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Like many of the authors I've met, I found Lissa through a blog hop. I have only read one of her books so far, Sweet Caroline which is book 1 in her Blue Jeans and Hard Hats series, and I am so game for reading more! That one is contemporary, but she's also delved into the paranormal realm too. She's here today to share a little about her experience with writing in paranormal worlds. I'm very happy to have her here and learn a bit about how she thinks. Let's give her a warm welcome! Happy reading :-)


I prefer wolves over cats. I prefer demons over angels. I like vamps and ghosts too, but witches not so much. I've read bear shifters and dragon shifters and even an avian shifter. But I'll admit I was slow to join in on reading shifters and even slower on the writing of them. I have two...sort of. One demon/angel where sex is the peace maker rather than death. One polar bear shifter where they live and work in the heart of Alaska before the true wilderness sets in.

I'm the first to admit I'm not the greatest at these types of books. I'm not the greatest world builder. I have a ton to learn for follow up books. But it's fun learning and that's what trying something new is all about. Having fun along the way. Even when it's trying a new type of writing...moving from contemporary to paranormal and back again.

Artic Shift

I've grown in my enjoyment of paranormal reading. It remains in the erotic realm. Its rarely ever the best sellers or books that everyone is talking about that draws my interest. I look beyond what everyone is saying and recommending. I find what works for me. As I do in all my book choices. I want the character interaction, not a huge plot that overshadows the primal need of the characters to mate, to connect, to fall in love. I'm not big on suspense plots, but I am BIG on character.

The point is, though, I had to be open to change in my reading style and my writing style. I don't read to the market and I don't write to it. I write what I want to read if I can't find it anywhere. And the way I approach the paranormals I write is that I want to read it...

I appreciate the gals having me here, a primarily contemporary writer. I was unsure I'd fit but was thrilled to be invited. Thank you.

If you want to read either my bear shifter, Arctic Shift or my demon/angel book, The Demon is an Angel, leave me a comment and tell me what draws you to paranormal romance and we'll pick a winner...



About the Author
Living in North Carolina, talented, multi-published author, Lissa Matthews, writes contemporary erotic romances with Southern ties, delicious food, copious amounts of coffee, and spankings for those who are extra naughty.

To learn more please visit her Website, Blog, Twitter, or Facebook page. You can also sign up for her newsletter via her website homepage or blog. She loves to hear from readers so please feel free to contact her.

Arctic Shift

Unlike her adventurous sister, Ruby is perfectly content to let her mind be the wanderlust while her body stays safely in Chicago. Melanie wouldn’t be out of touch this long without a damned good reason, though. Which means it’s time for a giant step outside her comfort zone.

While Denali National Park is like another planet, the myths and legends that saturate this wild land are right up her alley. The wilderness guide waiting for her—naked in her bed—looks about as safe as a polar bear.

Carson’s people are kin to the great beast, right down to the white hair. Before Ruby ever set foot in Alaska, his inner bear knew that Melanie’s little sister was his mate. He’s doing his level best not to let his primal needs scare her, but everything about her sends his urge to possess her into overdrive.

To his surprise, revealing he’s a shifter only stimulates her innate curiosity. Warming her with the perfect fire of their lovemaking, easy. Convincing her that real love isn’t a myth—and making her want to stay in his home, his bed, his heart—now, that’s a problem…

The Demon is an Angel

When ex-government assassin Delan is kidnapped by Riko, a sex demon, he’s taken care of and sexually serviced in any manner he desires by Riko’s personal sex slaves. And while not one to bemoan his good fortune, Delan is a man of action and in need of a mission. He’s about to be given one by the name of Angel.Riko’s half-sister Angel is just that, an angel. Not just any kind of angel though, she’s a hybrid being—sex demon and sex angel. And she’s in need of being tamed. Barred by Riko from having sex with her fellow sex demons, she’s forced to suffer the inadequate fumbling of humans, both male and female.When Delan and Angel meet, sparks fly. She’s defiant and he’s determined, but the lust and hunger hit them both between the eyes and below the belt. Sex is hard and hot, a little kinky and a whole lot naughty. But Delan needs to find something more than sex to rein her in, or she’ll destroy it all.


  1. I would love to read Arctic Shifter, love the cover. I love paranormal Romance, Where else are you going to find 6'4" sexy men, who want to please you. Not my house, so I read about them. lol. Thx for giveaway.

    blinkysthebest at aol dot com

  2. I would love to read either one! But gotta admit I love those bears!

    Tyvm for the giveaway!


  3. Both sound awesome! Love your books. Ive read a few and fell in love! Thanks for sharing these. Id love to read either. My favorite type of romances are the paranormal ones. There so good! I love the different beings, places, plots, etc. Each book is different and unique! :D Thank you for the chance to win!

  4. I have read a couple of your books and love them :) I would love to read THE DEMON IS AN ANGEL. I love that Angel is half sex demon and half sex angel....Sounds great!
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  5. I'd like to read any of your books. I like paranormals for the stories and authors' creativity.


  6. I would love to read either one! Both sounds awasome. I love paranormal genre to, i read all creature paranormal.

    filiafantasy at gmail dot com

  7. The thing that draws me to Paranormal is the overt sense of danger! They all have this dark side and that is what makes them so lovable. Its knowing this is totally impossible while at the same time you could meet one---just once lol.

  8. Hello y'all! What say we pick a winner and let one of you read someone fun? I'll consult Random.org here and... Kerry. You are it! I'll send an email right away. Thanks for commenting everyone. I spent all last week under deadlines and am finally on my to recovering. I was exhausted but I'm moving toward the land of the living...