there was a severe lack of editing (words missing, repeated, etc), but I’m hoping that was simply due to reading an ARC.

This book is considered YA romance, but other than being set in high school, it doesn’t feel at all YA. The couple more often than not behave like adults and Oscar especially has a very adult past. Maybe I was sheltered as a teen, but I can’t imagine having had that kind of sexual history by 17. The biggest problem I had faced was that I was reading a YA novel, but at times felt like I was reading low level erotica. At first I thought it just felt very realistic in terms of being a hormone riddled teenager, but as I got further in the book, things only got more graphic.

Now with that said, I have to say that I loved the love story! They were very good together, and often pretty adorable. I enjoyed watching them deal with adversity and their own as well as each other’s inner demons. It made for a very emotional journey. Seriously, I cried several times while reading this book. The neat thing was that I honestly was expecting a contemporary story, but there’s a paranormal angle that sneaks up on you! I thought Kelly and Max were cool and like their backstory too, very creative. The best part is the message about what real love is and how it ought to be shared.

In Conclusion:

Packed with emotional turmoil and a few surprises, Chrysalis is a story of triumph over adversity in many forms. This story is not for the faint of heart. Check this one out, have tissues and be prepared for a not so young adult love story!



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