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Carrie Ann Ryan is the author of the Redwood Pack Series, with a new series due out this year. While there will be seven books each, she’ll also put out a novella here and there, just for her readers. So far she’s got three books and a novella out for the Redwood Pack. I have reviews for An Alpha’s Path and A Taste for a Mate up, with Trinity Bound and A Night Away coming soon!
Carrie Ann was nice enough to answer a few questions for me today, and she’s also got an excerpt from the recently released, A Night Away, to share with us! Walk with me as I talk with her and the Redwood Pack stars from the first two books!

*Carrie Ann and Buffy walk around the Redwood Pack den. Jasper, Willow, Kade, and Melanie trail behind them*

Carrie Ann: Thanks, Buffy, for coming. I love it here.
Buffy: So do I, it’s beautiful! So, what got you started in writing?
Carrie Ann: I started writing because after reading so much romance, I couldn’t stop the voices in my head LOL.

Buffy: Indie or traditional p…


This tidbit comes from my new WIP, as yet untitled.  I do think I'll be calling it the Power Surge series though...we'll see.  It's another YA project, so yes all the characters are teenagers, but hey, at least that means more hormone driven activities lol.

Jon appeared next to couch in the blink of an eye, startling them apart.  “Alright you two, get a room.” Jon said.

“Uh, we kinda had one, jerk. You’re the one who came into it.” Bryan replied, before kissing Christa again, though she still had her hand over her heart, trying to recover.  She should be used to Jon’s teleporting by now, and yet she still jumped every time he appeared out of nowhere.

REVIEW: Craved by Stephanie Nelson

Recap:Gwen Sparks just wants a peaceful life, but that hope is dashed when she reads about a dead witch. She volunteers to help out in the investigation, using her ability to read the memories of the dead, leading her to team up with her ex. Dealing with a ghost that randomly pulls her into the deathly realm and fighting her desire for a frustrating, but sexy vampire, Gwen is in for a bumpy ride.
Title:  Craved
Series:  Gwen Sparks
Book #: 1
Author:  Stephanie Nelson
Approximate Book Length:  216 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  18+
Sexual Content:  Moderate

Thoughts:The book is written from Gwen’s point of view, so we get to follow along with everything as if we were living it, which is how I like it. We’re set in a supernatural town, Flora, so there are all kinds of magic and powerful creatures for us to get in trouble with. Gwen herself is a witch, so when witches start turning up dead, this is of great concern to her. She also has the rare gift of being able to see the memories o…

REVIEW: A Taste for a Mate by Carrie Ann Ryan

Recap:As Pack Beta, Jasper Jamenson’s only duty is to protect the pack, and he’s been selflessly devoted to that duty for a century. Meeting Willow Delton has driven him to distraction, and that distraction could prove fatal for the woman he’s only barely begun to know. Forced into a mating neither of them were yet prepared for, can they overcome the obstacles that presents, and save each other from the evil they now know hunts them?
Title:  A Taste for a Mate
Series:  Redwood Pack
Book #: 2
Author:  Carrie Ann Ryan
Approximate Book Length:  189 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  18+
Sexual Content:  Explicit

Thoughts:This book brings you all of the things missing from the first, as well an atmosphere that’s a bit darker than the before. There’s more character development and depth, more exposition about the wolves and their culture, and we now have a long term conflict that I expect will span over at least one more sequel, if not more.

The prologue presents a twisted rival that ushers i…

INTERVIEW: Lacey Weatherford

Lacey Weatherford writes pretty lighthearted and very sweet books, and she’s a big part of the writing community online and on Facebook, and I’m very happy she could sit down and answer a few questions for me.
She’s most known for her series Of Witches and Warlocks, but is also getting into YA contemporary romance with her latest release of Chasing Nikki. She’s also going to debut a new spinoff series later this year Of Witches and Demons. Check out my review of book 1 in the Of Witches and Warlocks series here.
Despite being super busy with the RT convention in Chicago recently, she took the time to let me learn more about her work. You can do the same by reading below…

BK: Was The Trouble with Spells your first published work?
LW: Yes, it was. I did it kind of on a fluke after some of my family members read it and thought I should try to get it published. I signed with the first publisher to offer me a contract, and had a horrible experience with them. I spent the…


Once again from EBA. Potentially scary situation, then suddenly not so scary anymore...

After dinner, we settled in to watch a movie. I usually need something to do like a word puzzle, a game on my phone, have munchies, or else I get bored and fall asleep. Sure enough, without anything else in front of me, I fell asleep half way through, and when my parents tried to wake me after the movie had ended, I became only semi-conscious. I could hear them speak to me, feel their gentle efforts, but could not respond for the life of me. I felt strange, heavy, like something was pressing me into stillness. Then I saw him in my minds eye, and forgot about everything else.

