Monday, August 6, 2012

REVIEW: Genetic Attraction by Tara Lain


Emmaline Silvay works for a conservative university and has two great loves – her live-saving work and her research partner, Jake Martin. She knows it would never work, because she’s his boss, he’s so much younger, and he lives with his girlfriend. Upon discovering that this “girlfriend” is actually the infamous Roan Black, she resigns to a platonic relationship with Jake. After a sexy weekend with the couple, she finds herself facing a chance to be a part of their relationship, but fears the social fallout due to the taboo concept. Could she really give everything up to be with them?

Title:  Genetic Attraction
Series:  Genetic Attraction
Book #: 2
Author:  Tara Lain
Approximate Book Length:  132 Pages
Recommended Reader Age:  18+
Sexual Content:  Explicit


Though this was written first, it reads as though it was written in perfect chronological order. I love ménage stories and this one was emotional and hot and everything I could hope for. Everyone stays true to themselves and they fight for what they want and what they believe in. You will laugh and cry right along with them on their journey.

The guys have such a devotion to each other, but are so incredibly sweet in their desire to include Em, and Em’s got such an affection for them as a couple even without counting herself as a part of their relationship. It’s oh so satisfying to see Jake and Em finally experience what they’ve both been fantasizing about for two years since meeting and working together.

I think one of my favorite parts is the Halloween party they attend. However, while this story could be a standalone, I highly recommend reading book 1, The Scientist and the Supermodel, first so you’ll get some of the little references. I promise it’s worth it, they’re both awesome stories!

In Conclusion:

An excellent steamy read, Genetic Attraction brings two scientists together after two years of working side by side and fearing their age difference, with an added bonus of a well endowed and level headed supermodel all in one package. Ménage fans will not be disappointed!



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