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FLASH FICTION - Paranormal Romance: Nesal & Violet (1)

So, I took everything that was mentioned throughout the week, and threw it all together (look for the bold words).  This is what I've come up with.  It's funny though, I was afraid I would somehow not be able to reach 500-1000 words...HA!  I'm probably well over the defined limit for "Flash Fiction" -- oops -- but whatever.  I won't complain about overachieving my goal.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun writing this, and I'm hoping you like it.  I purposely left it open ended in case I get an opportunity to build on it later :-)  Pink sections are Violet's POV and blue ones are Nesal's (in case y'all couldn't figure that out...yeah I'll shut it) -- Happy reading!


It was still hot since the sun was still on its way down, but her run still felt good after a long day stuck indoors.  Violet made her way back to where she stashed her clothes before shifting back to her human self, dressing, and carefully getting back on the path.  She jogged out of the trees and toward the parking lot and drove back to her apartment with the AC blasting. 

When she pulled up and got out, she heard a metallic thud and a masculine grunt from the direction of the small alley housing the dumpster between the two apartment buildings.  She would have passed it off as someone throwing out the trash, but her instincts told her not to ignore it, so Violet cautiously headed over there as quietly as she could.

She peaked around the corner and at first say nobody, but then saw a body lying face down on the ground.  She edged closer, but after only a couple steps, froze where she stood.  The man looked up abruptly and stared at her as if to assess her.

“Thank God, you’re a supernatural.  That will make explaining this so much easier, and makes being found like this just a hair less embarrassing.” He said with relief, dropping his head down on his arm.

Alrighty then, what the hell?  Violet walked over, wary of this stranger that seemed to know she was more than human so easily.  She cleared her throat before speaking to him.  “Keep it down, it’s still early and people are about.  You don’t know what ears may be lurking.  You okay?”

“I will be, got in a tussle and made a stupid miscalculation.  I’ve got a broken wing and some scrapes and bruises to show for it.”  He spoke awkwardly as if trying not to be as angry at himself as he really was.

Violet sighed and said, “Let’s get you up and out of this alley, yeah?”  She moved closer and seemed to kick something.  She stopped and looked down, and right before her eyes a feathery white wing appeared in front of her.  She looked back down at the man on the ground.  “Oh, you weren’t just being metaphorical, you’ve actually got wings.” She said, astonished.

“Yes, and one’s broken, as I said.  It makes it harder to keep up the glamour to make them invisible.” He said while gritting his teeth.  He made a move to push himself up and she moved to help him.

They didn’t speak again as he struggled to glamour his wings invisible again to walk inside and up to Violet’s apartment.  Violet had a moment’s concern as she got a better look at him and realized he was tall and muscled enough to make her pause, but confident that she could shift and fend for herself if necessary, she welcomed this stranger into her home.

Nesal walked into the woman’s apartment and even through his pain he could appreciate just how homey it felt.  It wasn’t very big, but she’d put enough of her touch on it to make it her own and it was simple, yet lovely.  He made his way over to the couch with her help and lay down on his stomach again.

Turning his attention from his aches and the woman’s apartment, he focused on the woman herself.  “So, not to be rude, but out of curiosity, what are you?”  She could be anything, but as judging from her clothes, the sweat at her hairline, and the healthy pulse at her neck, he’d guess she was a shifter of some kind.  The Fae wouldn’t dare get sweaty, witches tended towards dresses or the Goth look as far he could tell, and vamps had no heartbeat.

“Nah, that’s fair.  I was going to ask the same of you.  I’m a were-lion.  You?”  She said casually.  That makes sense given her structure – fairly tall with a very toned musculature.  “I’m surprised you haven’t guessed?  I’m an angel.” Nesal responded matter-of-factly, looking back at her eyes before he was caught looking at her body.  She raised an eyebrow and said, “Actually that was my guess, but you just never know, so I didn’t want to offend you by saying it out loud if I was wrong.”

“Ah.” Was all he said.  An awkward silence fell over them as they assessed each other and the situation they were now in.  She turned away suddenly and walked down the hall and into a room.  Nesal didn’t want to stretch further to watch her for fear he’d tweak the broken wing that he had let fall over the open side of the couch.  He let the glamour down and tried to look at the damage without much movement.