REVIEW: An Alpha's Path by Carrie Ann Ryan

Recap:Melanie is a chemist who has spent most of her adult life behind a lab bench. Her best friend decides she needs to loosen up and live a little before starting her dream job, setting her up on a blind date. Kade’s a sexy werewolf who just needs a night off from his responsibilities and agrees to this blind date, only to find himself sitting across from his mate. Will Mel change her life and leave everything she’s ever known for him?
Title:  An Alpha's Path
Series:  Redwood Pack
Book #: 1
Author:  Carrie Ann Ryan
Approximate Book Length:  81 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  18+
Sexual Content:  Explicit

Thoughts:This book is a nice little quickie! It starts off with Mel’s BFF telling her how much she needs to get laid and trying to talk her into a blind date. Then we move right onto said date. It’s sweet and hot, providing a very satisfying experience for them both, until morning comes. I can’t decide what really fuels the spark in the conflict more, him not telling her he …

GraveTells Updates

So check it!  I'm catching up on my reviews, and even branching out over at GraveTells!  There's a review for A Lady of the Realm by Sharon E Mamolo, a review for A Hint of Frost by Hailey Edwards, and an interview with Hailey Edwards as well.  Coming soon after is a review for The Fallen Queen by Jane Kindred and more!

Woohoo!  And people thought I would be bored when I quit my job, HA! *grins like a fool*

REVIEW: The Trouble With Spells by Lacey Weatherford

Recap:Portia Mullins is a normal fifteen year old girl until she gets the shock of her life on her sixteenth birthday and is thrust into a world of magic she never could have imagined. There to help guide her is the school’s mysterious bad boy, who just happens to have a special connection with her. But Vance has a nasty past that catches up with them both, and Portia will have no other choice but to find out what kind of power she really holds.
Title:  The Trouble With Spells
Series:  Of Witches and Warlocks
Book #: 1
Author:  Lacey Weatherford
Approximate Book Length:  304 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  16+
Sexual Content:  Mild

Thoughts:The book starts off with a brief passage from Vance’s point of view, then switches to two years later from Portia’s point of view. While it’s the only part we see from Vance’s POV, and it’s really very brief, it starts the ball rolling on the connection between Vance and Portia from the very start. And what a connection it is! We spend some time…

INTERVIEW: Jennifer James

Jennifer James is a very dear friend of mine, despite having known her for all of 3 months. When I decided to start doing author interviews, who better to start with? I’m also extremely, super, mega excited for her upcoming release, and first published work, Love Kinection! You can see the cover and blurb below, as well as get a peek at the stars *wink*.
She’s a student, a wife, a mom, a writer, and she’s in the midst of editing hell (or so I like to call it), so needless to say – Jenn’s a very busy woman! Given that, I decided to just send her a few questions for her to answer at her leisure. Ha! Yeah, right. Can’t a woman answer a few simple questions in peace? Below, you’ll find her interview ordeal…

“Hey, what’s going on?”

This is Chance, vampire hottie from my Urban Fantasy series. He doesn’t actually show up until book two, but his voice is clear as can be and he loves to use it. Chance takes every opportunity he can to pop in whenever and wherever he feels like it. Es…

Small Blogs Big Dreams Blog Hop

I'm so excited!  This is the first blog hop I'm participating in!  Big thanks to Forbidden Passions Reviews and Walking on Bookshelves for hosting!
So I'm a pretty new blogger, just got this up and running in January, and am trying to get active in the online and author communities as I work on my novel.  I do author interviews, guest posts, and even have a couple character interviews lined up; as well as book reviews pretty regularly both here and at GraveTells.  Other than that, I don't have any fun stories or anything terribly interesting to share; besides, I know y'all are really just waiting for giveaway info right?
Money's tight because the hubby and I are trying to move in the next 6-18 months, so the best I can offer is a $5 Amazon gift card (but if you're like me, that's gold right there! lol).  The giveaway is open internationally since it's electronic.  Just fill out the rafflecopter below and you're good :-)  I'll email and anno…


And it's Sunday again!  Here's another 6 from Earth Bound Angel:

Breanne is sitting down eating lunch, when her potential new friend she's just attempted to give the brush off, sits down next to her and gives her an ear full...

"Sure I could reach out to her, but I'd rather hang out with you.  While I feel for her, I'm concerned for you. Anyway, she's still got friends and the volleyball team.  Who do you have left?  Are you really going to tell me that you couldn't use just one friend right now?"

I was tearing up at his words, and completely speechless.

REVIEW: Defiance by Shelly Crane

Recap:Now facing the Virtuoso council, and with problems piling up around them, Maggie and Caleb struggle to keep Maggie’s father and brother safe while remaining stuck at the reunification. Peter and the rest of Caleb’s family stand at their side as they all fight a corrupted council, try to thwart whatever is up Marla’s sleeve, and help do everything in their power to save Maggie’s family. Then, seemingly out of the blue, Maggie and Caleb get the shock of their lives from an unlikely ally.
Title:  Defiance
Series:  Significance
Book #: 3
Author:  Shelly Crane
Approximate Book Length:  281 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  16+
Sexual Content:  Mild

Thoughts:In this third installment, we pick up right where we left off in book two; with Maggie, Caleb and the Jacobsons standing among all of the Virtuoso clans and the council staring them down. As daunting as that in itself is, things just seem to go from bad to worse as the council, which includes a power happy Watson, gets upset over th…

REVIEW: Accordance by Shelly Crane

Recap:Having survived her first encounter with the Watsons, Maggie now discovers that she’ll need to face all of the Virtuoso clans, in a way she never could’ve expected. With new family challenges and her new role to fill, Maggie will struggle with the stress, and cling to Caleb more than ever as threats draw nearer.

