Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Note About My Rating Scale

I just wanted to formally post a little bit about my review rating scale.  As you'll see on the right sidebar, I have a scale of 1-4, and a disclaimer.

FYI, yes they're little angels (based on my tattoo, thank you to Kari Pinasco for transferring that image for me!), but I still call them stars, because 3/4 angels just sounds funky lol.

The disclaimer simply states that I will not post a "bad" review.  What I mean by this is that I will not post a review for a book that I did not enjoy to at least some extent.  I do not feel comfortable publicly telling an author "I didn't like this book at all" because I just don't think that's fair or kind.  As a budding author, I understand how a review like that (which I have no doubt will happen to me, probably often) would be pretty tough take, and I won't contribute to someone else's fears or self doubt (which we all have at some point, admit it).  I will however talk to the author (if they're interested) to share my opinion in a private setting and constructive manner.

That being said, the ratings themselves are truly more of a 1-3.  The 4 star rating is pretty hard to achieve, and in all the books I've read, I can only think of 5 that I would give this rating to: Twilight, Harry Potter, The Host, Black Dagger Brotherhood, and The Hunger Games.  I love Significance, Percy Jackson, and Stephanie Plum, but even those don't quite make that 4 star list.  So to any authors who read this blog and see their book reviewed here, please don't be offended if you don't get that star rating, nor be discouraged if you only get 1 star, because 1 star still means I liked it!

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