The woman returned to his side with a basket of first aid supplies.  “So what’s your name?” she asked him.  “Nesal.  It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He said with as much of a smile as he could muster.  “Ha, I doubt that.  You can’t be feeling any kind of pleasure right now.” She said, then promptly blushed.  She cleared her throat, “I’m Violet.  You want to tell me what happened?”

“I’ve been tracking a rogue angel.  Octinas likes to come down here and mess with the humans, but in dark and twisted ways.  He’s left bodies.  I caught up with him, we fought, and I underestimated just how badly he wanted to stay here.  In his desperation, he kicked me…and landed a hard blow to my wing in the split second I was doubled over.”  Frankly he was pretty ashamed of how naïve he’d been.  What, did he expect anyone to actually want to get caught?

“That’s a low blow for another guy to take, assuming you mean he kicked you in the jewels.”  Nesal blushed and banged his head on the arm of the couch.  “Yeah I was careless and didn’t see it coming.”

To his surprise, Violet dropped the subject.  “So is there anything I can do?  We can clean up the scrapes, but I don’t know how to handle your wing.”  “I just need you to realign it, then my own healing will take over.  I heal quickly, but it’ll take a couple days.  The scrapes are already closed, but I should probably still clean them so I don’t get any blood on your upholstery.”

He explained how to set his wing, and without hesitation, Violet did it.  She amazed him with her easy acceptance.  After Nesal assured her he would clean up his own scrapes, she left to shower.

When she returned, she made them both a late dinner and they settled in to watch the second half of Jeopardy as they ate.  They talked for the next hour or so, about what they were each capable of, where they were from, and why there were both alone.

Nesal had always scoffed at others of his kind for indulging in human females, but Violet intrigued him so much, he could finally understand the appeal.

In the morning, Violet dressed quickly and regretted the need to go to work.  Nesal was so comfortable to be around.  He was incredibly sweet too, nothing like the alpha males she’s dealt with previously.

He was up and scrambling some eggs on the stove when she came out of her bedroom.  He turned and grinned at her.  “Eggs are almost ready, toast is toasting, and bacon is heating up in the microwave.  It’s the only breakfast food you had in the place.”

“That’s sweet, thank you.  I don’t remember the last time anyone outside of a restaurant cooked for me.”  She made herself a cup of tea and sat down at the table, just as he brought out two plates.  They ate in peace with a comfortable silence.

After putting dishes in the kitchen and thanking him again for breakfast, Violet turned to head out the door, with Nesal right on her heels.  “I’m calling a friend of mine today; I can ask him if I can stay with him until I’m healed up so I’m not intruding any longer.”

She was actually disappointed to hear him talk of leaving, which is absurd.  They’ve known each other for maybe twelve hours for crying out loud.  The look on his face said he might be feeling the same.  “You’re welcome to stay, honestly I don’t mind.” She said not meeting his eyes.

With that, she turned to walk out the door and go to work.  “Violet?” he said, stopping her.  “Thank you for taking me in, you can’t know how much it means.”  She smiled and told him, “It’s been a pleasure.”  She blushed and hoped he didn’t notice, nor know how she’d actually dreamed about just how much of her pleasure it could’ve been all night.

Watching her leave, Nesal couldn’t help but admire that blush and the sway of her hips as she walked away.  Criminy, what was wrong with him?  He wasn’t the type to get involved with humans, even the supernatural ones. 

He sighed and went to sit on the floor of the living room and call that friend.  Maybe he’d have a lead on Octinas, not that he was in any shape to be chasing after him again just yet – served him right for going alone.

Nesal called, but decided against asking to be put up for a day or two.  He’s much rather stay with Violet, and she’d said she wouldn’t mind.  He enjoyed her company, though what that meant for him, he wasn’t yet sure.

His buddy didn’t have much to report, but wished him well after being assured he was in good hands and on the mend.  He wanted to do something nice for Violet, so he set his mind to cleaning.  A simple task, but it would hopefully be nice for her and it would keep his mind off of anything inappropriate.