Title:  Accordance
Series:  Significance
Book #: 2
Author:  Shelly Crane
Approximate Book Length:  305 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  16+
Sexual Content:  Mild

Thoughts:An excellent sequel! We pick up right where we left off in the first book, and just as Maggie and Caleb are beginning to enjoy a taste of independence, they’re thrown another curve ball, making the family rush to their side once again. This wouldn’t be such a problem if Maggie could control her powers, and if she didn’t have to keep hiding from her human brother. On top of that, Maggie and Caleb get an unexpected visitor. Armed with the information that they’re not as safe as they thought, Maggie and C…

A Note About My Rating Scale

I just wanted to formally post a little bit about my review rating scale.  As you'll see on the right sidebar, I have a scale of 1-4, and a disclaimer.

FYI, yes they're little angels (based on my tattoo, thank you to Kari Pinasco for transferring that image for me!), but I still call them stars, because 3/4 angels just sounds funky lol.

The disclaimer simply states that I will not post a "bad" review.  What I mean by this is that I will not post a review for a book that I did not enjoy to at least some extent.  I do not feel comfortable publicly telling an author "I didn't like this book at all" because I just don't think that's fair or kind.  As a budding author, I understand how a review like that (which I have no doubt will happen to me, probably often) would be pretty tough take, and I won't contribute to someone else's fears or self doubt (which we all have at some point, admit it).  I will however talk to the author (if they're…


We're back to Earthbound Angel!  This is a scene that popped in my head one day, and I vowed to put it in the book. I thought it was kinda funny, I hope y'all agree...

Bree learning a bit about magic, with Rafe at her side.

"Latin? Seriously? I can tell you and the world to Bite me in French, but I'm at a loss for Latin..." she says, shaking her head. "You can really say that in French?"  he asks, slightly impressed.  She rolls her eyes and looks down sheepishly. "Ok, so I should be able to say that, but French is not exactly my best subject...lay off," she huffs, crossing her arms.
What do you think?

REVIEW: Significance by Shelly Crane

Recap:After a rough year, seventeen year old Maggie finds everything she could’ve asked for and more when she saves the life of a stranger. As her life undergoes many changes, there are those would seek to take all she’s finally found away from her.

Title:  Significance
Series:  Significance
Book #: 1
Author:  Shelly Crane
Approximate Book Length:  378 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  16+
Sexual Content:  Mild

Thoughts:What an adorable, sweet and addictive story! It’s told from Maggie’s point of view, and it’s touching to follow her as she graduates from high school having suffered through a breakup with her boyfriend of three years, abandonment by her mother, and a withdrawn father all in the last year. She has no idea Caleb’s her future when she saves his life.

At the first touch of their skin, they imprint, seeing bits and pieces of their future together flash before their eyes. Caleb introduces his soul mate to his family and his world, not realizing just how difficult their lives…

REVIEW: Blood Awakening by Wenona Hulsey

Recap:Gabby and Lane have been best friends for most of their lives and they’ve been through hell together, but nothing could have prepared them for what Mother Nature had in store for mankind. All the natural disasters and global warming were Her way of warning humanity, but no one listened, and now it’s all about survival.

Title:  Blood Awakening
Series:  Blood Burden
Book #: 1
Author:  Wenona Hulsey
Approximate Book Length:  26 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  16+
Sexual Content:  Mild

Thoughts:"I want more!" This is what Wenona Hulsey leaves you screeching at the end of this one! She manages to include a tight friendship, a budding relationship, intrigue, wonder, and danger all into this tease of a book. I refuse to give away any spoilers, so unfortunately, there isn't much I can divulge given the short length of the book. I will however tell you that this is a great prequel to Burden of Blood and I look forward to seeing what the next book holds. Definitely a sto…


Woohoo! I'm excited to get back to doing these!

This time I decided to go with a scene from a romance book I hope to work more on in the future, but I really want to focus on finishing Earthbound Angel #1 first. Of course, that doesn't mean that scenes don't randomly pop into my head that I MUST write down so I can put it where it belongs when the time comes.

We have a big bad lawyer and his housekeeper that he didn't think twice about...until she surprised him. I won't tell you how, cause where's the fun in that? Anyway, this is after she's been working for him for a little while and they've...gotten to know each other...maybe a little *grins*. Her kids are at a friend's for the night, so they're alone in her home, having "the talk".

"You don't even know me!" she shrieks. "Yes, I do." "No, you don't! You don't know anything about me!"

He grabs her waving arms and pins them above her head on the…