Monday, August 20, 2012

REVIEW: Genetic Celebrity by Tara Lain


Tommy loves to cook and enjoys the simple life, but the object of his unspoken love is the complete opposite. Angie, or “Booky”, is driven and ambitious and represents everything he left behind with his family. It doesn’t help that she only seems to be interested in his food. When Roan brings home Shay as a new project for Booky, Tommy’s left sizzling in his lust for both Shay and Booky, and they’re around him all the time while working in the city! But as Shay’s career is about to take off, and Booky being as outgoing as she is, they couldn’t possibly love him back. Why did Tommy have to go and fall for the two people he can’t have in the end?

Title:  Genetic Celebrity
Series:  Genetic Attraction
Book #: 4
Author:  Tara Lain
Approximate Book Length:  180 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  18+
Sexual Content:  Explicit


Tara Lain does it again! We’ve met Tommy and Angie before, but only briefly, and they’re mentioned here and there, but now we finally get to really know them. They’re really quite cute together, and add Shay in the mix, and they’re all flat out adorable.

What I love about this series is how the unconventional just seems to right. Plus, in every installment, we still get to see the original characters we fell for as they’ve progressed through their life and support those they love as they find love of their own. The connections between ALL the characters are so heartwarming you melt with every page.

The food. Omg, the food. The talk of food alone makes your mouth water, but when food is used tease and tantalize in the bedroom, it’s all the juicier. To say this book and its romance are delicious is oh so true in more than one way.

The conflict, since there always has to be one to make the HEA all the more satisfying, is multilayered. There’s the personal demons that all the characters struggle with, but then there’s circumstances that Shay in particular faces that take it up a notch as your heart just breaks for him. Tommy and Booky are perfect for him, and yes, Roan (and Em for that matter) makes sure to point that out to them, just in case they hadn’t figured it out *grin*.

In Conclusion:

A heartfelt sweet, sensual romance, Genetic Celebrity tells a tale of three people that find everything they didn’t know was within their reach, and find a happiness anyone would envy! Another smash hit!



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