He cleaned the kitchen, the bathroom, and straightened the living room, but knew better than to go anywhere near her bedroom.  That would just be rude and probably get his other wing injured by those claws of hers.  He did all this while the clothes he’d been wearing tumbled through the stacked washer and dryer in a closet in the hallway. 

Once all this was done and he was back in his now clean clothes, to pass the rest of the day, Nesal laid on the floor on his stomach so as not to put any pressure on his wings and watched random TV all day.

Violet walked in and found the TV on and Nesal asleep on the floor with his wings spread out like blanket across his shoulders and the floor, but didn’t cover his legs.  She grinned, thinking he was cute that way, in a manly way of course.

She closed the door and put her keys on the table as quietly as possible, but he still woke up quickly.  “Hey, welcome home, sorry I was passed out.”

“No problem, sleep probably helps the healing process.  Some friends invited me out to a local pool hall tonight.  You’re welcome to come, but I understand if you want to catch some more Zs.” She said.  She was aiming for casual, but in truth she was hoping he’d come out with her.  It was nice having him around.

“I’d love to come, if you’re sure that’s alright.”  He said.  She tried to hide her smile and failed horribly.  “Of course.  I’ll be ready in a few and we can head out.  There’s food there so we can grab dinner too.”

Violet thought about changing her clothes, but decided not to try so hard.  Nesal wouldn’t be here long anyway, right?  Why get her hopes up?

She came out and got a good look at him now that he was feeling better and she wasn’t rushed out the door.  He was clean, broad shouldered, and lean but with plenty of muscle.  Something suddenly occurred to her.  “How do you appear so clean?  You fought in those clothes, slept in them…yet they don’t stink or anything.”

He laughed and explained that as an angel he never smelled and had washed his clothes during the day.  “So you just lounged about naked all day?”  She fought arousal that imagery ignited.  He flushed a bright red though.  “Well I cleaned some, but yeah, I did so in my underwear.” 

Nesal rubbed his neck as she noticed the sound of the washer going.  Violet imagined he was now commando and washing nothing but a pair of boxers – or briefs? – as he stood before her.  Before that train of thought could go anywhere, she decided it was time to go.

She drove them towards the place her coworkers has designated, and drove through some neighborhoods.  At a stop sign, she looked around and saw a bunch of kids in a yard running through a sprinkler and having a grand old time despite the heat.  A dog rand and barked along the fencing at passersby.  A woman came out of the front door holding a bunch of popsicles causing all the kids to run for her excitedly.

Violet was struck with an intense longing to have that.  The home, the family, the kind of love written on that mother’s face.  She was also accosted by an image of Nesal being the one to have that with her.  It’d be a far cry from the abandonment she felt after being exiled from her pride simply because she didn’t like to follow orders.  She shook her head to clear her thoughts.  She didn’t want to walk down memory lane, and she couldn’t go there with Nesal – she still had only known the man for maybe 24 hours, though she could always get to know him better.  The night had possibilities.

Nesal felt an unfamiliar yearning in his chest.  To know what that feeling was like – having children, a companion in all things, and love and lust.  He’d never thought too much about other than when he was getting harassed by the others, but he’d actually managed to remain a virgin.  He believed in protecting the humans at all times, not bedding them at will and messing with people. 

He glanced at Violet to see a similar look of longing on her face before she shook her head and drove on.  He imagined what it would be like to live a life with her.  Nesal had heard of others doing it, finding a mate and building a life here. 

They pulled up to a building that almost looked rundown, and had no real distinguishing marks on it but a green neon sign above the door that read “Pool”.  Nesal smiled at Violet when she grinned at him as they walked in.  The place was actually very clean and well kept, looking nothing like the outside.  There was a bar against the back wall, a raised seating area behind a half wall to the right with little more seating below next to and around a large dance floor, and the pool tables off to the left through two large archways.

Country music flowed through the speakers and a few couples twirled on the dance floor, but overall the atmosphere was relaxed and not too loud.  Violet’s friends were already playing, so they went to join them after ordering sodas as the bar.

Nesal had played before with the very friend he’d contacted earlier, so he was confident he could hold his own against these sharks.  They took the empty table and began their game, talking and laughing among different conversations.

He was eyeing the table, calculating how sink a couple solids when a striped one rolled purposefully in between, foiling his plans.  Nesal looked up and found Violet grinning triumphantly at him.  Ah, so she was toying with him.  He couldn’t help returning the grin as he lined up a bank shot and sank both balls into different pockets. 

He looked up again and she had a pout on her face, making him laugh.  The evening continued like this, even venturing a dance or two on the edge of the dance floor, until they were ready to leave. 

They walked outside and Nesal’s instincts went on high alert.  Octinas, it had to be.  He pulled Violet close and they stalked toward the dark side of the parking lot.  Sure enough, from behind a car the angel jumped out aiming for her.  She shifted even as Nesal moved to intercept Octinas, and between the two of them, caught him by surprise. 

They exchanged a few blows, forcing Octinas to fight to both sides, and finally managed to subdue him.  It’d been a quiet fight in the dark, so they attracted little attention, but one of Violet’s friends happened to walk up towards their car.  To their credit, they was unphased and simply asked if they needed any help.  Violet shifted back and asked for rope, as Nesal diligently stared at the ground trying to avoid looking at a very naked Violet.

Her friend handed her some rock-climbing rope from their trunk and they tied Octinas tightly before sitting on his back just for good measure.  Violet also put on some clothes her friend handed her before they left like it was just another night out.  Had to have been another were of some kind.

Nesal called his friend back and asked for a pickup, seeing as he couldn’t fly Octinas back where he belonged.  When his friend arrived, he carried a duffle bag as well and handed it to him.  “Clothes.  We’re about the same size, and if you’re stuck down here a few days, you’ll need them.  Curious about where you’re staying.” he said as he looked Violet over.

“Violet’s been kind in letting me stay with her.  So Octinas is all tied up, he shouldn’t be a problem to drag up to a cell, other than being dead weight.”  Nesal responded, trying to change the subject, but he just received a knowing look as he said “You wing is looking good.”  This was a friend who’d achieved a life among humans, even tying the knot with one.  He ignored the grin on the man’s face and turned to walk with Violet as Octinas was flown away.

“How could he tell about your wing?  They’re glamoured.” She asked him.  “Angels can see each other’s wings, glamour or no.”  That was all that was said on the drive home.  They both seemed to dwell disappointedly on the thought of him leaving soon.

Once home, Violet couldn’t help the hunger that roared through her.  “You hungry?  I’m starved after that little tussle.  I might have something chocolatey in the kitchen.”  Maybe, she couldn’t remember.  She also didn’t keep much junk food around, so that might have been an empty promise.

“Sure.  I’ve heard chocolate is delicious, though I’ve never tried it.”  She stumbled over her own foot at his admission.  “You’ve never had chocolate?” she asked him.  Nesal shrugged with his hands in his pockets, like it was no big deal.

“How does that happen?  That’s just not right.  Now I HAVE to find some chocolate in this kitchen.” She said as she started rummaging through cabinets.  Moving to the fridge, all she found was a bottle of dark chocolate Hershey’s syrup.  Now this certainly had possibilities.

She knew she probably had a predatory smile on her face as she turned around and held up the bottle.  “This is the only chocolate in the place, and I’m out of milk.  I think we can find a good way to introduce you to it though…” she said as she walked forward putting it down on the counter, and after shoring up her courage, kissed him full on the mouth.


  1. Ok, Buffy, you ended that WAY too soon!!! I hope you're going to add to it.

    1. I do intend to add to it whenever the opportunity presents itself from the ideas people leave every Monday-Thursday...making kind of like a miniseries or something, you know? Thanks for reading!!!


  2. Nice! It very much feels like a tease for a full story ;).

    1. Maybe one day I'll take it, do some editing, and make it into a fuller story :D

  3. That was really good and I agree with the others - there has to be more!

    1. Oh there is, it's continued in part 2 ( I also might turn it into a full length novella...